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About Jen Lyon

American author Jen Lyon is known for her LGBT-friendly romance novels. She excels at creating captivating characters and protagonists that draw readers into her stories. Her talent lies in crafting entertaining narratives that keep readers engaged from beginning to end.

With a knack for developing compelling storylines, Jen Lyon’s novels are known for their engaging plots and well-rounded characters. Readers often find themselves immersed in her stories, unable to put the book down. She has a unique ability to create captivating narratives that resonate with a wide audience.

In addition to her entertaining storytelling, Jen Lyon infuses her work with important messages. Through her novels, she manages to balance entertainment with meaningful themes that resonate with readers. Her ability to convey significant messages while keeping the reader engaged is a testament to her skill as a writer. Readers appreciate the depth and relevance of her work, making her novels both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Through her writing, Jen Lyon has established herself as a skilled storyteller in the realm of LGBT-friendly romance literature. Her novels are celebrated for their strong character development and entertaining plots. Fans of the genre appreciate her ability to create engaging narratives that leave a lasting impression.

Lyon’s writing has a universal appeal that resonates with readers around the globe, transcending geographical boundaries. Her stories connect with audiences from diverse backgrounds, drawing in readers from all corners of the world. Regardless of where they are from, readers find a common resonance in Jen Lyon’s work, creating a sense of unity among her fans worldwide. Her ability to touch the hearts of readers across different cultures showcases the power of storytelling to bridge gaps and bring people together.

Overall, Jen Lyon’s strength lies in her talent for crafting relatable characters and weaving them into compelling stories. Her gift for storytelling has earned her a dedicated following of readers who eagerly anticipate each new release. With her unique approach to romance fiction, Jen Lyon continues to leave a lasting impact on the literary world.

Early and Personal Life

Jen Lyon, born in Lake Arrowhead, in the United States, developed a passion for reading and writing from an early age, sparking her interest in storytelling. Surrounding herself with sports, travel, theatre, and the ocean, she finds inspiration in the world around her to fuel her imagination and creativity. Over the years, Jen has honed her writing skills through various life experiences and continued to expand upon her literary horizons.

Exploring her interests in sailing, browsing bookstores, and attending NWSL soccer matches, Jen Lyon derives inspiration for her writing from her diverse hobbies and activities. Her love for training horses at her Southern California ranch adds another dimension to her creativity and influences her storytelling. Living with her wife, Donna, alongside their dogs and horses, Jen Lyon’s daily life is infused with elements that inspire her work and contribute to her growth as an author.

Through her experiences in sports, travel, and the arts, Jen Lyon has evolved as a writer, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and passions. Her diverse lifestyle and unique interests have shaped her perspective and provided rich material for her storytelling. With a supportive community of loved ones and a dynamic environment that fosters creativity, Jen Lyon continues to evolve as an author, enriching her craft with each new experience.

Writing Career

American author Jen Lyon has made her mark in the literary world with her series, including ‘Senator’s Wife,’ which consists of engaging titles like ‘The Senator’s Wife’ (2023), ‘Caught Sleeping’ (2023), and ‘Whistleblower’ (2023). Through her compelling storytelling and well-crafted narratives, Jen Lyon has garnered a growing following of readers who eagerly anticipate her next release.

Continuing to captivate readers with her writing, Jen Lyon’s career as an author shows no signs of slowing down. With a series of successful novels under her belt, she remains dedicated to honing her craft and captivating audiences with her unique storytelling style.

Fans can look forward to more captivating stories and engaging characters as Jen Lyon continues to make her mark on the literary landscape.

The Senator’s Wife

Jen Lyon’s contemporary romance novel ‘The Senator’s Wife’ was published on January 28, 2023, by Doss About Publishing. As the first book in ‘The Senator’s Wife’ series, it is recommended to read the books in sequential order for the best reading experience.

Two women from different backgrounds, Alex Grey and Catharine Cleveland, unexpectedly connect after a daring rescue. Their friendship blossoms into a powerful attraction despite their contrasting lives.

From soccer fields to political circles, their bond faces scrutiny as they navigate their growing feelings. As their connection deepens, both women must weigh the consequences of pursuing love in the public eye.

The evolving bond between Alex Grey and Catharine Cleveland offers a compelling and heartfelt exploration of love that transcends boundaries and societal expectations, making it a must-read for romance enthusiasts.

Caught Sleeping

Jen Lyon’s contemporary romance novel ‘Caught Sleeping’ was published on March 17, 2023, by Doss About Publishing. As the second book in ‘The Senator’s Wife’ series, reading the books in order is once again recommended for a cohesive reading experience.

Catharine and Alex have found unexpected happiness, balancing their love amidst secrecy and challenges. Alex’s soaring soccer career contrasts with Catharine’s newfound sense of freedom and love, kept under wraps during her ex-husband’s political campaign.

A revealed secret jeopardizes everything they’ve built, putting their relationship, careers, and lives in peril. As they face devastation, both women confront the ultimate question: can love endure against all odds?

As secrets unravel and stakes heighten, the novel poses thought-provoking questions about the enduring power of love in the face of adversity.


Jen Lyon’s contemporary romance novel ‘Whistleblower’ was published on December 23, 2023, by Doss About Publishing. Being the third installment in ‘The Senator’s Wife’ series, it is again advisable to read the books in order for a better understanding of the storyline and character development.

Alex’s soccer success contrasts with Catharine’s turmoil amidst a public divorce and her husband’s political campaign. Their bond strengthens amid increasing challenges, testing their relationship as external pressures mount.

As they navigate fame, love, and political scrutiny, Alex and Catharine must confront whether their connection can withstand the escalating tension and public scrutiny.

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