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What Is Love? (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Jen Comfort

The American romance author Jen Comfort is well known for writing funny and inventive novels with a strong moral center. Compelling readers from all over the world, her books work on a number of different levels, really making for some entertaining fiction. Understanding her genre and its conventions well, she clearly has an in-depth knowledge of exactly what it is that she’s writing. Providing stories with a sense of escapism to them, she creates a whole intricate world within each of her exciting books.

Looking at romance through a contemporary lens, she offers a fresh and idiosyncratic perspective with her writing. She sets herself apart from other novelists within her field by creating entertaining stories, making them highly distinct and unique. Many of her stories really elevate themselves due to her articulate style that immediately grabs the reader from the very start. Seeking to make her books warm and engaging while also providing a positive and uplifting message, she succeeds on many different levels.

Establishing characters that really speak for themselves, too, each protagonist of hers has their own distinct personality. This is something that also rings true for all of her supporting characters too, as they each feel fully fleshed out on their own terms almost. Coming alive on the page, the characters stay with the readers long after they’ve put the book down, really leaving a long-lasting impression. With so much more to come still, she definitely will not be finishing any time soon either, as she grows from strength to strength.

Early and Personal Life

Hailing from Portland, Jen Comfort would grow up with a strong passion for literature, really developing her craft as a writer. This interest would continue to build over time, seeing her develop and formulate the voice that she currently has today as an author. Volunteering at her local library after school, she would focus on romance as a genre, following her reading Nancy Drew when younger.

Later majoring in astrophysics, she would incorporate this field into her work as well and would also gain a degree in hospitality. Managing restaurants both in and around New York City and Portland for over a decade, she continued to write during her free time. Currently living in Portland, Oregon, she continues to write regularly, with lots more to follow in the future yet.

Writing Career

It would be in 2022 that Jen Comfort would go on to publish her first romantic-comedy novel for the very first time. Establishing her voice as an author, the book showed her as a writer with something of her own to say while also combining her interest in astrophysics. The book itself would be called ‘The Astronaut and the Star,’ and it would be a stand-alone novel and would not be a part of any overall series.

Later, in 2023, she was all set to publish ‘Midnight Duet,’ which was another romantic-comedy novel in a similar tone to before. Represented through the Speilburg Literary agency by Eva Scalzo, she’s fast become a popular writer reaching readers from all over. Gaining acclaim both critically and commercially, she’s gone on to become a successful household name worldwide.

The Astronaut and the Star

First brought out in 2022, this would come out on the 1st of March that year, setting up the literary career of Jen Comfort. A romantic comedy with a space angle, this would be a stand-alone story aimed primarily at entertaining the reader in a direct manner. It’s not a part of any series and can easily be read on its own, as it’s an accessible and straightforward self-contained story.

Unexpectedly taken off a NASA trip that would see astronaut Regina ‘Reggie’ Hayes become the first woman on the moon, she takes to training Hollywood action heroes. The star in question is one Jon Leo, who’s starred in the film ‘Space Dude’ and a low-performing sitcom, but he’s still passionate about space. Developing an attraction for one another, they soon form a bond, but the two of them may have their work cut out for them if they want to have a lasting relationship off of the training base. Will they ever become an item, is Reggie ever going to get to go to the moon, and what will become of the astronaut and the star?

A lot of fun, this story is one romantic-comedy that doesn’t take itself all too seriously, making for a light and entertaining read. With memorable leads that draw the reader in, it definitely knows how to hold its own, setting up a solid and compelling story. There’s much to enjoy here, with plenty of entertainment, making for a story that really does have all of the emotions every step of the way.

Midnight Duet

This book would be set to come out in 2023 and would be the second book to come out from Jen Comfort as an author. Another stand-alone title, the story would also be a romantic-comedy, this time set within the world of music and professional musicians. It’s also an easy to read novel, with it being instantly accessible, with its easy to pick up nature, while also being difficult to put down. The book isn’t difficult to follow and makes for a pleasant casual read in much the same vein as her first debut novel.

Once Erika Greene had a hugely successful career as a leading star of Broadway, only to have a horrific accident leaving her permanently disfigured and her career in tatters. Inheriting a dilapidated opera house in Paris, Nevada, she seeks to build it back up, while preventing it from being foreclosed by the local casino developer. That’s when she rents it out to a glam rock band fronted by none other than Christof Daae, and he and Erika immediately hit it off, despite the rest of the band believing him to be dating the keyboardist still. Will they both end up together, can Erika save the opera house, and what will become of Erika’s late-night singing lessons as they both perform a midnight duet?

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