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Jeffrey B Burton
Jeffrey B Burton is a mystery writer known for his compelling mystery stories. Some of his best works include The Soul Fish short story that was among Ellen Datlow’s 2010 Best Horror stories, In This the Era of the Great Wilting, and High Score. Other stories by Burton have appeared in dozens of horror, sci-fi, and mystery magazines. Burton is a member of International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America and the Horror Writers Association. His stories and novels continue to attract readers who are charmed by his characters, way with words, and unique storylines.

The Finders
The Finders is the first book in the Mace Reid k- Mystery series. The book stars Mason Reid, otherwise known as Mace and his special canine friends. Mace lives just outside Chicago, and he trains dogs for a living. While his training aims to equip the dogs with obedience, and finding missing people skills, his specialty is in cadaver detection. Mace has had a rough year, what with the passing of his beloved dog and the ending of his marriage. However, the addition of a new dog to his family seems like the begging of good tidings. The new member of Mace’s family is a golden retriever named Vira.

Vira is rescued from a near carbon monoxide poisoning before he is placed in Mace’s care. Excited about this addition, Mace immediately starts training Vira in cadaver detection, and he is amazed at how gifted the dog is. It doesn’t take long before his skills are put to the test. Kimmy Gimm, a police officer with Lansing, regularly engages Mace’s help, and once he sees Vira’s potential, he decides to involve him in hunting for a serial killer targeting women. Mace and Kimmy start this mission together, and with the help of Vira, they aim to find the killer before more damage is done. While Vira does an excellent job, the psychopathic killer turns his wrath on Mace, putting his life in grave danger. Will Mace get out of this case alive? How about his beloved dog?
What follows is an exhilarating ride as Mace, and his dog finds himself right in the middle of a murder case with a dangerous killer on their heels. It is not all gloom as amidst all the tension; you will get a chance to interact with Mace’s canine family and learn a thing or two about their skills, naming, and the bond with their owner. This story comes with well-developed and compelling characters, a solid plot, and a relentless pace. The stars in the story are the canines, and dog lovers will surely love this book. You will not see the final twist coming, and once the truth is revealed, you will be more than shocked.
The Finders is a great mystery story with short chapters and an engaging storyline. This story comes loaded with humor and warmth, and it is great that Mace has such a connection with his dogs. All characters, including the secondary ones, are well-developed, and this, in addition to the clever plot, makes this an intense and riveting read. Central themes include police procedures, serial killers, HRD training, and the deep bond between dogs and humans, to mention but a few. The book is quite short and ideal for cozy mystery lovers. If you are looking for a one-sitting reading featuring super dogs and police procedures, this book is ideal.

The Chessman
The Chessman tells the story of a brutal serial killer and a copycat trying to use his modus operandi to take control on a much bigger scale. It has been three years since the Chessman’s story went cold. It was believed that he had been killed once a body, and a few chess pieces were recovered from the crime scene. Enter the copycats. Hidden forces are determined to take out anyone who gets in the way of their billions. To keep the authorities off their track, these forces borrow The Chessman’s M.O. and start leaving a chess piece at every crime scene. All would be perfect, but the real Chessman is not happy that someone is copying his style.

Drew Cady is a retired FBI agent. His last involved The Chessman, but by the time the case was finalized, he had an injury that forced him to retire early. Three years later, Drew is called back to find the connection between a recent case and the serial killer that everyone believed died a few years back. This story also involves a father and daughter caught up in this mess. It is up to Drew to figure out what is happening, uncover the copy cats, and catch the real Chessman before this man and his daughter become statistics. Will Drew outsmart the skilled killer this time around, or is this the end of the road for the FBI agent?

Drew never leaves a stone unturned, and this case is not any different. He pursues all leads despite the dangers. While the detective would rather be in Ohio indulging in his hobby, he gives this case the seriousness it deserves. He will meet an attractive woman along the way, and a romance will start to develop between them. You do not have to be a chess play to enjoy this story. There is a lot to love from the well-developed characters to the flawless narration. The author does a great job of hiding The Chessman’s identity, so you will keep guessing until the end. It is clear that Burton did his homework as far as his research is concerned.

The Chessman is an enjoyable story characterized by tense moments, unforeseen twists, and relentless action. The book comes with several plots and intertwining twists involving rich kids, politicians with loads of power, and the Mafia of New York and Chicago. If you love indulging in a well-throughout detective story, you will like this book. Drew is such a good character, and it is fun following him as he collects all the clues and piece the puzzle behind The Chessman’s identity and actions.

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  1. P. Bain: 11 months ago

    More, please. Love the dogs!

  2. Terri: 2 years ago

    I have read the three mace Reid k9 mysteries. I need more. Write faster. But please don’t make the dogs lose any more body parts. It hurt my soul for Maggie May to lose her leg.

  3. D. H. Ridgway: 2 years ago

    I, too, am an instant fan of the Max Reid books. /The Finders/ put me on the lookout for /The Keepers/, which did not disappoint. Now I eagerly await another installment, which I anticipate will be called /The Losers/. From his track record so far, a fifth book seems unlikely, and no possible name presents itself.

  4. Claire: 2 years ago

    Hope Vira comes back soon

  5. KIM M M BROWNELL: 3 years ago

    Just finished listening to The Finders and can’t wait to listen to the next Mace Reid mystery. I love any and all books dealing with dogs, K9, cats and rescue animals.


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