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Publication Order of A Chorus of Dragons Books

The Ruin of Kings (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Name of All Things (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Memory of Souls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The House of Always (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Discord of Gods (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Sky on Fire (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jenn Lyons is a renowned American writer of fantasy, young adult, paranormal, adult, and vampire novels. She is particularly famous for writing the Chorus of Dragons series, Blood Chimera series, and the War in Heaven series. All three of these series are duologies. Besides these, Jenn has also written several standalone novels and short stories. Before trying her hand in the field of writing, Jenn used to work as an illustrator and graphic artist. She has spent 20 years of life in these two creative fields. In addition to that, Jenn has also worked on developing video games for more than a decade. Some of the popular video games that she has worked on include Lord of the Rings: Conquest, The Saboteur, etc. She has employed by EA Games for most of her video games developing career.

Author Jenn hails from Atlanta, Georgia. She lives with her loving husband and her favorite pets, including cats and dogs. The people around her always try to give her opinions on various things, including Sumerian myths and correct ways of making a martini. But, she chooses what opinions she has to take and what to discard. Jenn claims that she wanted to try different career options at various periods in her life. The professions that she was interested in at one time or the other include becoming an archaeologist, diamond cutter, anthropologist, graphic designer, architect, fashion illustrator, etc. However, she chose to shift her focus from all these obvious trades and is now an established video game developer. During the day, she works as a producer of video games and uses the evening time to explore her fantasy and science fiction imaginations and put them on paper.

When Jenn is not busy with her writing assignments, she can be found debating on various topics at local coffee shops. Jenn says that she has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Most of her earlier attempts were short stories, character sketches, and other similar kinds of stuff. She liked the paper quality of her family bible so much that she used to write her stories on them instead of scribbling on the walls. Jenn penned her first story when she was very young, however, it was so terrible that she thought it would be better to discard it. It was in 2013 that she began taking her writing seriously and wrote novels for getting the attention of the fans of fantasy stories. Jenn feels that the process of looking for a literary agent is quite tiresome. She thinks it is similar to finding a date for a prom night, where you have to ask a person living in a different country with the use of postcards. Her current agent, Sam Morgan, was found by one of Jenn’s friends while looking to find one for herself.

The first interaction Jenn and Sam Morgan was a funny one, which Jenn laughs off thinking even today. Luckily, things happened for the good and Jenn succeeded in publishing her debut book. Since then, she has never looked back and has produced interesting novels one after the other. Jenn likes to develop her stories in an intricate way by weaving narratives that do not confuse her readers. She is grateful for their tremendous support for all her novels. Jenn is also thankful to the critics for genuinely reviewing her work and appreciating her efforts in developing her unique stories. Now, she has lined up her latest novel for publishing and is working on developing another novel. Jenn is looking forward to keeping entertaining her fans with many interesting novels in the years to come and gain their love and support for each one of them.

A successful book series penned by author Jenn Lyons is known as the Blood Chimera series. It is comprised of a total of two, both of which were released in 2014. This series revolves around a Kidnap & Ransom expert named Jackson Pastor. He indulges in straightforward negotiations of K&R. When the someone gets kidnapped by the bad guys, Jackson Pastor comes forward to negotiate their release, while skillfully traversing a dangerous maze full of bloodthirsty monsters, including terrorists, criminals, the FBI, and the police. But, things become complicated when Jackson PAstor is required to deal with real monsters. Jenn has set the plots in Los Angeles and has mentioned other important characters in the roles of Zander Sin and Monika Pastor. This series contains gritty, noir-style mystery stories of paranormal proportions. Its debut book is entitled ‘Blood Chimera’. The World Weaver Press has published it in 2014.

Initially, it is mentioned that Jackson Pastor comes to Los Angeles to help in the recovery of his new client’s kidnapped wife. As he indulges in the negotiation, he gets stuck in the middle of a centuries-old war between the vampire clans of Mexico and Europe. This conflict threatens to turn into a high scale gang war in the open public. Things turn worse for Jackson Pastor when he learns that the real intention of his client behind bringing him to Los Angeles is to kill someone for him. As he gets caught up in the clan war, Jackson’s only way to escape is by taking the help of a secret monster-hunting task force commanded by the FBI under the leadership of an eccentric, dangerous wizard. But, there is a problem in this solution as Jackson is also a monster.

The second volume of the series is called ‘Blood Sin’. It was also published by the World Weaver Press in 2014. This book features the lead characters in the roles of Zander Sin, Monika Pastor, and Jackson Pastor. The novel opens by depicting that Zander Sin is a wealthy bad boy and a popular rock-n-roll musician. He is known for his temper and his interest in hedonism. But, to K&R negotiator Jackson Pastor, he is something else completely. Jackson Pastor sees Zander Sin as a monster, kidnaper, and a murderer. When Zander’s musical tour arrives in Los Angeles, Jackson Pastor learns that he has a grudge against his family. And this grudge is way beyond power or money, stretching to ancient Rome. Because of his unlawful activities, Zander Sin finds himself on the hit list of everyone, supernaturals and humans alike. Later, Jackson comes to know that Zander has taken his young sister Monika Pastor as a prisoner. As a result, he can do nothing but to help him get what he wishes to obtain. Jackson Pastor prepares himself to do what he has never imagined doing in his life, that is, betray all those he loves. He has no other way to ensure the safety of his sister, who is held captive by Zander Sin.

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