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Publication Order of The Jennifer Grey Mysteries Books

Jennifer Grey works as a police beat reporter for the Chicago Daily paper. She has a relationship with a police officer named James Purcell.

“Heartbeat” is the first book in the Jennifer Grey Mysteries; a series of Christian themed mystery novels that were written by Jerry B. Jenkins. The story was released in 1983. Jennifer’s relationship with James Purcell is put on the rocks when he is arrested for trafficking drugs. It shocks her, and confuses her; she is not sure if there is something deeper at play or if he has betrayed her trust. The only person who can answer her questions died while making an arrest.

“Three Days in Winter” is the second book in the Jennifer Grey Mysteries series written by Jerry B. Jenkins. The story was released in 1983. Her job covering the police beat leads Jennifer to a nasty crime scene. Jennifer is the new prime suspect when a child is found murdered and the former prime suspect ends up dead. None of the clues seem to go together. She is the only one who can piece together what actually did happen to Wyatt Oliver and clear her name.

“Too Late to Tell” is the third book in the Jennifer Grey Mysteries series written by Jerry B. Jenkins. The story was released in 1984. After Bobby Block was fired from Chicago Daily, he still tried to sabotage Jennifer’s career. They were not friends, and he turns up dead after a period that the two had spent not talking to each other. Jennifer thinks foul play after he sends a rather cryptic note to his supposed enemy. Bobby’s girlfriend also ends up dead not long after, and about a dozen of his notebooks full of notes that he made as a reporter turn up. All of this make the case bizarre. She must decipher the notes if she is to figure out what happened to Bobby and his girlfriend.

“Gateway” is the fourth book in the Jennifer Grey Mysteries series written by Jerry B. Jenkins. The story was released in 1984. Jennifer does not agree with the police’s ruling on a recent case. They just ruled the death of Samantha Stanton a suicide. This was a woman that was happily married, and managed a travel agency that was doing very well. Jennifer looks into the case. She looks into the travel agency and tries to find out about the meetings about self-euthanasia. Jennifer will not stop until she figures out what actually happened to Samantha.

“The Calling” is the fifth book in the Jennifer Grey Mysteries series written by Jerry B. Jenkins. The story was released in 1984. Jennifer’s new story begins at two in the morning when her fiance Jim calls her and it ends in disaster. Natalia and Sergei are both alone in a strange new country they have recently decided to call their own. The two young Russian defectors have gone missing, and have started insisting that Jennifer Grey be at all the meetings that they have with the authorities.

“Veiled Threat” is the sixth and final book in the Jennifer Grey Mysteries series written by Jerry B. Jenkins. The story was released in 1985. Jennifer is writing her syndicated column on her wedding day, something she never thought she would be doing. She is also kidnapped, another thing she never thought would happen. On her wedding day, or otherwise. The four kidnappers (who are also hostile terrorists) want national attention for what they are doing and what they believe in. Part of their plan involves using Jennifer’s column to get it. Did she put enough clues in the column she was forced to write at gunpoint to tell people where she is and what happened to her?

Some readers enjoyed the stories, but felt that there should have been more of them. They enjoyed the character development, and they felt like throughout reading the stories, they were able to get to know Jennifer. They also felt like they cheered her on as she solved each and every one of her mysteries. Some felt the need to keep reading to find out who the killer was, and they were always kept guessing throughout the story. The plot wound up proving them wrong at each and every turn. Readers enjoyed the author’s ability to bring a realistic quality to the stories. Some readers found that it was easy to put themselves in the characters’ shoes throughout the story. The stories were absolute page turners.

Some did not like the pacing of the stories and felt they were too predictable. One reader did not like how abrupt the ending of the first book was. A few readers did not like this book and prefer to read the other books that Jenkins has written. The book has little suspense and weak plot in some people’s opinion. Some did not like the way the stories took a long time to get to the important part of the story and then suddenly ended.

There are six stories in the series, that were written in the 1980s, from 1983 until 1985.

The books are recommended for people who like “Margo Mysteries”, the “Intervention” books, and the “Zion” series.

The series is written by Jerry B. Jenkins, who is author of over 180 novels that have sold well over 70 million copies. Jerry Bl. Jenkins is a former vice president of publishing and is currently serving as chairman of the board of trustees for the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Twenty of his novels have hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list. He’s also had seven novels debut at number one. He is also the author of the best selling “Left Behind” series (which he co-wrote with Tim LaHaye), and the “Precinct 11” trilogy. His writing has wound up in magazines like Guideposts, Reader’s Digest, Parade, and Time. As well as many Christian periodicals. He owns Jenkins Entertainment which is a filmmaking company located in Chicago. Additionally he owns the Christian Writers Guild, the goal of which is train the future professional Christian Writers. Part of the training involves having each student writer be mentored by a seasoned professional author.

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