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Freeman's Power(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
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About Jenni Fagan

Jenni Fagan is a celebrated Scottish novelist and poet who has won great acclaim for her work. She is best known for her award-winning novel The Panopticon, which was named Scottish Writer of the Year 2016 by The Glasgow Herald. Fagan’s imaginative and incisive characters are often made up of complex protagonists and their stories, which make her work engaging and entertaining to read.

She has an amazing gift for creating compelling stories with engaging narratives. She is able to put her readers into her characters’ shoes and take them on a journey, allowing them to gain insight into their inner world. She is also able to weave elements of poetry into her stories, making them both poetic and powerful. Her writing style is often described as lyrical and vivid.

Her writing speaks to a wide range of readers, from those looking for a light read to those seeking something more complex. Her work has received critical acclaim from literary critics and readers alike. With her unique style and captivating characters, Fagan is a master storyteller whose stories are sure to stay with readers for a long time.

Fagan’s work has become increasingly accessible to readers worldwide. Her books have been been made available in countries around the world. Fagan has also had several of her scripts produced for the stage and screen, allowing her work to reach a broader audience.

She is committed to making her work accessible to everyone, regardless of their language or location. She has mentored younger writers, and is known for working with offenders incarcerated within the prison system. This has not only helped those in need, but also enabled her to reach a much wider audience helping her to build a stronger global fan base.

Over the years, Jenni Fagan has shown a knack for finding the right words to convey her ideas, and her work has won the admiration of many. This has allowed her to make her work accessible to readers anywhere in the world, no matter their location or language. Fagan is a celebrated author who has been able to break down barriers and bridge the gap between different cultures.

Early and Personal Life

Jenni Fagan was a Scottish historical author who was deeply passionate about reading and writing from a young age. She grew up in Livingston, Scotland and went on to graduate with the highest possible mark from Greenwich University in Creative Writing. After her graduation, she was awarded a scholarship to the Royal Holloway MFA, further developing her writing skills.

Her career as an author was greatly enriched through her participation in various writer residencies, including the University of Edinburgh, Lewisham Hospital’s neonatal unit and the Norfolk Blind Association. She also engaged in creative collaborations with a women’s prison and various youth organisations. Through these experiences, she was able to gain insight into the lives of others and find inspiration for her work.

As her career progressed, Jenni Fagan’s writing style and range of topics broadened. She was able to produce a number of successful works in historical fiction, as well as other genres. Her passion for writing led to many accomplishments and she continues to write to this day, finding new sources of inspiration and developing her craft further.

Writing Career

Jenni Fagan began her writing career in 2012 with the publication of her acclaimed stand-alone novel The Panopticon, which was nominated for the Desmond Elliott Prize Best Book. Since then she has gone on to write two more stand-alone novels, The Sunlight Pilgrims (2016) and Luckenbooth (2020).

In addition to her novels, Fagan has also released three poetry collections; The Dead Queen of Bohemia (2016), There’s a Witch in the Word Machine (2018) and The Bone Library (2022). Furthermore, Fagan would also publish a novella titled Hex in 2022, as well as a non-fiction work entitled Ootlin in 2023.

Fagan’s writing has been widely acclaimed and she has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize, while also being shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize. She continues to write, creating works of literature that are sure to inspire her readers for many years to come.

The Panopticon

Jenni Fagan’s Scottish crime thriller ‘The Panopticon’ was published on May 3, 2012 by William Heinemann Ltd. It was a critical success, receiving ‘James Tait Black Memorial Prize’ and a ‘Desmond Elliott’ nominations. The novel was praised for its insight into the criminal justice system, as well as its compelling characters and suspenseful storyline.

Anais Hendricks is a fifteen-year-old in the back of a police car, on her way to the Panopticon, a home for chronic young offenders. Having grown up in foster care, she has learned to rely only on herself. But among the other residents of the Panopticon, she finds a sense of belonging and forms intense bonds with her ad hoc family.

Despite the watchtower looming over them, Anais knows that she and her companions are part of an experiment, though the outcome is yet to be seen.


On January 14th, 2021, the gothic novel ‘Luckenbooth’ was published by William Heinemann. It was widely acclaimed, being a Saltire Society nominee for their book of the year for 2021. The novel received extensive praise for its unique and captivating plot and characters, making it an instant classic for readers of all ages.

Jessie McRae, who claims to be the devil’s daughter, embarks on a journey to Edinburgh in a coffin, to work as the maid for the Minister of Culture, who leads a double life. The couple hire Jessie to bear them a child, but this decision has dire consequences which haunt the tenement building they live in for a century. Through the nine floors of the building, readers follow various characters as they experience the effects of this secret across the years.

They meet a variety of people, ranging from a Madam to a Beat poet, and are exposed to events such as a seance and a civil rights case. Eventually, a cosmic agent reveals the truth behind the building’s long-held secret.

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