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Publication Order of Jeff Trask Crime Drama Books

Capital Kill (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Horns of the Devil (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death's White Horses (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Winter of Wolves (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Votes Last (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mob Rules (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Grinding Wheel (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Oracle (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Jeff Trask Kansas City Files Books

Jeff Trask Crime Drama Series
Jeff Trask Crime is a thriller mystery series by Marc Rainer. The series stars Jeff Trask, a man who is very good at his job. In the course of the series, Jeff will be involved in solving very high cases featuring terrorists, drug lords, and killers who are always a step ahead of the FBI. The series covers the processes involved during these investigations and the people who work in different ways to try and fight evil. Various law enforcement agencies are involved in these cases, and they somehow find a way of working together. This series is perfect if you are a fan of investigative stories. Having worked as a prosecutor in local and federal courts, the author’s knowledge in police procedures and the handling of criminals is admirable.

Capital Kill
Capital Kill is the first book in the Jeff Trask Crime Drama series. The book stars Jeff Trask, a federal prosecutor trying to nub a ruthless killer with the help of police detectives and FBI agents. Jeff previously worked as a JAG before being moved to felony litigations. Here he is supposed to work with other talented minds to make the city safe. This book covers Jeff’s first case in his new position. A bizarre occurrence has turned into a habit, and the pile of bodies is beginning to worry about the local police force.

Someone has been killing people in Washington DC streets, and it seems no one, even the police, is safe. The investigators that include police detectives Juan Ramerez and Dixon Carter are quick to find a link between the killings and a notorious international drug ring. The initial contact with this gang results in a chilling confrontation. This paints a clear picture of what the police are up against. Is there any chance of stopping the killers before more lives are lost? How can these investigators take down a gang that seems to be above the law? Can the different agencies come together and work together to defeat a common enemy?

This book comes with a colorful and complex cast that is easy to identify with. The storyline and characters are believable, and the writing will grab your attention from the start. While the plot is straightforward, several twists will catch you off-guard. The ending is unexpected, and once the horrendous killer is exposed, you can be sure that you will be shocked. One thing that comes out clear from the first page is that the author knows what he is writing about. The details and narration prove that the author has worked in law enforcement and knows all the steps involved.

Captain Kill is a well-written legal crime thriller. Everything from the writing style to the pacing is done right, and the action is so intense you can never have a dull moment reading this book. Add the unique characters and several twists along the way, and you have yourself a page-turner. The lead investigators are also intriguing, and it is impressive how they manage to put themselves in the criminals’ minds to understand their next steps.

Horns of the Devil
Horns of the Devil is the second book in the Jeff Trask Crime Drama series. The book starts on a sad note when the beheaded body of ambassador Juan Carlos Lopez-Portillo, son, is found dumped outside his father’s embassy. The killers are sending a message but who is it directed to and why kill the teenage boy in the first place? Jeff Trask and the FBI are called to find the killers and their investigation leads them to MS-13, a violent El Salvador gang, and MS-18.
The team start to follow the suspects only to realize that someone else is also on the killer’s trail, and they seem to be doing a much better job. When Trask becomes the hunted, it becomes clear that he is in a cross-fire between the most ruthless western hemisphere organizations. Will Trask come out of this alive? How many more people will lose their lives before the killers can be brought to book?

This book takes the reader on a gripping journey characterized by murder, police investigations, and dangerous gangs that put many people at risk. As the bodies pile, the killings stop looking like random gang hits, and it is evident, something more organized and sinister is happening. The story highlights the reality in the United States and the effects organized crime has on its citizens. Washington politics and international flair add a lot of intrigue into this story and these coupled with the author’s writing style turns this into one terrific book.

Once again, the author proofs that he understands the connection between criminal justice and politics. The role of politics in determining world events is clearly outlined while highlighting how the justice system is affected by the political climate. Just like in the real world, the dangers here are real, and some rogue individuals somehow manage to escape the law. Are you curious about the ambassador’s son’s killers and their motivation? How about the gang feuds brewing behind the scenes? Get a copy of this book for this and more.

This book makes a lot of reference to the first story, so it helps to first read it. However, Horns of the Devil can still be enjoyed as a standalone. Aside from the well written investigative work, this book stands out in the way characters from different departments work together to solve the case. You may lose some of the characters you have grown to love along the way, but you can be sure that it is all worth it. Just like the investigators, you will have to wait until the end to know what is happening. The author has done a great job of maintaining a steady pace from the first page to the last one. Tension escalates towards the end as the detective’s piece all the details together. If you are looking for an investigative book that reads like a true story, this book is ideal.

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