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The 13th Continuum (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return of the Continuums (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The United Continuums (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Spectre Deep 6 (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Good, The Bad, & The Uncanny(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jennifer Brody is a noteworthy author of the science fiction, young adult, and fantasy genres, hailing from America. She is particularly famous for her debut book called The 13th Continuum, for which she won a prestigious literary award. When author Brody sold this book to the Turner Publishing, she was awarded with a 3-book contract by the publishing company. The successful first book is also in talks to be made into a Hollywood movie. After the success of her debut book, author Brody penned a couple more books to complete a trilogy series. Following the immense success at the initial stage of her writing career, author Brody got the chance to become a member of the Fantasy & Science Fiction Writers group. As of today, she resides in Los Angeles and spends most of her time in writing novels. Author Brody completed her graduation from the Harvard University in the subject of film studies. Immediately after that, she began working in Hollywood with the hope of having a long career. Some of the highlights of her work includes working for the New Line Cinema as well as for the Michael bays Dunes. Brody is most notably remembered for working on the films, The Golden Compass and The Lord of the Rings series.

In the year 2008, author Brody produced a film on her own. Brody is a former member of the Conference of Sirenland Writers, and also of a number of other writers’ conferences. She has even received a residency at Helen Whiteley Center, which is run by the Washington University. Author Brody is credited to have laid the foundation of BookPod and is currently running it. The BookPod is a platform for the authors on social media. Besides this, Brody has volunteered as a mentor for the Foundation of Young Storytellers. She is even an instructor of writing at Writing Pad. Author Brody was born in St Croix, USVI. From a very young age she was interested in becoming a writer. Her interest in writing can be understood from the fact that Brody is an avid reader of fantasy and young adult books. And after going through a different career path initially, author Brody was finally able to achieve her lifelong dream. Now, she is quite happy with the way her writing career has shaped and does not expect much from life. She hopes that she continues to write exciting novels in the days to come and keeps entertaining her fans and readers.

The Continuum series written by Jennifer Brody consists of 3 books in total, 2 of which were released in 2016 and the third book is expected to be released in 2017. The first book of this series sis entitled ‘The 13th Continuum’. It was released by the Turner publication in the year 2016. At the start of this book, it is depicted that a cataclysmic event takes place on earth and 1 thousand years after this event the human race faces the danger of getting extinct. Many of them get killed and the ones who survive are forced to take refuge in the continuum. The continuum is designed to help in the sustenance of the humankind until the Earth can be available for repopulation. Against the backdrop of this idea, a group of several friends staying in the underwater continuum dream of having a life outside the totalitarian existence. However, this idea has been considered as an outlaw for many centuries. After a while, a shocking discovery takes place which turns this dream of the young friends into reality. Now, the friends have to decide if they are willing to risk everything they have, including the extinction of their own, to cherish this reality. Also, they must decide whether they are ready to experience the Surface, that no one else has experienced for several generations. This novel went on to win the Gold Medal Award in the category of the best young adult & fiction book. It was also awarded with the Moonbeam Children Book prize by the Independent Publisher. The critics enjoyed the book a lot and praised the efforts of author Brody. They encouraged her to keep writing many more similarly exciting books in the future. The famous author Rysa Walker also lauded the story by saying that it is filled with strong word building and non-stop excitement. All the exciting elements of the book combine together to make it a fantastic read for the fans of dystopian and science fiction. Rysa Walker is waiting with eagerness to read the series’s next book.

Another popular book of this series is called ‘The United Continuums’. This novel is also going to be published by the Turner publishers. In this novel, author Brody has described the central characters as Aero, General Vinick, Seeker, and Myra. At the beginning of this book’s plot, it is described that Aero heads an insurgent group from the 2nd Continuum for overthrowing the rival Supreme General named Vinick. Aero wants to unite the military forces of the space colonies. Meanwhile, Seeker carries out a mission of her own back at home secretly in which she intends to reinforce the defenses of Earth and help in the defense of the 1st Continuum against a threat that appears to be even more dangerous. At the same time, the nightmares of Myra seem to have turned into reality because the Dark Thing has started to hurtle towards the Earth. This dark entity has designs that are made to eradicate the fledging population on the planet. But, there is something standing in the path of the dark forces in the form of the 3 Carriers. Also, the Carriers have become successful in gathering many others to their side. As a result, it looks like there is going to be a huge battle for gaining the control of Earth. Once again, author Brody has taken the readers on a journey filled with incredible excitement. She has described adventurous new worlds and fighting human spirits. The plotline of this story is brilliantly written and fast paced. Many critics have labeled the book as a must read for all those readers who like science fiction very much. Author Brody has packed the storyline with interesting action sequences and an intricate, sweeping world. The book has delivered an absolutely satisfying conclusion to the adventure series, which the readers should not miss at all.

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