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Publication Order of Yuri Kirov Books

The Good Spy (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Forever Spy (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Faithful Spy (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vigilant Spy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Jeffrey Layton is a published author of fiction.

In addition to writing, this author also has a lot of other interests and even a parallel career (as so many artists often do). He is a professional engineer and does that for a living. He specializes in his own area as well, working in the coastal and waterfront engineering niche.

He has a few other hobbies as well. His education and training when it comes to yachting, diving, underwater warfare and offshore engineering comes in handy for his writing career. When it comes to these subjects, he works them into the books that he’s writing. He currently resides somewhere in the area of the Pacific Northwest.

Layton is the creator and the author of the Yuri Kirov series. This thrilling action and adventure series kicked off in an official capacity for the first time in 2016. This is when readers got the chance to get their hands on the debut novel in the series, titled The Good Spy.

The Good Spy is the debut novel in the fast paced Yuri Kirov series of novels. If you’re thinking about giving this book a go and aren’t really sure whether you want to, just consult with Gayle Lynds. This best selling writer praises the book as being ‘high adventure’ done at its ‘best’.

When it comes to missions, they usually come in one type of classification level: top secret. The northern Pacific’s waters are notorious for being cold as ice. The temperature may soon be expected to be rising, however, when a mission under wraps risking turning into a total nuclear crisis. Things are going to get pretty crazy unless this massive crisis in the works can be averted.

A spy submarine for the Russian military is in American waters, lying marooned close to the border of the United States and Canada. Who is the person in charge of the safety of the crew and everyone on board? That would be security officer Yuri Kirov.

Not only is Yuri able to handle the job as he has a bit of experience, but he also is in charge of making sure that the operation succeeds. Yuri knows that if this is all going to go well, he has to make an escape that defies death itself. He wants to try and pull a hail Nary in the form of taking an escape underwater and then reaching the shore without being detected by anyone.

From that point on in the plan, Yuri would attempt to try and convince someone that he doesn’t know that he needs their help. How likely is it that a stranger is going to believe him that the entire world’s face rests upon him helping them.

When it comes to Laura Newman, all that she knows is that she was originally hired on as a software engineer. It’s coming down to what is a tough choice– does she help this person or try to move on her way? There are two spies on their tail that are probably Russian and definitely following them, so she has to think quickly.

Meanwhile, the tensions are going up between the two super powers. If just one thing goes wrong, the devastation that comes after as a result could mean the potential end of the world. Yuri has his work cut out for him, and failing to achieve his mission could mean that there’s nothing to be or go back to you.

This thriller involves espionage on a world stage as two powers battle it out and one man works to avert what will be certain disaster. Can Yuri get it one in this action and adventure tale? Read this book to find out what happens in the end in this daring novel from an author that keeps the twists and turns coming!

The Forever Spy is the exciting second novel in the Kirov series by accomplished author Jeffrey Layton. This sequel keeps the action going in a military and spy thriller that hasn’t been this engaging since James Bond burst on the scene. Pick it up for yourself and see why others are describing this book as a ‘page turner’ and ‘high-stakes thriller’!

When a disaster goes down that shocks everyone in on it, it threatens to potentially set off a new era of the Cold War. That would be something that no one is looking forward to, and it may be up to one individual to avert it for good.

When it comes to the Arctic Ocean, the waters are usually covered with ice and pristine. But when an oil spill breaks out in that area, it could cause a wave of destruction. The spill is huge and the scale of what it sets off could be too large to contain.

Yuri Kirov used to work for the Russian Navy. Now he is a man that is pressed into service, an expert in underwater vessels known as submarines. The more state of the art the sub is, the more that someone like him is your man.

Now Yuri is called upon once more by his country. The United States has only one hope when it comes to containing all of the fall out. They are going to call up one of the only individuals that is going to be able to help deal with this delicate situation and hopefully keep the worst from going down.

That’s all well and good. However, when a spy turns on his country, it turns out that Yuri’s past gets totally revealed. It is then that he is pressed into a spy mission through blackmail. They need leverage to get him to do it– that’s how risky the submarine sea mission is.

There is more on the line than ever. Yuri adopted this country and now its future is at risk. Not only that, the people that he loves may be affected. He is on a mission and must take his crew along on a voyage to the icy depths before everything gets too out of control.

Can he get it done, or will Yuri fall prey to an invisible foe? Will it all go too far? Read this book to find out!

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