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Publication Order of CW McCoy Books

Peak Season (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tourist in Paradise (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curb Appeal (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Permanent Vacation (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burning Man (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Brinker Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Born Under a Bad Sign (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

The Spirit of Swiftwater (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Riding with the Blues (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Woodstock (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jeff Widmer is a prolific American author who is famous for writing mystery, suspense, thriller and fiction novels. He is particularly well known for writing the Binker novel series and the CW McCoy book series. Jeffs crime novels are popular throughout the world. Besides the mystery and crime fiction novels, he has also written a number of non-fiction stories. Prior to becoming an author, Jeff used to work as a journalist. The other areas in which he has worked over the course of his life include being a dishwasher, guitarist, marketing professional, and severe. Jeff has also taken up the roles of an advertising executive and a nationally syndicated reviewer. His works have featured in numerous Publications such as the US Airways magazine, National Geographic world, Advertising Age, etc. Recently, Jeff has come up with the fourth novel in his CW McCoy series, known as permanent vacation. He is a Pennsylvanian native and currently resides in Sarasota, Florida.

Jeff believes that a writer is able to find the ideas for writing his stories from multiple sources like family and friends, events, scandals, recent happenings, criminal cases, etc. Sometimes, the authors are able to come up with their own ideas through imagination and dreams. Jeff further ads that all these sources help to shape the plot and the characters of a book. When it comes to the setting of a story Jeff says that he likes to take up the settings from the places where he has lived, such as Eastern Pennsylvania wooded Hills or the Gulf Coast beaches of Florida. He is of the opinion that the time he has spent in these places has yielded treasures of sights as well as insights into the local culture of the places. Jeff is highly active on social media platforms. He likes to interact with his fans and followers and keep them updated about the latest happenings in his writing career.

Jeff considers his father to be the greatest motivation in his life. It is because of him that he ended up becoming an author. Jeff father used to work for a newspaper. There was a common practice of reading in his family, which Jeff also adopted as he grew up. He used to read novels a lot and get lost in them. Also, Jeff had a good sense of imagination. And when his father realized his potential, he encouraged Jeff to merge his imagination and his reading interests to write stories. Jeff was attracted to the idea of writing when he was studying in elementary school. He believes that one thing that has had a great impact on his writing style is his upbringing and the place where I grew up. The Pocono Mountains region located in Pennsylvania was a great attraction mainly because of its clean air. Now, the region has developed into a bedroom community. Jeff was always inspired by the natural ambiance of the place that made him fall in love with the natural and cultural aspects of the city. When asked about his writing schedule, Jeff mentions that he usually takes up the morning time for his writing work and utilizes the remaining time for his other activities like social media and marketing.

Very often, he uses the hybrid style for sketching his plots and describing short bios of his main characters. The act and process of writing are something that provides the greatest joy to Jeff in being an author. And just like many other writers, he also considers publishing to be just a form of excuse for continuing to write. The feeling of having the ability to create something new, building new words, and sharing them with others inspires Jeff to keep himself going in his day to day life. Whenever he is not busy with his writing projects, Jeff likes to spend his time by involving himself in interesting activities like hiking, listening to music, taking photographs, and reading. As an aspiring writer, he used to read the crime novels by prominent authors like Ken Bruen, Chelsea Cain, Raymond Chandler, Elmore Leonard, Robert B. Parker, and Ruth Rendell. This influenced him greatly to develop his own crime novels. Jeff was also involved in reading the romantic stories written by Janet Evanovich, John Mortimer, Jennifer Cruise, and P. G. Wodehouse. He loves the way these authors portray the sensitive characters delving in compelling situations. For the release of his books, Jeff depends upon social media, book trailers, media releases, and word of mouth. He even likes to send free copies to some prominent bloggers, critics, and journalists and asks them to publicize.

A very popular book written by author Jeff Widmer in his literary career is entitled ‘Mr. Mayhem’. It was released by the Smashwords publication in 2015. The central characters created by Jeff in this book include Angel, Binker, and a few others. At the book’s start, Binker is introduced as a journalist, who carries out PR for a funeral home. He hates his job very much, especially the part where he has to visit the murder sites. As time goes by, Binker becomes addicted to prescription medication, sex, and money. He thinks that his life will end working for the monotonous job. Later, when Binker’s doctor asks for his help in euthanizing some terminal patients, he asks an assassin to fill in for him and do whatever the doctor asks her to do. The media, politicians, police, and the families of the victims accuse Binker of exploiting the patients’ suffering. And as the criticism continues to rise, Binker thinks that he will lose everything very soon, including his job, close ones, medicine’s source, and his grandmother. Shortly after, the murder turns on Binker and he wonders if he should fulfill the final orders of the doctor or take a stand against his biggest enemy.

Another exciting book penned by Jeff is called ‘Mr. Magic’. It was also published by Smashwords in 2016. This book also features Binker as the primary character and continues from where the previous novel had ended. At the story’s beginning, Binker is shown as having lost his magic. He is under pressure from the CEO of his agency to win an upcoming competition. Binker’s ex-girlfriend wants him to join a rehabilitation center and get himself detoxed. Soon, the executives from the rival agencies start disappearing one after the other and police see him as the prime suspect. Once again, he goes through many up and downs to prove his innocence. Binker is determined to put in everything in his capacity to get himself out of the deep web of greed, lies, deceit, sex, etc.

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