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Publication Order of Jeffrey Fuller Books

Deep Sound Channel (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thunder in the Deep (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crush Depth (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tidal Rip (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Straits of Power (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seas of Crisis (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jeffrey Fuller is the lead character in a series of naval techno-thriller novels by American bestselling author Joe Buff. The events take place in 2011-2012 and mainly focus on a group of Boer right wingers that have performed a mutiny on the South African government. These forces the United States to place sanctions on the South African government. However, this measure does not deter South Africa, and immediately they start sinking any water vessel belonging to the United States and the United Kingdom. The resistance and the aggressive nature of the mutineers prompt NATO to mobilize convoys to suppress the South African forces. However, halfway to their mission destination, a mutiny occurs in Germany and as a result; the Hohenzollern family is crowned the Kaiser while Germany announces its allegiance to South Africa leading the two nations to form a Boer-Berlin Axis.

The collaboration between, the Germany and South Africa use tactical nuclear warheads to deter the Tripoli, Warsaw as well as the NATO threat. This move makes Europe accept defeat due to the fears of being involved in a nuclear war that could bring an end to the world. While most countries remain neutral, Russia, now facing bankruptcy begins selling war weapons as well as intelligence to the Boer-Berlin Axis. While the battle is still ongoing, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia, and some middle east countries join the allied forces thus making the weapons of choice become tactical warheads but with a decree not to attack any civilians.

The first book in Jeffrey Fuller series is Deep Sound Channel published in 2000. The second novel Thunder in the Deep was released in 2001. The series consists of six books with Seas of Crisis published in 2005 marking the end of the series.

Deep Sound Channel

This is the first novel in Jeffrey Fuller series, set shortly between the year 2011 and 2012 when the United States gets entangled in a nuclear war that with shake human courage, geopolitical alignments and set a new era of tactics and weapons.

The first book is set in the year 2011 when Germany and South Africa government have experienced mutinies and given rise to a government run by the military that has overrun half of Africa and the rest of Europe. The South Atlantic becomes a playground for nuclear warheads.

Meet Lieutenant Commander Jeffrey Fuller, together with his crew aboard the USS Challenger submarine tasked with one mission that could see the United States win the nuclear war. With the help of an Ilse Reebeck and Navy SEALS, Jeffrey must bring an end to a group of scientist who is developing a biological weapon that when launched could put an end to the humanity. However, if their mission is a success, the biological weapon will be destroyed, and the South African coup brought to an end, but if they fail in this mission, millions of civilians will suffer, and lives will be lost.

The debut novel in Jeffrey Fuller series is a vivid description and a theoretical perspective of how World War III could be catastrophic. The actions take place the Indian Ocean just adjacent to the coast of Africa at Durban. It details a Navy SEALS mission to infiltrate, obtain information and destroy a heavily guarded shore facility. The greater extent of this novel focused on the internal recovery measures with the USS Challenger submarine from external attacks and also from failures that occur within the submarine itself such as fire and distorted exterior hatches. If you love the underwater machines, you will find the suspense and action that builds up in this book fulfilling. Even though the novels was written over a decade ago and mainly based on the latest technology of the time, it somehow manages to depict actual contemporary missions in such a manner that will amaze you. You will find the characters more believable and lively than the Clive Cussler’s heroes.

Thunder in the Deep

The series debut, Deep Sound Channel, the author Joe Buff showcased himself as the epic writer of the 21st-century nuclear war by introducing a new era of military and submarine combat fiction on an entirely new level. The sequel to the first book, Thunder in the Deep continues the action where the first book left off and takes you into a horrifying adventures on the seascape where the latest technology pushes the warriors of war into new extremes while the veterans push technology to new ends. In the second installment, the difference between defeat and victory depends on the two technologically advanced submarines the world has ever seen.

The USS Challenger is the most advanced weapon of the future, the submarine is ceramic-hulled and its eyes and ears are the most advanced the world has ever seen. The submarine its under the command of Jeffrey Fuller, a retired SEAL, turned a submariner and whose aggressive nature has made his a rising star. Now his mission is to rescue a USS Texas, a Virginia-class submarine lying at the deep end of Atlantic Ocean just off the Azores.

Unfortunately, the Germans know where the USS Texas is, and also have the information that the USS Challenger is heading for a rescue mission. The Germans dispatch their technologically advanced submarine known as the Deutschland with only one sole purpose in mind, to destroy the USS Challenger. The second novel in Jeffrey Fuller series describes an underwater battle, where your enemy only appears a blip on computer radar integrated into the ship nuclear weapon system. Ships are vaporized from the surface of the oceans, shock waves send to create a mega-tsunami and the mighty one is the side that is technologically advanced. For Jeffrey, the commander of USS Challenger and the opposing side aboard the Deutschland, the race under these dangerous ocean waters will demand skills and courage if they are to survive. Furthermore before its over, the USS Challenger mission is redefined, and Jeffrey Fuller and his crew sent to Germany to plant bombs right in the enemy’s throat.

Thunder in the Deep will send you right into the center of the most violent and most exciting depictions of the underwater battles ever seen. It is a great novel of military strategy and action that will leave you thrilled to the core.

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