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Publication Order of Out of Line Books

Out of Line (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of Time (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of Mind (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fractured Lines (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blurred Lines (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
I'll be Home for Christmas (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Undercover (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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A bestselling author hailing from America, the romantic novelist Jen McLaughlin has been writing for a number of years now, as she puts out a number of books on a regular and consistent basis, capturing the readers attention with her highly vivid and evocative prose, that is at once both steamy yet down-to-earth at the same time, allowing the reader to easily relate to the action. Her characters are extremely grounded, as she manages to paint very well defined portraits of unique and interesting individuals, with their highly distinctive personalities, that are once gripping and fun in equal measure. The way she uses humor too to bring in heavier subject matter is well regarded as well as it works very well, allowing her to set up individuals that the reading public wouldn’t usually get to see. This is something that she has honed over the years well, as she has really come into her own recently, with readers from all over the world discovering her work every day. Getting her first contract job under the pen-name of Diane Alberts, she also use this particular pseudonym to write under from time-to-time too, as it allows her a sense of versatility and variation in her output. Her readers have also come to appreciate this too as, whilst she may write stories set within contemporary times, her books are timeless in their nature, with their many themes and ideas universally accessible to a general audience. This is something that her critics have also come to admire in her work too, as it’s not just her commercial success that’s been growing in recent years, it’s also her critical acclaim that’s been growing too, as both her many peers and contemporaries alike are singing her praises. This can be seen in her many positive reviews that are capturing the attention of everyone in the industry, as she writes for both the young and the old, something which she will continue for many years to come.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in America she always had an interest in literature, constantly reading and writing from a very young age, always looking for her next big idea with which to inspire her. This would then continue throughout her school life and education as a whole, as she would focus herself on her and her craft, always looking to develop and build upon it. Over time this would transform itself into a lucrative and highly successful career as a full-time novelist, as she would come to clearly know and understand the craft on a very fundamental level.

Living near the mountains in Northeast Pennsylvania she is never short of inspiration and ideas with which to fuel her next romantic novel, as her environment provides an endless source of inspiration. Residing with her husband and their four kids, they also have a collection of animals, all of which keeps her busy when she’s not writing on a full-time basis. With many more books set to come she is definitely a figure to watch in the years to follow, as it appears that she’s not stopping any time soon, as she maintains a strong presence within the literary industry to this very day.

Writing Career

It was under the pseudonym of Diane Alberts that she would write her first novel, which was to be titled ‘Reclaimed’, a stand-alone title which was subsequently followed up by a number of other novels. She would later write the novel ‘Out of Line’ under the name Jen McLaughlin, which would also be the first in the ongoing series of ‘Out of Line’ books. These would help set-up her writing career, as well as establishing her name as an author of quality contemporary romance, something which has remained true to this very day, as more and more readers discover her work every day.

Listed as a bestselling author within a variety of different publications, she is highly regarded for her commercial success, with publications such as Forbes comparing her to E.L. James as a modern bestselling author. Represented by Louise Fury who is working at The Bent Agency, she is one of the most promising authors to date, with her name now being synonymous with high-quality romance. Standing out from the crowd, she continues to maintain a strong presence both online and off, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength, something that shall carry on for quite some time yet.

Out of Mind

This being the third title in the ongoing ‘Out of Line’ series of novels, this already had an audience eagerly awaiting its release, as it provided another romance in the long-running and highly popular franchise. Brought out 26th of April in 2014 it was published through Jen McLaughlin herself, as she retained full control over it, completely cutting out any intermediaries. It would also work at providing another quality romance that her readers would come to appreciate just as much as her last novel in the much celebrated series.

Faced with an obstacle between her Finn, Carrie feels that she loves him no matter what. Finn also wants to be the best that can for Carrie no matter what. It would seem that they have their work cut out for them if he ever hopes to overcome their past. Will they be able to overcome it together? Can they fight to stay together? What lies out of mind?

Dare to Lie

Bringing this novel out through the Berkley publishing imprint this time, she would release this on the 7th of February in 2017, as it was another romance from the author. Setting up the third title in ‘The Sons of Steel Row’ series of novels, this would be in a similar vein to her previous novels, whilst also providing something new along the way. With strong characters and a highly engrossing story-line it would capture the attention of its many readers, keeping them all guessing right until the very end.

Immersed as undercover DEA agent in the ‘Sons of Steel Row’ gang, Scott Donahue has his work cut out for him. That’s when the gang’s leader Tate Donovan asks him to attend an auction where his sister Skylar will be. Telling Scott that Skylar is ‘off limits’ trouble arises when they start falling for each other, something which could threaten their very existence. Can Scott keep himself hidden? Will him and Skylar be able to become an item? Does he dare to lie?

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