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Jenn P. Nguyen is a renowned American author of contemporary, young adult, and romance novels. She has written a couple of standalone novels in her career and both of them are immensely popular. Jenn’s debut book, The Way to Game the Walk of Shame, came out in 2016 and her second book, Fake It Till You Break, was published in 2019. Jenn has achieved lots of success across the globe for her novels. She says that she developed an interest in books when she was studying in third grade. Throughout her school life, Jenn used to read during the lunchtime. At times, she even gave up her recess time to assist in organizing the school library. Author Jenn holds a degree the New Orleans University in business administration. She is now happily married and resides with her beloved husband in New Orleans. During the daytime, Jenn likes to indulge herself in reading books and dreaming up young adult romances. Sometimes, she likes to binge-watch Korean dramas. Jenn considers it a way of doing research for her future novels.

While growing up, Jenn used to read Harry Potter books a lot. In particular, the Prisoner of Azkaban was her favorite. She believes that this the book that changed the entire series from a story centering around a kid wizard into the one about loyalty, family, life, and much more. Jenn always dreamed of becoming a writer during her childhood days. But, as no one in her acquaintance was a writer, she thought she could not achieve this dream. The first short story written by her was for her school journal and everyone loved it. Jenn’s favorite time of the day for writing her novels is the night time. Usually, she begins around nine at night and works up to three in the morning. Jenn never really considers herself a morning person. She finds it quite difficult to wake up early and head off to work. And as she does not have a liking for coffee, coming into her senses in the morning also becomes difficult for her. The New Orleans Saints is her favorite sports team.

Jenn feels amazed by the feeling that her books are available on bookshelves and in readers’ hands. She still feels she is living in her dream. Jenn is looking forward to writing more YA novels in the future and entertaining her fans through her work. She hopes to get the love and support of the readers for all her upcoming books. Jenn has expressed her gratitude to all the critics who have spoken kind words for her books on various literary platforms. Jenn is also grateful to the reviewers, fellow writers, and literary journals and magazines for reviewing her work genuinely and praising them with full honesty.

The debut book written by author Jenn P. Nguyen is entitled ‘The Way to Game the Walk of Shame’. It was released by the Macmillan/Swoon publication in 2016. The main characters depicted in this book include Taylor Simmons, Aaron, Brian, Carly, and Evan McKinley. Jenn has set this novel in Wilmington, North Carolina, United States. Initially, it is depicted that Taylor Simmons had a strong dedication to her studies. Her hard work and dedication earned her the popularity of the Ice Queen. In spite of this popularity, things were quite hard for Taylor Simmons. The situation turned from bad to worse when Taylor Simmons got drunk at a school party and woke up next to a bad boy named Evan McKinley.

After this incident, the whole school starts gossiping and makes a mockery out of Taylor’s reputation. In a desperate attempt to save her reputation, she tries to persuade Evan McKinley into pretending that they are in a serious relationship. She thinks that it is better to be known as the girl who is romantically involved with the bad boy surfer than being seen as another girl in his wing. This book provides an excellent read. Its narration switches between Taylor and Evan. The readers get to see things from the point of view of both of them. In addition to the romance element, Jenn has also highlighted the aspect of family conflict. The parents of both Evan McKinley and Taylor Simmons are divorced.

Taylor has a good relationship with her stepfather and thinks that he is perfect for her mom as compared to her biological dad. Evan McKinley’s father spent most of the time in jail and he hates his stepfather more than anything in his life. The contradicting portrayals of the two families caused too much emotional turmoil in the book. Even though this aspect was not shown in the forefront, it did play an important role in the storyline and Jenn handled it quite well. On the whole, this is a brilliantly described romance-contemporary story filled with intriguing characters, excellent setup, and an engaging storyline.

The second book of Jenn’s career is called ‘Fake It Till You Break It’. It was also published by Swoon Reads in 2019. The setting of this book takes place in Texas, United States. Jenn has mentioned the chief characters in this novel in the form of Finn Adler, Ben Grayson, Mia Le, Greg Bell, Jake Adler, and Rose Bell. Initially, it is described that Jake and Mia have been in each other’s acquaintance throughout their lives. They have spent Sunday brunches, dentist visits, and summer vacations together. The mothers of Mia Le and Jake Adler are best friends. They are convinced that their children understand one another very well and would make a perfect couple. But, the two don’t seem to connect much on that level. When Mia’s mother turns away another excellent proposal for her daughter’s marriage, Mia & Jake decide to make a plan to stop their mothers from trying to get them married to each other. As per their plan, they make it look as if they are dating and think of breaking up at a later stage. But, before that time comes, Jake & Mia realize that they are too indulged with one another that they cannot stand to remain away. This is again a perfect YA novel for the fans. Despite being predictable and cliche, it is wish-fulfilling and entertaining.

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