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Targets of Deception / The Portofino Deception (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Targets of Opportunity (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Targets of Revenge (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rogue Mission (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Crimes and Passion (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fool's Errand (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Road to Splitsville (With: Dr. Ronald Raymond) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jeffrey S. Stephens is an American novelist best known for the writing of international thriller series of novels. His most popular series is the “Jordan Series” that debuted with the 2003 published “The Portofino Deception” that was later renamed “Targets of Deception”. Stephen was born and raised in the Marble Hill neighborhood in the Bronx, a borough that has produced some of the most renowned of artists and literary practitioners such as Edgar Allan Poe, E.L. Doctorow, Don Delillo, and Richard Price among others. He attended the Bronx High School of Science and by the time he was 19, he had graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Creative Writing B.A. During this time, Stephens had been writing the manuscript for his first novel though as a pastime, as he never thought he would ever be a professional author. As such, writing was something that he did for several years while he studied for his law degree at Fordham University. As it turns out, it was his law career, which would open the doors for him to become an author. As a legal practitioner, he has a wide range of experience in criminal and civil law and represented many celebrity clients in court and in the boardroom. His writing career was jump started more by accident rather than by design, when one of his friends mentioned that he was a writer while they were playing golf with a literary agent. When he showed the manuscript of the “Portofino Deception” to the agent, he loved it so much that he had it published within weeks. Encouraged by his wife and the novel’s commercial success, Stephens has never looked back since. Stephens currently lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife Nancy and their two children. Stephens is an avid tennis player, golfer, and skier who has traveled across the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and the US.

Jeffrey S. Stephens’s Jordan Sandor series are inspired by an acquaintance of Stephens that used to work for the American intelligence services. As such, many aspects of the stories are drawn from real life events, though the author invokes his vivid imagination and experiences to spice up the stories. The lead character in the series is Jordan Sandor, an ex CIA agent that is something of a Jason Bourne with the proclivity to jump through windows. He is also a little bit of a James Bond when it comes to women. When it comes to his superiors, he has a reputation as a loose cannon that more often than not despises authority. Working with some of the most vicious and cunning of characters, Jordan can read the minds of his antagonists and figure out what they are likely to do or where they may turn up next. Stephens has asserted that the character bears a lot of resemblance to him in terms of attitude and traits just like many fictional protagonists do. Some character traits he shares with his protagonists include the same insubordination to bureaucratic authority, and a great sense of humor.

When we are first introduced Jordan Sandor in the “Portofino Deception”, he has just left the CIA a few weeks to the 9-11 terrorist attacks. The weeks that follow would have a significant impact on world politics as the geopolitics of Middle East would dramatically change to be almost unrecognizable. Being one of the very best in the agency, he is brought back into the action to chase down the architects of the terrorist attacks that are planning even more devastating attacks against the US. The series of novels follow Sandor on the trail of terrorists and criminals from the deserts of Iraq, to the streets of Paris and London, and the Venezuelan jungles as he tries to keep his country safe. Even as he forms alliances and friendships with other intelligence officers and locals, Sandor knows that he cannot trust anyone except for a small group of friends and associates who have been with him from the very start. In his relentless quest to keep the US and her allies safe from deranged terrorists, he has to put his skills, instincts, and experience into use numerous times if he is to survive. The people he is up against are not the usual low intelligence terrorist with a car, but people with far-reaching influence and cunning strategies, which if successful could kill millions of people. The Jordan Sandor series are fast paced thrillers telling contemporary stories full of suspenseful action and very real and modern dangers that face the world.

“Targets of Deception” the first novel in the Jordan Sandor series is an insightful novel into the workings of the intelligence services of the US such as the CIA, the FBI, and Homeland Security. Things come to a tipping point for Jordan Sandor who quits when a traitor within their ranks betrays the team causing the death of the entire troop except for him. Reluctantly, he has been drawn back into the action when his former bosses seek out his help after several violent catastrophes that point to an Al-Qaeda conspiracy. The higher ups suspect that the terrorist group intends to launch a series of attacks on the US using poison gas. His trail starts in New York where his friend is killed a few hours after the shooting of a police officer. He follows the trail from Florida, which leads him to the French capital Paris, and finally the Italian Riviera city of Portofino. While he has old friends and colleagues in the CIA and the FBI, he can never be too sure if he can trust anyone in these perilous times. He has to put his life in danger and use his skills, instincts, and experience in taking the fight to the enemy. Just who is behind the entire conspiracy? Who is the man determined to finish him off? And who can he trust?

“Targets of Opportunity”, the second novel in the series a terrifying look into twenty first century terrorism. The novel opens to Sandor dealing with one of his most formidable of opponents, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard trained terrorist agent. Ahmad Jaber claims to have some explosive information about an unholy alliance between North Korea, a ruthless South American, and a terrorist group in the Middle East. He will only offer more information if the CIA can provide protection to his side. While the CIA is negotiating with Jaber, the group downs a passenger jet in France, and attacks a major French intelligence compound. Meanwhile, Sandor who has always been a man of action has assembled a small team that is heading into North Korea. In one of the most dangerous of missions for Jordan, he finds himself in a race against time chasing down a master terrorist that has engineered a perfect plan so well disguised that the team with all its experience struggles to unearth. It becomes even more intense when word reaches them about two submarines armed with nuclear missiles that have entered American waters.

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