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Things We Do in the Dark (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Dark Side of Mysteries & Thrillers(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jennifer Hillier is a Canadian author.

Jennifer was born in Toronto, where she grew up. She lived near Seattle in Washington state for some time as well. That is where a lot of her stories are set. She lives with her husband and son and enjoys following football and reading the books of Stephen King. She has written several fictional novels as an author of contemporary fiction.

Jennifer Hillier is the creator and the author of the Serial Killer File series of novels. Creep became available to readers for the first time in 2011. Freak is the second novel in this series and it came out in 2012. The Butcher came out in 2014 and made it a trilogy.

Creep is the first novel in this heart pounding series from author Jennifer Hillier. If you love dark novels that keep you guessing, this thriller novel is sure to provide you with an intriguing read.

When it comes to human affairs, some individuals just exist in a state that is too strange to comprehend. One person that would be familiar with how human beings think is a doctor like Sheila Tao. This doctor has studied psychology and is experienced in her field as professor. She’s one of the top professionals in the country when it comes to human behavior.

When Sheila started a little extracurricular fun on the side with a graduate student, it had to be more trouble than it was technically worth. The student is Ethan Wolfe, and he’s about as charming as they come. He is also pretty handsome, and she had a tough time resisting him.

Even though she knows it’s risky, Tao simply cannot say no to the passion that she feels when they are together. She is only human and she may have a guilty conscience when they are apart but the fling is simply consuming her too much for her to turn away. This continues for three months. Sheila knows that she eventually has to tell the teaching assistant that they have to end things, but it is really tough.

Complicating things even more is the fact that she is in the middle of an engagement already! The doctor said yes to an investment banker that loves her more than anything in the world. Even though he adores her, this expert just does a poor job of managing her impulses when it comes to her love life. It may be ironic that a professional student of human behavior acts like this, but not everyone is the same.

Sheila has decided that it’s time to take the reins and get her life back under control. She simply has to get in touch with Ethan Wolfe and let him know that this affair has got to come to an end. She’s hoping that he is going to be reasonable and simply walk away. However, sometimes people don’t do what we want them to.

Ethan is actually more invested in this than she thought. He doesn’t take the news well and vows that if he is not able to have her in his life, then no one will. He will take her down entirely. The minute that she breaks up with him, he starts plotting ways to get back at her for rejecting him. This may well be the worst mistake that this professional has ever made.

The start of Ethan’s plan involves leaking a video that is definitely going to impact her career. He hopes that it will totally destroy her job and career and wants desperately to make this professional pay the price for what she has done. He is not taking the rejection well and soon becomes a threatening force in her life.

Sheila starts to try and navigate what has instantly become a waking nightmare. She’s trying to counter his moves while also keeping what has happened between the two of them a secret. If anyone finds out, like her friends of fiance, it could be the end of everything as she knows it. Little does she know that the university is about to be rocked by a shocking crime.

A female star athlete and student at Puget Sound State is discovered murdered. The cause of death was homicide by stabbing. Now there is a killer on the loose, and there is no reason why it couldn’t be Ethan. Whoever it is, they’re creating an atmosphere of fear.

As the stakes continually get higher, Sheila finds herself caught in a terrifying game of cat and mouse with the one lover she could barely resist and the individual that is filling her life with fear. Can she win the fight against a monster that is determined to make her pay? Read this book to find out!

Freak is the second book in the Creep/Serial Killer series! If you loved the first story, then you’ll love this engaging sequel.

There’s no doubt that Abby Maddox is famous, even if she’s in a maximum security prison. She’s known for being Ethan Wolfe’s lover. Ethan is of course the famous killer who had countless female victims. Sheila Tao nearly became one of them.

Abby is now serving time for the crime of attacking a cop. She slashed an officer’s throat while having an emotional fit of rage and now has little contact with the outside world save letters that come in for her. Abby might have finally found a bit of luck, however, as a new murder spree may put give her a chance to make a plea deal.

Abby has been getting love letters from this alleged killer. The bodies also carry a message on them, calling for her release from prison. Meanwhile, private investigator Jerry Isaac struggles to get over daily reminders of his attacker and attack.

The former Seattle police officer is glad to still have his life, and knows that Abby has gotten her due justice while sitting in prison. However, when she has evidence from the killer that could help the case, he may be the only person poised to negotiate with her.

Can this PI get the truth out of Abby and catch a killer? Pick up this book to find out!

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  1. Anne Ugartechea: 2 years ago

    Quite an exceptional read. pg 283-“if not me, then who”? You cover a lot of ground and are spot on. May I suggest All that Remains, Sue Black. This woman is a British forensic anthropoligist and deals with matching bodies with names, respectfully. She denotes the need for respect in re corpses. You may also find a few interesting notes re aspects of body post-mortem et al. I will definitely be looking up more of your texts. This one covers a lot of speed bumps and is never dull. Your character portraits and well fleshed out. Looking forward to more of your work. Thank you, Anne


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