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Publication Order of Jennie McGrady Books

Patricia H. Rushford is an American author of fiction. Born in Rugby, North Dakota, she is a Christian author and international speaker that has written over fifty novels. In addition to writing fiction, she has also penned a few nonfiction novels. Her writing ranges from mystery to children’s books to romantic suspense as well. She has written some articles and her Christian youth fiction and series have sold over 250,000 copies.

Rushford was not always a writer. She received her Master’s degree in the field of counseling and also worked as a registered nurse for years. Her first book ever published was nonfiction and was called Caring for Your Sick Child. It was released in 1983. Her first fictional book would be released in 1993 and was titled Too Many Secrets. It would be the debut novel in the Jennie McGrady series.

She is the author of The McAllister Files with Harrison James, the sole author of the Helen Bradley Mysteries, the Healing for Broken Children series, the Angel Delany mystery series, the Max & Me mystery series, a contributing author on the Artisan and Portraits series, and the author of several other books.

These include Stories From Hope Haven and Sins of the Mother, her 2003 novel. She has written a number of nonfiction books that deal with situations that people face in everyday life, from raising kids to finances to aging parents, sick kids, emotional stability in a mother, women’s issues, and more. She has been married to her husband Ron for over thirty years and together they reside in Vancouver, Washington.

The Jennie McGrady series is a fictional series written by Patricia H. Rushford. It started in 1993 and kept going, with fifteen books in total in the series. The series stars the main character of Jennie McGrady. She is an energetic young woman that enjoys living life to the fullest and pursuing her many hobbies. You can always find her about town, speeding around in her Mustang or going to the library or bookstore to catch up on the latest mystery book. When she is not busy doing that, she likes to spend time thinking about her crush.

Too Many Secrets is the debut novel in the Jennie McGrady series by Patricia H. Rushford. Jennie makes her triumphant entrance here in this cute and fun first novel in the series. She has a small crush on Ryan Johnson, but she has better things to do than spend her time daydreaming about him (most of the time). The Mustang she likes to drive around town might be her mother’s, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

Jennie thinks that she is about to have the best summer she’s ever had. But all of a sudden, the relaxing and fun summer of a lifetime that she thought she would have totally goes up in flames when her grandmother disappears along with some gems. The gems are stolen, they’re diamonds, and they’re estimated to be worth about a million dollars.

The authorities are very interested to find out what happened to her grandma. Jennie has no idea what’s happening or why her grandmother would even be in the possession of something like that. With no idea of who to trust or what to do, Jennie turns to Ryan to help her. He lives next to her grandmother as well. It’s reason enough for Jennie to ask him for assistance in tracking down her grandma. Besides, she can’t think of anyone else who would want to do it.

Jennie’s going to need some more allies in this amateur detective adventure if she’s ever going to hope to find her grandmother. She turns to Helen McGrady, an international journal that Jennie knows has connections to clandestine government operations and is part of the FBI more than any type of journalism major turned travel-article writer. Does Helen know that she knows?

Jennie and Ryan try to find her grandmother in a desperate bid against time and with the odds stacked against them. Most missing persons are never found after that 48-hour window goes away. Jennie has no idea if her grandmother ran away, was kidnapped, set up, lost her mind, or what. Pick up this exciting book in the Jennie McGrady series by Patricia Rushford to find out what happens in this page-turning mystery novel!

Silent Witness is the second book in the Jennie McGrady series. Jennie is back once more in Rushford’s sequel to her popular mystery debut. Everyone’s favorite amateur detective is on vacation time already, daydreaming of being in Florida before she even actually arrives. Just give her a drink and let her hit the sunshine!

Jennie wants nothing more than to go to Florida and visit a dolphin research lab. But when a bomb threat occurs, her flight ends up being delayed and no one knows when the flights will be restored again. Jennie tries to figure out what’s going on– it’s never fun to have a flight delayed. That’s when she happens to meet someone new.

The girl wants Jennie’s help when it comes to solving a murder. It’s a two-year-old case that she thinks that Jennie can assist her in solving. Sarah has been upset and in denial about what happened ever since her father was murdered. She is even starting to recall details of what happened the night that he was killed, which isn’t helping her emotionally.

But could the people who Sarah thinks killed her father really be out there? If so, are they going to be happy about her digging into the case? Jennie finally makes her way to Florida and finds a young man out there named Scott. They get along great– maybe this vacation is salvageable after all.

He’s an environmentalist that is interested in the case. Jennie could use another welcome distraction– and who knows, he might even be able to help. But as time goes on, is Scott really who he says he is? You’re going to have to read Silent Witness to know for sure in this exciting murder mystery novel in the Jennie McGrady series from author Patricia H. Rushford!

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