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About Jennette McCurdy

A multi-talented creative artist, the American writer, director, and singer Jennette McCurdy is well-known for her acting work, and now her writing. Previously best known for being a leading role in the hit Nickelodeon children’s TV series iCarly, she starred as the protagonist Sam Puckett. Becoming a recognizable figure to countless viewers around the world, she has gone on to manage other projects of her own. With a voice of her own, she has a lot to say, speaking out about a range of different issues, while also talking about her own unique experiences.

Starring a number of different television since, she has also produced several albums as well, singing country and pop music for a worldwide audience. Managing her own projects now, she grew up as a child star, making her name in children’s television, becoming a household name for many. Many of her experiences growing up within the world show-business would come to shape her writing in the years to follow. With many still knowing her for her initial roles, she’s created a brand of her own now, saying what it is that she wants to say.

A talented performer, she would soon turn to writing, speaking out about her own experiences while growing up. Using her own life as the basis for her memoir and literary debut, she would make a real impact, becoming a bestselling sensation almost overnight. Her writing speaks for itself, as it resonates with scores of readers both nationally and internationally, bringing her to a whole new audience. Continuing to shine a light on the world of show-business, she also writes in a manner that is both honest and truthful to her.

Speaking and writing about real people, Jennette McCurdy has provided another perspective on the television industry through her work. With more projects and writing in the pipeline too, she’s a voice that definitely has a lot more to say, as there’s more to come still. Developing her own feature film and regularly speaking at events, she’s becoming a firm fixture fast, and a popular figure worldwide. Not finishing any time soon either, her career will carry on growing from strength-to-strength, as there’s plenty more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Garden Grove in California on the 26th of June in 1992, Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy was raised in a Mormon family. Home-schooled with her three brothers by her mother Debra McCurdy, her family was relatively poor, and she would leave her religion during early adulthood. Following the death of her mother, she would discover that the man who she believed was her dad, Mark McCurdy, was actually not, which was an issue she’d later speak on.

Starting out as a child star in the world of television at the age of eight, she would begin her acting career in 2000 on Mad TV. She would also go on to star in other television shows, including Malcolm in the Middle, CSI, Lincoln Heights, Will and Grace, and Zoey 101 to name just a few. Following this, she would then go on to star in iCarly, which would see her breakout role as Sam Puckett in the hit Nickelodeon children’s television show.

After this she would go on to star in other shows, such as Sam and Cat where she would reprise her role as Sam Puckett. She would also produce work of her own, writing and directing films, as well as going on to write her own book about her experiences growing up within the television industry. Talking about her mental health and her problematic relationship with her mother, something which she’d go on to speak about, as she currently writes to this day.

Writing Career

Prior to publishing her memoir, Jennette McCurdy would write essays and pieces for ‘The Wall Street Journal’ among other publications. Using this as encouragement, she would go on to write further about her experiences, building upon these articles detailing her past. This would lead to McCurdy creating her one woman show titled ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died,’ which she would perform around New York City and Los Angeles.

Basing a book off her show, she would then go on to write her memoir, also titled ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died,’ publishing it in 2022. The book would become hugely successful, reaching a worldwide audience, becoming a bestselling book overnight. Well received by critics and the general public alike, it would fast secure her name as a writer, as she continues to write.

I’m Glad My Mom Died

Originally published on the 9th of August, this would come out in 2022 to a great deal of fanfare and critical acclaim. A stand-alone memoir from Jennette McCurdy, it’s a non-fiction book charting her life growing up under the spotlight. Instantly accessible, it would be brought out through the ‘Simon and Schuster’ publishing imprint, becoming a bestseller and selling out almost immediately.

At just six years old Jennette McCurdy would do anything to make her mother happy, and what her mother wants most is for her to be a star. What then ensues is her mother being domineering and outright abusive, all the while pressuring her only daughter down a set path. Once Jennette is thrust into the spotlight with iCarly, her mother continues to pile the pressure on, as Jennette’s mental-health begins to deteriorate. Later her mother dies of cancer, leading to a mixture of feelings for Jennette, as she comes to find her own way in world, and decide what it is that she wants.

This book really hits the perfect balance between heartfelt humor and tragedy, dealing with the issues that arise with strength and dignity. Some may be initially struck by the blunt title, but underneath there’s so much more, as Jennette tries to make sense of the years of trauma that have been heaped upon her. It’s a powerful book written in a compelling manner, with its truthful and brutally honest recollection of what actually happened. Also looking at the problems surrounding child stars and growing up within such an industry, it has something important to say and take away.

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