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Jeffrey Burger
Author Jeffrey J. Burger grew up and was born in the city of Chicago, moving to the Gulf Coast of Florida when he was 28, where he lives with Jax, his German Shepherd. He heads back to Chicago in order to visit family and friends regularly.

Jeffrey was originally drawn to law enforcement like his uncle and dad, Jeff’s very creative nature pulled him into a rewarding career in illustration, photography, marketing, design, and advertising. After the launch of his first novel, “Destination Unknown”, he has been able to add in writing and publishing to his repertoire.

Jeff’s choice in his career and life in Florida have offered up some very unique experiences that he continues to enjoy. Jeff, who is also a certified firearms instructor, has worked with Military Personnel and Law Enforcement Officers of various agencies and civilians. It has afforded him the chance to regularly handle and grow proficient with all types of firearms, vintage and new and from all around the world.

His affinity for flying and aircraft have allowed him many opportunities to fly with some talented military and civilian pilots in all kinds of rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Jeff finds jets to be quite exciting, however, he finds that there is nothing that beats the sublime sound or the primal feeling that a piston driven Rolls Royce Merlin V12 in a vintage P51 Mustang.

Jeffrey writes the “Wings of Steele” series of science fiction novels, the first of which was released in the year 2012 and was called “Destination Unknown”.

“Destination Unknown” is the first novel in the “Wings of Steele” series, and was released in the year 2012. Jack Steele is a former big-city cop that left the department after he lost one of his friends in the line of duty. Recovering from his rather tough divorce, he reinvents himself with a newfound love of flying and rebuilds his life as a pilot for hire. Jack, accompanied by Fritz (his German Shepherd), is going to fly just about anything anywhere, shuttling used and new planes for his clients all over this world.

He was never a Boy Scout, however he is a guy that likes to stay prepared and always in control of what life throws his way. Nothing could have prepared Jack and his co-pilot for how life suddenly goes violently and drastically sideways, in a magnitude and direction that nobody could have anticipated ever. Wanted men, it appears, like everybody on the planet, are hunting for them, and there one option is to run. But to where?

Fans enjoyed this one and found there to be a ton of action, a bit of mystery, and revelations that aliens are entirely real. Not to mention the fact that you will have a ton of fun while reading this one, and readers found themselves having a tough time setting it back down again once they got into it.

“Flight of Freedom” is the second novel in the “Wings of Steele” series, and was released in the year 2013. Jack Steele’s Freedom is not the wound duck she used to be. They depart from the UFW Blackmount Station retooled and repaired, with a full crew, fully resupplied and armed, and ready to go on the hunt.

Life in a turbulent and busy universe is very rarely as simple as one would like it to be. It becomes painfully obvious with all of the complexities in space while events split even the best laid out plans both abroad and home.

Motivated and organized, these pirates are not to be taken lightly with their growing fleet of freelancers that were attracted by fame and wealth. The Freedom was name growing famous, or infamous, at least as far as the pirates were concerned. That is something that could spell disaster for the Freedom as well as her crew.

Readers found this one had a tighter story line and even more action than book one. There are also a bunch of plot twists, and some sinister bad guys.

“Revenge and Retribution” is the third novel in the “Wings of Steele” series, and was released in the year 2014. Since the Freedom is now gone forever, Jack Steele gets awarded a brand new ship and a new job. He is now a Vice Admiral, and he takes over for the functionally insane Admiral Pottsdorn as the commander of Task Force Lancer.

Leaving behind the closely monitored and stabilized Veloria Prime that is bound for the Terran system, their latest mission is to invite planet Earth into the United Federation of Worlds. The UFW Directorate is going to accept nothing less than total success. Trouble is brewing on Earth, and the deep space between the Terran System and Veloria Prime is anything but friendly.

“Dark Cover” is the fourth novel in the “Wings of Steele” series, and was released in the year 2016. There are secret alien operatives that have spent decades infiltrating all of humanity: the military, key positions in the populace, and the government in order to prepare the world’s population for mass slavery and control. The mineral resources on the planet notwithstanding, the most viable commodity the planet has is the people and the very best way to keep them controlled is with a one-world government.

With Jack Steele’s Task Force Lancer arriving, these alien operatives are desperate to find a way out and are going to stop at nothing in order to prevent their own capture. A global nuclear war threatens the survival of humanity as well as Earth’s existence, which prompts a spy-versus-spy game of cat and mouse, requiring Jack to play a whole new role.

Nobody knows what they are truly capable of until they become pushed right to the breaking point. Some desperate times call for some desperate measures and all heroes are born while under pressure. Death and life is just a roll of the dice for Jack, his extended family, his crew. Some may not survive with danger and evil lurking in some of the most unlikely of places.

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    Jeff, just uncovered your Foreward in your first book…wanted to say ‘thank you’ for including my input as being helpful. I left St Pete rather abruptly to tend to my mom’s eminent passing and ended up in California for 4 years I am in Maine now.Thanks again! for the recognition. Hope all is well.


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