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Jennieke Cohen
Jennieke Cohen is an American author of historical fiction, romance, and young adult best known for her debut novel Dangerous Alliance. The Young Adult book touches on factual issues and is inspired by real events. Cohen is an English History graduate from Cambridge University with a masters in professional writing. She enjoys discovering new areas and coming home to Northern California at the peak of summer when life is casual.

Dangerous Alliance: An Austentacious Romance
Dangerous Alliance features Lady Victoria Aston, a lucky woman who had everything she would ever ask for. From a secure future, thanks to her family’s expansive estate to a loving elder sister, Lady Victoria has it all. Her family gives her freedom that is not common in this era, and she helps run the family estate. But she has come of age, and she must marry. Otherwise, the disgrace that has recently befallen her family may render them destitute. Vicky has gone through one season without any pressure, and she enjoyed being a part of her father’s household. However, now, Vicky must participate in the upcoming season and find a well-off husband to save the family’s estate. Vicky is reluctant to participate, but she knows her choices are limited.
Everyone thought that Vicky’s elder sister, Althea, had found the love of her life. The two shared what seemed like a happy marriage until she showed up at the family’s doorstep, looking for rescue from an abusive husband. Althea’s husband had done a great job of hiding his issues until the two lovebirds start living under the same roof. The family will do everything to separate Althea from her husband, and in an era where divorce is an abomination, they have to take drastic measures. They know that the only choice they have is to get Vicky married to a rich man so they can manage to get Althea’s husband off the family’s estate.

Vicky has little, if any, experience in this area. The only information Vicky has in this department is from novels. However, none of the books she has read are relatable to her circumstances. For example, how is she supposed to know which suitor is after her heart and not her money? How does she fend off attention from unwelcome suitors? Vicky enters the marriage season without many skills, and a mysterious accident leaves her even more confused. Despite her inexperience, Vicky knows that she has to find a man she can trust and marry him. This is the only way she can become her father’s heir and, in turn, save the family’s estate.

The family’s search for a suitable suitor narrows to Mr. Carmichael. The man is quite charming and quick to offer sweet compliments, but Vicky has no way to tell whether this is all genuine. There is also the little accidents that seem to be happening since Mr. Carmichael and Vicky start dating. There is also Tom, Vicky’s best friend. The two grew up together, but at some point, he completely cuts communication with Victoria. Tom has personal issues that he has to work on, and he is of little help when Vicky needs him.

This is an exciting story made up of well-drawn characters you are sure to fall in love with, a solid plot, and a great pace right from the first page. The story is told in the third person and from different points of view. Vicky is the main narrator, but there is also Tom, Vicky’s best friend, and Susie, Tom’s half-sister. While this is essentially Vicky’s story, Tom and Susie’s help fill any gaps while building tension in the story. There is going to be conflict, misplaced pride, and misunderstandings among these friends, and these will compel you to turn the pages and find out what happens next. The main plot focuses on separating Althea from her abusive husband and ensuring that the imminent divorce goes through.

A Dangerous Alliance is a heart-warming and delightful mix of romance, history, and mystery. Talk about boy troubles, property disputes, and even divorce. There are also boxing matches, Mayhem, and murder, everything you would not expect in a story about such a proper lady. This book shows how hard it was for women to ask for a divorce in the 1800s. Getting separated from a partner was almost impossible, but the men had it much easier. From her writing, it is easy to see that the author researched the process of marriage and divorce during that time.

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