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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Hot Dog Girl (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Verona Comics (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Some Girls Do (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Melt with You (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love at First Set (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Girls Standing (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Playing for Keeps (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ride of Her Life (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Graphic Novels

Jennifer Dugan is a wonderful American writer of young adult, LGBTQ, contemporary, and romance stories. She is famous for writing the books, Veronica Comics, and Hot Dog Girl. Dugan also has a couple of indie comics to her credit. She likes to think of herself as a geek who has an interest in writing the kind of stories that she grew up reading. The Entertainment Weekly labeled her first novel as a great fizzy romantic comedy. It has also been called the year’s one of the best novels by the editor of Paste Magazine. Dugan resides in upstate New York. She lives with her loving family, several dogs and kittens, and other pet animals. A literary agent named Brooks Sherman from Janklow & Nesbit agency represents Dugan. The film rights of her novels are taken care of by Mary Pender-Coplan of the United Talent Agency.

Author Dugan says that she always dreamed of becoming a published author. As a kid, she used to write stories nonstop and force her family and friends to listen to her while she read them. However, she had to go through several detours before returning to the path of publication. Dugan stopped writing for some time in between to focus on things in life that needed her attention the most. She did not take up writing seriously again until 2009. From then on, it took Dugan six novels and seven years to find an agent that showed interest in getting her work published. Dugan believes that those years gave her important life lessons and made her learn a lot of things about the world of publishing. Now, when she takes a look at her earlier books, she agrees to the fact that they were not worthy of getting published. Dugan claims that there was a lot that she had to go through while writing her first book.

The experience made her feel as if she was embracing her real voice. This enabled her to take several calculated risks. Before writing Hot Dog Girl, Dugan had failed at getting a few of her previous books published. So, when she finally decided to write the book, she made up her mind that she will be writing something that would make her feel joyful and not worry about the stress of publishing. To her surprise, this attitude worked wonders for her and provided her a lot of fun without any expectations. Author Dugan already decided that she wanted to write romantic comedy. She says that she loves to write about people who fall in love. The main idea struck her mind on the occasion of her visit to an amusement park.

While enjoying a gondola ride and watching the workers of the park minding their business, Dugan realized that it park would make a cool setting for her new book. After that, Dugan had a good look at the fancy costumes of the workers and immediately got hooked. She had also decided that her story will not feature a girl who had it all together. As her teenage years were quite messed up, she chose to use them as inspiration to describe the life of Elouise. Just like her, Elouise ends up making decisions that tend to make her life difficult and more confusing. Whenever Dugan’s debut book would be adapted into a movie, Dugan wishes to see Shannon Purser, Jace Norman, and Sophia Lillis playing the lead roles.

After successfully writing two full-length novels, Dugan is gearing up for another one. She has already started working on the plot. Dugan is looking forward to writing a story revolving around two teens belonging to feuding families as they fight their way through complicated home lives, awkward flirting, terrible jokes, etc. A usual method of writing followed by author Dugan includes beginning with a single scene and then working it out to develop with the main characters and the final story. Dugan often listens to her favorite tracks while writing a story as she believes that it helps her come up with better character traits and settings.

An excellent novel written by author Jennifer Dugan is entitled ‘Hot Dog Girl’. It was released in 2019 by the Putnam publication. Dugan has created the central characters in this novel in the form of Elouise Parker, Nick, Seeley, and a few others. Initially, it is mentioned that Elouise Parker is dedicated to experiencing an epic and absolutely best summer of her life. But, certain things seem to be making it difficult for her to achieve her dream. They include her new job, her boyfriend, and her best friend. Elouise Parker has recently started a new job at the Magic Castle Playland, where she is required to pose of a giant hot dog and dance. She has a crush on Nick, who works as a Diving Pirate. But, Nick loves another girl and this makes Elouise worried. She wishes to have her happily ever after with Nick.

Elouise’s best friend Seeley is a carousel operator. She has always been there to help Elouise in all her endeavors. But, when she wants her help in getting close to her crush, she is not available. And when Elouise Parker learns that is is going to be the last summer at the Grand Magic Castle Playland, she fears that her dream won’t be fulfilled. So, she starts looking for ways to prevent it from closing. This sparkling debut novel by Dugan features a coming-of-age queer romance and stars characters who find themselves falling in love in unforgettable places and unexpected people.

Another wonderful novel penned by Dugan is called ‘Veronica Comics’. It was published in April 2020 by Putnam. The essential characters featured in this book include Ridley and Jubilee. Initially, it is shown that Jubilee is an elite cellist. She has everything sorted in life. When she is not helping out her stepmother in her indie comic shop, she is preparing for her life’s biggest audition. On the other hand, Ridley seems to have no idea where his life is headed. His parents are the owners of the biggest chain of comic-store in the whole country. No matter what he does, Ridely ends up disappointing his parents. When Jubilee and Ridley come across each other one night at a prom of a comic convention, they instantly get drawn to each other. Neither of them can stop themselves from falling for one another. But, their parents cannot stand each other’s sight and this pretty much makes their relationship impossible. So, Ridley and Jubilee decide to keep their relationship a secret. Later, Jubilee finds it difficult to divide time between her audition preparation and her intensifying relationship with Ridley. Also, Ridley keeps struggling with his anxiety. They hope that their love helps to solve all their problems and make things easy for them.

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