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Jennifer Haupt is an American author of nonfiction and fiction. In addition to writing books, her articles and essays have made their way into numerous publications. These include the Oprah Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Psychology Today, The Rumpus, Spirituality & Health, The Seattle Times, The Sun, and more.

Haupt traveled to Rwanda in 2006, working as a journalist. It was ten years after the occurrence of the deadly genocide. The genocide came to be known globally as one of the greatest human atrocities in history. It killed over one million people in total and changed history forever.

Jennifer was traveling to Rwanda to explore the connection that can be made between grief and forgiveness. She spent four weeks and went among the ten thousand hills of the country traveling for the purpose of interviewing people that had survived the genocide as well as humanitarian aid workers to get different points of view.

She did not realize it at the time, but when she returned to her home city of Seattle, she found that she unexpectedly had the structure of a novel on her hands.

Jennifer Haupt is the author of I’ll Stand By You. This story was published in August of 2012 by Plume. The book was written by Elissa Montanti and co-written by Haupt. The story is the inspirational tale of how one woman is doing her part to change the world by helping one child at a time.

Several years ago, Elissa was in a tough place. She had lost several of her loved ones and the combined grief of losing more than one person she was close to was overwhelming. Elissa decided to work through her grief by doing something productive to help others.

Elissa decided that she would collect school supplies to send to children in Bosnia that need them. This was helping her work through it and then one day an ambassador to the United Nations showed her a photo. It was of a young boy named Kenan, and he had lost his arms and his leg when he had stepped on a landmine.

It was then that the author knew that she wanted to do something to help Kenan. As a result, she invited he and his mother to stay at her home. Elissa set up free airfare for them to get there, arranged for prosthetics, and got the general medical care going. That was the start of something that ended up turning into so much more.

She started her Global Medical Relief Fund and was pretty much running the fund out of the walk in closet of her apartment as an office. Today, the fund has been able to help over 150 children that live in over 22 countries. They are children that have been affected by war zones and injured as a result of living in them, whether injured by landmines or other causes such as natural disasters.

This is the unique story of a woman that has been through a lot and wanted to give back. When Elissa decided to help these kids and try to improve their lives, amazing things happened. Even though she wanted to give them the help and healing that they needed, in the end, Elissa was the one that was healed by this experience.

A remarkable story that could not have been told without the assistance of fellow author Jennifer Haupt, this is the story of one woman’s journey across the world and how that one trip led to a cycle of helping others that continues to this day.

In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills is the first full length fictional novel from acclaimed author Jennifer Haupt. This story follows the stories of three different women. Each come from their own past and background, but all of them have something in common– they are searching for peace and members of their family in Rwanda after the genocide.

When it comes to this novel, check out the book that others are calling evocative and original. An inspiring story, you’ll come to find out that grace can be found even in the depths of the deepest pain from which it is difficult to find forgiveness.

Follow the stories of Lillian Carlson, who left Atlanta in 1968 after Martin Luther King was assassinated. She departed Georgia with her illusions shattered and a heavy heart. However, Lillian is about to find her own source of meaning when she finds a whole new world. Helping orphans in Africa, Lillian puts together her own orphanage in the forests of Rwanda in the heart of the Rift Valley.

In New York, about thirty years later, Rachel Shepherd is about to go on a journey. Like Lillian before her, she has a broken heart and is feeling a bit lost in life. Without that guiding focus, she decides to go on a journey that she hopes will provide her with some answers that she’s been needing. She wants to find her father, who she has not seen since she was a young child and he abandoned her.

She wants to figure out what happened and if they can find a way forward. Her father is a mystery, and she doesn’t have any idea who he is. The world, however, now knows him as Henry Shepherd, a famous photographer. A quick search online yields better results than expected and gives her a clue as to where he might be.

Rachel makes the decision to go to Rwanda and see what she finds. Her goal is to connect with Lillian, who is uncooperative but also doesn’t know what she is up to. Rachel does her best to try and figure out why her father left, and in the process, she might just find a friend in an unlikely place.

Can the friendship of a doctor and ex-patriot who’s trying to get away from his past help her get to where she needs to go? Rachel also finds a Tutsi woman that met her father and shared an experience with him. Will she be able to find the answers that she’s searching for when it comes to her father? Read this intriguing novel to find out!

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