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Jem Tugwell
Author Jem Tugwell had a Crime Writing Ma from City University. He is inspired by all of the fascinating possibilities of AI, technology, and the law of unintended consequences.

Jem, in a previous life, had a successful career working in investment management, and now lives in Surrey with his wife. He’s got two great kids and a dog. Besides his family and writing, Jem also loves old cars, snowboarding, and bikes.

He began working in IT in the City and later founded a software house with his wife. They built it and ran the company for a decade before they sold it off. Since then he wrote a book about Finance, they’ve built a house.

The very first book that he was moved by was “Silas Marner” by George Eliot. The novel was set as a school book and he just couldn’t get into it. However when his mom read the entire book to him, he was hooked.

Jem usually read the same books his parents did, a lot of crime and thrillers. Any writers from Frederick Forsyth, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Wilbur Smith, etc. His favorite was Dick Francis. He likes Francis’ work for the fast pace, great stories, and the sense of menace and threat without gratuitous violence.

Even though he tries to read widely, he usually reads crime but likes some non-fiction and sci-fi. He will always pick up books about Jack Reacher, and reads Wilbur Smith, Fredrick Forsyth, and Gerald Seymour. He looks for both an interesting premise, as well as something kind of different. The Reacher novels he likes for the clarity of each story, and how Lee Child writes the action scenes. For its imagination and scale, he is able to read and reread Justin Cronin’s “The Passage” trilogy.

When reading, Jem shies away from horror, gratuitous sex scenes, and books that are over described. He read a series of psychological thrillers and finds that he doesn’t really want to read three whole pages on the trip to the supermarket the protagonist takes unless it is crucial to the plot.

Writing has been a recurring ambition through his life, and have quite a few half-begun stories to show for it. Only now does he have enough time to fully dedicate to writing stories.

His aim for an average day of writing doesn’t typically happen. He writes better in the morning, around nine, so he’s not still asleep. If he’s able to do three productive hours, he’ll typically stop and go off to do some other things to allow time for ideas to form and circulate in his mind for the next day. He finds that it is much more productive if he sits down to write every day because he is much more ‘in the story’.

He begins writing by working on plotting and character design. Once that’s taken care of, he has a sentence or two on all the chapters, and writes up an outline on how each of his characters behave and think. When he’s ready to start writing, the outline serves as a prompt for the chapters.

At the start, he did try reading each chapter after he wrote, but he wound up in an endless cycle of reworking the first three chapters. Now, when he writes a first draft, he doesn’t read it at all. The editing process should find all of the issues, and just writing means that the word count is going to grow. It is a very positive motivator for him, particularly during the early stages when most of the book is left to write.

Jem likes exploring the blurring of technology and people and just how willing people really are to give up some of their control and privacy for the sake of convenience.

Jem’s debut novel, called “Proximity”, was released in the year 2019. His work is from the crime, science fiction, and thriller.

“Proximity” is the first novel in the “iMe” series and was released in the year 2019. You cannot get away with anything. Least of all murder. DI Clive Lussac has forgotten how he’s supposed to his job. Ten years of embedded tech, ‘iMe’, which has led to total control and eradication of crime.

Then the very impossible happens. There’s a body found, and the murderer is untraceable.

Clive, with his new partner named Zoe Jordan, has to re-hone his detective skills to locate the killer without tech, before time runs out for the next victim.

Tugwell brings this provocative and exhilarating debut crime thriller with a twist to life. This is a highly plausible and ingenious look at crime in a future with total surveillance, making this novel both terrifying and topical. Here is an enjoyable and a bit unnerving glimpse at what tech might be like in our future, it is fast paced and imaginative.

“No Signal” is the second novel in the “iMe” series and was released in the year 2020. Could a game possibly change the world?

The Ten are selected. They are driven, reckless, and strong. They are tested. Ten become Four. In a country where everybody is tracked, how are the Four able to hide from the cops?

DI Clive Lussac hates the system that controls everything, however he is ill and it is helping him. He has to decide fight or conform.

While Clive’s world unravels around him, he and his partners DC Ava Miller and DS Zoe Jordan cannot believe the entry price to this game they strive to answer the real questions. How is a simple game wrapped up in religion, politics, and the environment? Why does this ultimate Augmented Reality game have four different conclusions?

Readers found this to be a remarkable piece of writing and more than just yet another dystopian novel. It begs the reader to start asking questions about how far is too far in terms of freedom and privacy, and technology as it gives you a rather entertaining and thrilling read. Tugwell provides some insightful commentary about the power digital tech has in shaping our behavior and our thinking.

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