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Jen Doll is a published author of fiction.

Jen Doll first came into print in 2018 with the release of her debut novel. It is in the fiction genre for young adults and it is titled Unclaimed Baggage.

In addition to penning her first full length novel, Jen Doll has written for a variety of other publications. These include Vice, Topic, The Toast, The Village Voice, The Week, The New York Times, The Hairpin, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The Atlantic Wire, and The Atlantic.

Jen Doll grew up in the state of Alabama, something that comes into play in the plot of her first book. She then moved to New York and she currently resides upstate and in Brooklyn.

Unclaimed Baggage is the debut novel from author Jen Doll. Check it out for yourself and see the book that has been named a staff pick to the esteemed New York Times as well as one of the best books of 2018 by National Public Radio. Buzzfeed also named it one of its top young adult books of 2018.

This is a story intended for young adults but can be read by anyone really! In this story, readers get to meet the main character of Doris for the first time. If you are looking for a new book to check out, then go online and get yourself a copy of this novel for young adults for yourself!

Doris feels alone in her small town. It could have something to do with the fact that her town is fairly conservative, and she appears to be the only liberal in the area. She’s pretty introverted, and she does not mind spending a lot of time alone. In fact, she has made the decision to keep to herself ever since that incident went down with the water slide just a few years ago.

Ever since then she just minds her own business and tries to stick to the shadows. There are other people in her town that might also relate to feeling like they are all on their own, even if they don’t seem like it. For instance, there is Nell. She’s struggling with having to adapt to a new life that she really never even saw coming.

She had the dream life back in Chicago, and everything was going great for her. Nell had a close circle of great friends that were really close and loved each other. She had a boyfriend that was just amazing, one of those guys that you can’t believe really exists. She had the perfect life and had to leave it all behind her just to go to Alabama and start over again.

Then there is also Grant. He seemed to have everything going for him for a while and the stereotypical popular life that some people dream of having in high school. He was on the football team, where he was none other than the star quarterback. He had a lot of friends in school and everyone seemed to know him. Even though he was well liked and one of the most popular kids in school, he still struggles with a secret.

Grant may be popular and appear to have a great life, but he also has been dealing with his demons with alcohol. His problem with drinking has steadily taken a toll on his life, and now has all but destroyed it. It’s going to take a lot for him to take an honest look at what is happening and decide what to do next.

What do Grant, Nell, and Doris all have that they share in common besides living in the same small town? They are about to find out. Each of them has taken a job for the summer where they are about to meet and change each others’ lives, perhaps for good.

Although they each have quite a bit going on in their lives, each of these three people has the summer to work. They have all taken residence in Unclaimed Baggage, a store that specializes in being able to catalog lost luggage and end up selling it. It’s an interesting job to have, that is for sure.

At Unclaimed Baggage, these three seemingly unconnected young people are about to find out that they may be able to relate more than they ever would have thought possible. Even though they have different lives and things that they are going through, they may be able to find friendship in the least likely of places.

The three of them slowly get to know each other and find out that they may even have become friends. Now more than ever, each of them needs a support system and someone their age that can relate to what they are going through. Could it be that a simple summer job becomes so much more?

Baggage can be more than something that you lose at the airport, as these kids are about to find out. They each have some emotional baggage that they need to unpack if they are ever to become lighter. They have been letting their feelings about the past and a lot of things weigh them down, but letting it all go might just be the answer that they have been searching for.

Each of these individuals is at a crossroads in their life. They have come to a point where they must deal with what they are running away from and sort through everything to find out who they really are. The result is an interesting journey that makes for one of the most interesting debut YA novels to come around in a long time.

Can Nell, Grant, and Doris come to grips with the past and the present as they make their way to the future? When they have each other to lean on, they might just be able to accept what they are going through and make it to the other side stronger than ever. Pick up this unique novel from author Jen Doll to catch every moment of this book for yourself and read to the very last page in order to find out what happens with these three unlikely friends.

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