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Publication Order of Merrick, The Drifter Books

Lycaon's Fire (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cavern Of The Awakened (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Am Ruin (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Saints Books

The New Breed (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Thieves of Time (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Osiris Gate (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A Vampyre's Daughter (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
MystikQuest (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Vampyre's Sunrise (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eternity Project (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jeff Schanz is an American fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal author born in San Pablo, California. He began writing at 11 when he decided that his dungeons and Dragons characters should be the subject of his epic story.
Jeff holds a BFA from the University of Florida and an MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Even though he never got it done, he still kept his spirit since then. He became a visual artist working as a computer animator. He is interested in making other authors’ and directors’ dreams come true by making their bad stories look good on screen.
Jeff Schanz is a sports nut and animator during the day and loves telling stories,

Lycaon’s Fire

Lycaon’s Fire is the debut in the Merrick, The Drifter Series. In a small town, there is a rumor that someone has been killing others. A drifter hides a deadly secret that leaves slaughter in his memory.

He’s a flesh-eating wolf that the people in the area have preyed on in the Montana town for a long. People have been reported missing, others assumed dead and suspected eaten alive. Even though some think the myth is a stupid superstition, someone or Something is killing to hide the truth.

Drifter Merrick is a haunted man whose brutal secrets pass through the town, accidentally starting a chain of events that might bring the town’s strange mysteries to the open.

When insufficient funds for a bus trip bring him to a diner in Templeton, Montana, the kindness of a beautiful waitress changes both their lives and that of the town.

The waitress named Kat agrees to help, and soon she and Merrick get into dangerous crosshairs of entities who kill anyone threatening their agenda.

On the dense mountain far from where anyone can hear them scream, Kat and Merrick, and their allies are hunted in an evil ritual where the aim is to survive and remain alive. However, not all who are hunted are easy prey, as there is Something else that no one anticipated in the midst. Something more powerful is roaming in the mountain that can kill with a single swipe of its claws.

In the sacrificial fire, the bloodthirsty hunters face a mysterious killing machine in a showdown that throws the monster against the horror. The story is entirely descriptive, as all the fight scenes will play a picture in the reader’s mind.

The author combines adventure, action myth, and supernatural to make a fantastic read. The elements are cleverly woven together to keep the reader flipping pages to the end.

Roger’s skill for description makes everything so vivid as he brings action scenes to life, making it an engaging read. Enjoy this fantastic plotline’s great characters, clever twists, and exciting action.

The author also throws elements of Greek mythology, science fiction, thriller, horror, and marvel universe into the story. It’s incredible how the book kicks off with action and maintains the same pace to the end, leaving no room for boredom.
The Eternity Project

The Eternity Project is a story of a discovery that was not expected to happen on a timeline that shouldn’t exist.

Reid Walton, a college history professor, and a conspiracy author is invited to join a mysterious science project. Even though he’s a history expert, he can’t understand why they picked him and what he should expect.

In a secret laboratory in the mountains, Reid is introduced to the main venture, which includes time travel, which they claim is safe enough for public attraction.

He feels somehow misplaced since he is surrounded by a more brilliant scientist, a genius manager. He was picked because of his published books about time travel conspiracy theories. He accepted the offer without knowing it would be a real-life travel adventure.

He has to pay attention to the names correctly as they are mentioned and the little deviation in the theory because they are all essential. The project’s inventor doesn’t seem to have the right skills to do the invention, which relies on a tachyon source that hasn’t been discovered.

The project manager turns out to be a former female cal swimmer who has a secret crush on the professor and gets confused after learning that she will be working with him closely. The team has a working vehicle, and in the process of the astonishing revelation comes another.
The time travel technology is said to be stolen property, but where was it stolen from? The faster and light particles that make up the time machine work don’t exist anywhere in the known world except the mysterious inventor’s possession, who isn’t willing to tell his source. Is there a possibility that they could have come from the future?

The lab team led by the genius Dr. Sara Dearborn helps Reid find answers to the mystery he was picked to solve. However, unveiling the truth soon turns dangerous as he discovers that there is more at stake than a time machine. He realizes that flushing out the quarry may get all killed and destroy the timeline.

What follows is a conspiracy nightmare as Reid finds himself and his fellow travelers thrown into history in an uncontrolled way, all thanks to the bad guy amongst them. They have a clue of who he’s; they have to prove it and succeed in taking him down.

Propelled across history, Reid Sara and their team will have to fight for survival amid the Nazis, Vikings, and a psychopath planning to kill, even if it means the timeline itself, to prevent him from his award.

The prize will give power more seductive than the time travel itself.

The Eternity Project is a thrilling story with great characters with humor to keep the reader engaged. Science fiction lovers will find the story more relatable, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the readers can’t enjoy it.

Rogers does a marvelous job of creating a vivid atmosphere that pulls you into the story right from the start. The plotline is thought-provoking and full of insights to keep readers flipping pages.

Characters are unique, showing their strengths and weaknesses, which makes them more believable. This way, it’s easier for the reader to connect with them in their adventures. The author adds a touch of realism to the fantasy to make an incredible story.

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