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Jennifer Hunter is the pseudonym of Jennifer Ryan the best-selling author of some very popular romance fiction works. Writing as Hunter, she is best known for her mystery fiction novels and especially the “Ryan Strickland” series of novels.
She published “The Lost Victim,” the debut novel of the series, and her first under the pseudonym in 2023. She has asserted that she intends to pen even more novels in the series.

The “Ryan Strickland” series is a set of thriller fiction novels that explore the darker side of life while also incorporating some dark emotion.

Over the years, she has become known for penning very emotional works full of characters that will draw you in with page-turning suspense, secrets, dark plots, and betrayals.

Jennifer Ryan’s highly emotional stories usually come with high drama, high stakes, and aspects of friendship, family, and a happily ever after.

She is known as a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of bestselling titles such as “The Dark Horse Dive Bar,” “The Wyoming Wilde,” and “The Hunted” series among several other works.

The author currently makes her home in San Francisco Bay, where she lives with her husband and her three kids. When she is not penning her many blockbuster fiction, she can often be found reading works by her favorite authors.
She has said that she is obsessed with reading and writing, which is often revealed in how many books there are in every room of her house and how late she often comes to the dinner table.

When she finally manages to drag herself from her fictional worlds she loves to head outdoors. She usually daydreams about the many characters who live in her head waiting to be put on paper and sometimes she just loves to play in the dirt.

In “The Lost Victim,” the lead is FBI psychologist and consultant Ryan Strickland. The man has spent many years trying to find answers to the mystery of the disappearance of his sister.

He is hoping that he can one day find her alive but is also fearful that she may be already dead. His loss is often a source of insights into how families feel when dealing with similar tragedies.
He has become an expert at what he does and often gets people to place their trust in him so that they can share their experiences.

At the opening of the story, he is informed that a witness who could identify a serial killer had been located. The killer is suspected of committing several crimes but no one knows the exact number.
When Ryan meets the withdrawn and quiet Olivia, he begins to slowly gain her trust and soon enough, she agrees to go back to the lonely and isolated house outside of town.

At first glance, it seems the house will not reveal any of the truth or mysteries hidden there. However, Olivia works slowly but doggedly to reveal facts previously unknown.
She had been kidnapped when she was four and had learned to be quiet so as not to attract attention to herself.

Slowly, she manages to reveal some horrible truths hitherto hidden in her darkest memories making for a deeply dark thriller that is just as riveting.

“The Rose Reaper” by Jennifer Hunter is a work about a serial killer who goes hunting. While he is out and about, he stumbles upon a woman and lets us in on the terrifying past of an unlikely victim making for a pulse-racing thriller.
Three years earlier, Kate Doyle managed to escape the grasp of a serial killer who then lost his life while in the custody of her rescuers. She had been helped to rebuild her life under the guidance of FBI psychologist and consultant Ryan Strickland.
The case file was ultimately closed on the seven victims of the man nicknamed the Rose Reaper. These were six dead victims and Kate who had managed to escape his clutches and got him arrested.

Kate is now living with a good man in her life, has found a secure job, and could not be more hopeful about the future. However, her dreams for the future turn into a nightmare as it seems there is a copycat killer out there.
With each new body is found a red rose and a note saying see you soon. There are clues to the identity of the killer but the only man who can get to them is Ryan.

As they begin digging into her traumatic past, they are racing against time since it seems someone is hellbent on finishing what the Rose Reaper started. He also seems determined to ensure the seventh victim goes down this time.

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