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Publication Order of Jenessa Jones Mystery Books

The Lake House Secret (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stone House Secret (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boat House Secret (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gate House Secret (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jenessa Jones Mystery denotes a series of books written by Debra Burroughs. A voracious woman of letters, Burroughs hails from the United States. The penwoman spent her formative years in both Central Valley upon California (at the height civil rights activism and racial anxieties) and, later on, in San Francisco Bay Area whereby her hobbies included penning short stories, poems, and theatrical plays. Burroughs is presently domiciled in Boise upon Idaho.

Debra Burroughs and her spouse are empty nesters, something that gives her the freedom to while away her time on a computer and creating fascinating plots all the while. Burroughs has a soft spot for tough and exciting female characters, tinged with the ups and downs in their romantic affairs with male characters.

According to author Burroughs, she tries hard to create sensually and romantically appealing books while at the same time keeping away from vulgar language and explicit sexual content. All in all, the books authored by Burroughs have featured in the bestselling listings of notable publications such as US Today and The New York Times among others. Burroughs refers to herself as an author, ardent reader, wanderlust, mother, and a person who loves God.

Jenessa Jones Mystery: Formative Writing Years and Inspiration
Debra Burroughs traces her writing inspiration to the stories told by her grandmother and mother in their Mexican household. Later, Burroughs would narrate the stories to her friends who often commended her on her storytelling prowess and started opining that she could ably write books.

Debra Burroughs has been writing since her high school days. A notable accomplishment during her schooling days was writing an award-winning poem. She served as a feature editor and assistant editor at their school newspaper while still juggling a job as a columnist in a city-based publication. Burroughs wrote her debut book between 2009 and 2010. Her husband played an instrumental role in making the decision to start writing. To wrap it up, Burroughs is an indie author, and her niche is specifically the suspense, mystery, and romance genres.

Jenessa Jones Mystery: A Section on Books
Debra Burroughs has authored both a standalone book and two series of books. One of the novel series is a trilogy while the other book series comprises of eight books. In this case, the trilogy is called Jenessa Jones Mystery series and it has a respective omnibuses consisting of the three books. The first book in the serialized Jenessa Jones Mystery has three editions. The first of the three editions was initially published in 2013, titled The Lake House Secret; and this book is categorized under the mystery, suspense, and romance genres.

The featured protagonist in the 2013 book The Lake House Secret is called Jenessa Jones, whose name inspired the title of the series. Meet protagonist Jenessa Jones: an intelligent, humorous, tough, youthful, and gorgeous woman. Jones soon becomes a notable crime reporter in a small Californian town called Hidden Valley. Jones has an adorable aunt called Aunt Renee, a sibling named Sara, and a bosom friend called Ramey. There is a promising romantic affair between her and a friend whom she has been friends with since their high school days and is presently a policeman.

In the first pages of the book, Jones’ life is out-and-out problematic. First, she had been fired in her workplace. Secondly, there is a looming eviction from her apartment following a short notice. Third, she is broke. Worse still, Jones’ father has since died of heart attack. During her teenage, Jones had a pregnancy with a young man whose ambitions prevented him from settling down to family life and it was decided that the baby should adopted.

The turning point in the first book in the Jenessa Jones Mystery series, The Lake House Secret, is Jones’ father’s death which prompts her to return to her hometown to attend the burial ceremony after being absent for over a decade. Her job problem is solved when she gets a reporting job. A corpse is discovered a short distance from Hidden Valley; Jones is assigned the murder investigation and she is on her mettle. The ensuing story as Jones puts her investigative reporting skills to test coupled with a love triangle whets the reader’s appetite for the sequel.

Best Jenessa Jones Mystery Books
These are the best books in the Jenessa Jones Mystery series. The first is the aforementioned The Lake House Secret. The second one is named The Stone House Secret; this is the second book in the Jenessa Jones Mystery series. It was initially published in 2014. Jessica Jones is juggling two relationships wherein some townspeople are hellbent on terminating; she is also striving to exonerate her lovely aunt who has been fingered in a murder mystery. Another notable book in the series is named The Boat House Secret. This is the third book in the Jenessa Jones Mystery series and was originally published in 2015. Hereby, Jones is investigating an old murder case; there are two lovers angling for her attention and she is spoiled for choice.

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The following is a selection of three books which were sought by people who were gratified to read Debra Burroughs books, especially the Jenessa Jones Mystery series. The first is called Molly Masters Mystery series and has been written by American scribbler Leslie O’Kane. The main character, called Molly Masters, is an Albany-based cartoonist and deals in greeting cards too. She is sleuthing murder mysteries involving teachers.

The second is named Blond Noir Mysteries; this series is penned by V. J. Chambers. The protagonist is Ivy Stern, a former law enforcer who is presently a private eye; the murder mysteries that she is sleuthing range from a murdered female to a so-called cult society leader fingered in a seemingly ritual killing to a mass shooting incident at a college. Another book synonymous with the readers is named Off the Beaten Path; the author of this quadrilogy is called Steve Demaree. Initially titled Santangelo, this series is all about serial killers targeting weekenders, wreaking havoc in several states, and on the prowl in a walled community and in a chalet.

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