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About Jennifer Fallon

The American author Jennifer Fallon is well known for publishing numerous science-fiction and fantasy titles over the years. Well known for showing attention to detail, her stories are highly engaging, keeping readers constantly turning the page. This is something that she’s become extremely well known for over the years, allowing her to make a name for herself. Creating a brand that is very much her own, she’s become one of a kind, writing everything from horror to science-fiction.

Reaching scores of readers from all over the world, she’s become a hugely recognizable name, with her becoming a household name for many. Writing stories that really draw the reader in, she manages to keep them there, holding their attention for every turn of the page. Producing many bestselling novels, she’s very well regarded by both her peers and contemporaries alike, as well as having a massive public following too. Taking the reader on a journey essentially, she allows them to escape into another world, bringing it to life fully upon the page.

Introducing characters that really leave an imprint upon the reader, she also knows how to create protagonists that feel three-dimensional. This makes sure that her books feel authentic and immersive, allowing the reader to lose themselves within the narrative. Feeling as if they really know the characters, readers continue to come back for more as well, as Fallon has written several ongoing series as well. There’s a lot more to come in the future too, as she continues writing on into the foreseeable future, with lots more on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1959 Jennifer Fallon would grow up there, as well as in Central Australia for many years. Gaining a Master’s Degree from Queensland University of Technology, she’d attend and graduate from the Creative Arts faculty there. This would lay the foundation for her career that was to follow, giving her plenty of insight into her craft as a full-time writer later on.

Working as a computer trainer as well, she also works within the IT industry, which sees her spending a whole month each year in Antarctica at the Scott Base there. At the same time she also writes regularly, putting out work and writing on a regular and ever consistent basis. Currently living in New Zealand on the South Island there, she has a lot more planned too, as her writing career continues from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

The first book that Jennifer Fallon would write was a fantasy titled ‘Medalon,’ which would be brought out in 2000. It would also be the first in a series called ‘Demon Child,’ and she’d go on to create a variety of other genre fiction series too. Largely focusing on fantasy, she does branch across a variety of different genres, making her one of the most adaptable and versatile writers within her field.

With a versatile back-catalog of work, there’s numerous novels she’s written over the years, with many of them being a part of an ongoing saga. She’s also produced a number of non-fiction titles too, all of which look into ‘How To Write a Bestseller,’ the first coming out back in 2013. Maintaining a strong presence both online as well as off, she continues to speak out on her craft with far more to follow.


First brought out through the Tor Fantasy label back in 2001, this would be the third in the ‘Hythrun Chronicles: Demon Child’ collection of books. Continuing on from the previous two books in the series, it builds upon the world that came before, developing it even further. It would also be the first trilogy overall in the ‘Hythrun Chronicles’ franchise, creating a whole world and lore around it.

This is a fun entry for fans of the series, with the stakes being raised, making for an extremely compelling instalment of the franchise. Knowing the characters well at this point, it’s best that the books are read in order with this one in order to make the most of it. Creating a style and tone with the world-building, it really does work on a whole number of different levels, making it a really must for followers of the fantasy genre.

The small country of Medalon has fallen prey to invaders from beyond, as Tarja has once more become an outcast. It also appears that the defenders have scattered everywhere, leaving it up to Damin Wolfblade as their one and only hope. First Damin must defeat an usurper at the Hythrun Capital following the demise of the High Prince though, conducting a siege on the capital. Then there’s R’shiel, as she hopes to bring the ever divided nations of the south together, as they all hope to free Medalon together.

First Kill

Part of the ‘Hythrun Chronicles’ as well, this would be a singular novel in the franchise, being a stand-alone self-contained title. Also published through the Tor Books publishing label, it would originally come out in 2016 on the 26th of January. Whilst it does feature its own story, it does have elements from the overall Hythrun Chronicles series, building upon the world from before.

Fast paced and fairly short, this is a pretty quick story, making it ideal for anyone hoping to get into the franchise overall. Learning about the world, it’s a great singular story, with some interesting ideas taking place at the heart of it. Fans of fantasy of the series and author will definitely get something out of it, as there’s definitely something for everyone here.

Faced with an ethical choice that will really put him to the ultimate test, Kiam Miar is definitely beginning to feel the strain. Given that he’s an assassin though, it makes his job especially difficult when faced with an ethical quandary, something which is an extreme hazard in his job. This time it appears that it may also be his life that’s on the line too, as this could potentially change everything he once knew. Not only that, but it could also throw a large portion of the world into chaos, potentially causing a major upheaval.

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