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Publication Order of Infatuated Fae Books

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Jeneane O’Riley
Jeneane O’Riley is an author of whimsically dark and romantic fantasy novels that writes for the villain in us all. Her love of storytelling started as a small child, dreaming up these glorious fantasies to fall asleep to. As Jeneane has grown older, her love of storytelling has remained, however the stories have grown more dangerous and filled with toe-curling tension.

Jeneane is a Hobby Mycologist and nature enthusiast that resides in Ohio, up until she is able to locate a proper bridge to troll, or possibly a large tree that is spacious enough to hold her smoke show of a husband, her pet dove, her three kids, and her Irish wolfhound best friend.

As a lover of anything mushroom, she can typically be found in the forest, thinking up new ways of torturing her readers. Jeneane’s characters are dark, daring, and intelligent, and she likes throwing her readers off of the suspected path with tension filled action and plot twists.

“Skullduggery” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2022. Could he really be the largest threat to her people?

After all the Marong men die in the war, Lorelei and the final surviving members of her 7 woman clan find some safety on this island being guarded by the warrior merman, or so it would seem. The good human king that had led them there appears to be sympathetic to their plight, and Lorelei knows full well that they do need some protection from these powerful men that are from surrounding lands, particularly the War Raven. All these men want is to claim them, whether they’re willing or not, in the hopes that the dormant Marong powers are going to awaken in a male heir.

And the War Raven is the worst and the most powerful one of them all, conquering one land after another. But something seems to be off. Depressed and lonely on the island which increasingly feels more like a prison, Lorelei starts realizing that things are not what they appear to be. No longer certain whom she can trust, or even whom to love, she does know one thing: she has got to find a way to free herself and her people. Whatever it takes.

And in the web of treachery that she finds herself in, there is one man that just may turn out to be the biggest surprise of all: the War Raven, who is also her worst enemy. Or maybe, just maybe, something else altogether.

Fans of the novel were hooked right from the very first page. Jeneane’s world building for this novel was beautiful and takes you into a whole other world that you just do not want to come back from. Readers loved these characters so very much. This female lead character was fantastic and a badass, such a powerfully brave and strong character that readers will miss after the book has ended. Each of her characters are developed nicely, the story was well written, and readers were compelled to continue reading.

“How Does It Feel?” is the first novel in the “Infatuated Fae” series and was released in 2023. A forbidden obsession, unyielding family allegiance, and three lethal challenges.

The human. When a trip into the forest to collect this rare mushroom goes terribly wrong, Callie finds herself falling through a fairy portal and right into the arms of the Unseelie Fae prince. The handsome and dangerously unhinged Unseelie Fae prince. What could be more humble than that? He believes that Callie is an assassin that was sent by the humans to murder him, and not some biologist. Determined to murder her first, and rid himself of the human that he has unwillingly grown obsessed with, but also needing to entertain his people, this villain challenges her to three lethal trials.

If Callie is able to survive, she gains her freedom, however if not…

The Fae. Mendax has never felt anything but loathing and hate until his eyes found hers, that vile human assassin’s. She is a parasite who has mercilessly latched on his mind and will not allow him to be free. His hand itches to be ungloved and feel her smooth skin, even though he would never. The Unseelie Fae royals would much rather burn than touch some repulsive human.

Mendax fears that if he does not destroy this girl soon, she might be the only thing that is capable of really destroying him.

Once Callie falls through the portal, that is when things get interesting and fast paced, and fans love the way that the double perspective is used. Callie uses her knowledge of science to combat against the magic in such an intriguing way, making this novel so much more interesting to read. The Unseelie Prince got many women swooning. He’s morally black, had shadow wings and barely ever smiles. He is rough around the edges and if he doesn’t like you, then you are so dead. Readers cannot wait to learn more about him in the sequel.

“What Did You Do?” is the second novel in the “Infatuated Fae” series and was released in 2024. Callie is finally reunited with her family, yet struggles to adjust to her new life and the choices that she made in order to get there. After she gave everything up for them, she eagerly anticipates the ceremony to receive the second half of her heart and become a whole person again, even though it comes at this unsettling price. She has to marry Prince Aurelius and solidify her place within the Seelie Court.

While preparing for the event, Callie finds that she is haunted by the memory of Malum Mendax, the Unseelie Prince, as she always feels these eyes on her while she is alone; these shadowy silhouettes in her room and even touching him in her dreams.

What she does not yet know, is that it is more than merely the memory of him that is haunting her. Malum Mendax has come back to punish his pet and those that took her away from him.

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