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Publication Order of The Brash Brothers Books

Jenna Myles
Jenna Myles bought her first book on how to write romance a long, long time ago. And did absolutely nothing with it. Until this one day, tired of all her doubting and wishing, she sat down and began writing. The plan was to prove to herself that she sucked at it. It turns out that not only does she not suck, she tells really great stories.

But apparently, not everybody has whole worlds and an entire cast of made up characters that live in their head. These people in her head have been desperate to get out.

“Kade” is the first novel in the “Brash Brothers” series and was released in 2022. Kade performed CPR on his mother three times before he was even nine years old. But the final time, he failed. So he might have just a bit of a hero complex, with more money than god. These two things combined make him irresistible to every single messed up woman in the whole city. Been there and done that, and failed to put humpty back together again. He is done, no more needy women for him.

Except God has to have quite the sense of humor, since he finds a woman sleeping in this broken down car right in front of his garage in the middle of the night. He really should just send her on her way. But she’s just a little unhinged. And sassy. And has biteable, thick thighs. So of course, he gives the woman a job, and her own place to stay. He’s got a huge problem, alright. Yet no way will her sunshine draw him in. He is finished with women. He doesn’t believe it either.

Becca got scammed, and wound up sleeping in her broken down car. It is par for the course since her dad died. It’s possible she’s not been making the best of choices like selling everything she owns in order to pay medical bills and moving to the city in order to be a waitress.

Stupid plan, since she is never waitressed before and is much more likely to punch somebody out than smile and say yes sir. However the grouchy mechanic that’s banging on her window at two in the morning winds up being a knight in tarnished armor. If he thinks she’ll allow for him to pay to fix her car, he is nuts. She is a badass that always pays her own way. Besides, this dude needs her a lot more than she needs him. He doesn’t realize it yet, that’s all.

“Micah” is the second novel in the “Brash Brothers” series and was released in 2022. Love tough and big billionaires that are total softies for their ladies? Then you’re gonna love Micah.

He is worth billions yet he would trade it all just for her ring on his finger. Holly’s husband was a total abusive asshole POS, and now that he is out of the way, it is high time Micah makes Holly his. She has been scarred and hurt, however she is so tough, she actually saved herself and got out alive.

However how exactly does a mostly silent and grumpy giant such as Micah convince a tiny little thing like her to even give him a chance? It seems rather impossible. Then with a raging twist of flame and fate, he sees his opening. Now she is in his home, his bed, and he’ll use every tool that is in his arsenal to ensure that she never wants to leave.

Every single breath in his body belongs to her, and once she realizes the power that she has over him finally? Well, there are bound to be flames of a different sort then.

“Colton” is the third novel in the “Brash Brothers” series and was released in 2022. Love men that fall first? Like curvy and strong heroines? How about throwing in a high rise filled with billionaires and this hero with some serious golden retriever energy? Evie did the right thing, by saving a life, and it cost her everything. Colton is going to make damn sure she is made whole again.

He has been carrying this photo around with him for a couple of months. He argued with the guy at the hardware store about glitter paint for her daughter’s bedroom, this bedroom in an apartment he’d like to give to them. So he’s been checking on this empty apartment every night for months now. Doesn’t mean he’s obsessed. When he finally gets the call that she is ready for their help, he hops in his jet and goes to get her.

He expects to find this exhausted and worn out woman. He did. However she also called him Conan, like the barbarian, and tolerated none of his bullshit. And her little girl, well she’s got him acting like an idiot only to make her smile. Okay, so he may be just a little obsessed.

“Declan” is the fourth novel in the “Brash Brothers” series and was released in 2022. She is everything that Declan has dreamed about for years, however she’s his employee too. And around her, he turns into nothing more than a stuttering teen boy.

They have been dancing around each other for years. It isn’t a dance that he’s proud of at all. The day they met, he fell outta his chair. Now, they’re stuck in this repeating pattern: she corners him, he freezes, and then he bolts. Declan is 33 and should be much better at handling a woman than he is. However she’s not just any woman. She is smart, tough, and has curves that make his legs numb.

However when he works up enough nerve to talk to her, he winds up sticking his foot into his mouth. Then that same night, when her world gets touched by violence, he firmly lodges his foot all the way down into his throat. Now he’ll do whatever he has to in order to fix what he’s broken. Declan’s working to contain the aftermath of that night, and he’s got this plan to woo her. And his plan was working. Steadily and slowly, she was coming to him.

But then his brothers chose to ‘help’ them along and now they’ve been stranded at a small motel in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere. There’s also just the one bed. He’s gotta make sure the threats against her are handled. Even though he’s a computer geek, he’s more than capable of being the man she needs. He hopes there’s enough time to show her.

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