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Publication Order of Outer Banks Tennis Academy Books

Game. Set. Match. (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Losing at Love (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Break the Fall (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Her Edge (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jennifer Iacopelli is an American published author.

Iacopelli grew up in New York, having been born there. She is such a big fan of New York that she currently has zero plans to move. When she was younger, Iacopelli was known for being an avid reader. Her favorite authors and influences include Frances Hodgson Burnett and L.M. Montgomery. Her reasons for loving these writers is that they wrote about strong empowered women long before it was the trend in fiction.

Iacopelli stays busy working as a librarian in a high school, the perfect position for an author. She is able to hang out with students as well as books and computers all day. When she is off from her job as a librarian, she finds time to write when the sun goes down. Unless there is a Yankees game going on, in which case she takes the time to cheer her favorite team on.

Jennifer Iacopelli is the creator and the author of the Outer Banks Tennis Academy series of fiction. This series first got started in 2015, when the debut book Game. Set. Match. was published. The sequel would come out the same year and is titled Losing at Love. If you are a big fan of sports fiction or love creative stories that appeal to young adults and adults alike, check out this series and see what you think of it!

Game. Set. Match. is the first novel in Jennifer Iacopelli’s Outer Banks Tennis Academy series. Full of tennis and drama, things are about to heat up in this fun, sports-infused tale.

Readers will meet the main character of Penny Harrison for the first time. She’s a player in the sports world, a rising star in the female tennis scene that has sacrificed a lot to get there. Luckily, she’s in the right place to develop her talent– Outer Banks Tennis Academy. This is a training facility designed for the elite and can be found on the North Carolina coast.

Here stars are made and futures are created thanks to hard work, sweat, blood, and tears. It’s also the place where your dreams can go from sky-high to all the way down to the ground. Just like a pressure cooker, it’s the place where athletes are forged and legends are created.

Penny may be focused on improving her game, but she also has goals. For instance, she wants to do whatever it takes to coast to victory and be the winner of the French Open. If she can beat Zina Lutrova, her greatest rival, in the process, that would be great too. The only thing that is causing her to doubt that the plan can come true is when she’s paired with a new partner.

Penny’s coach thought that it would be a great idea to bring in Alex Russell to be her training partner. The athlete is not only British, but is known for having a bit of a bad boy reputation. There’s no certainty that they will be able to get along, but that’s not what is important to Penny. The number one thing that she wants to do is keep her focus, because if she loses it, she’s doomed. This is throwing a wrench in her plans, but she hopes that she’ll be able to overcome it and keep on going full steam ahead.

Meanwhile, other tennis players are just as determined as Penny is to be great. Jasmine Randazzo has always been an avid player of tennis, something that she gets no doubt thanks to her parents. Both of them won the Grand Slam, and Jasmine feels the pressure of trying to live up to their legacy. She wants nothing more than to be a champion too and win a few titles. However, will she be derailed when the guy that she has a major crush on her decides to let her know that he’d rather be just friends?

Of course she gets this talk before the Outer Banks Classic is set to start. This junior tournament is a big deal and it’s the event of the year. Jasmine wants nothing more than to win it and prove her worth. But could this crush gone wrong ruin everything?

Then there’s Indiana Gaffney. A relative newcomer to tennis, she’s already being buzzed about. This is probably due to her forehand and a strong serve boosting her game. She’s getting tons of attention, most of all from a guy named Jack. Jack just happens to be the older brother of Penny and her agent. Could things be starting to sizzle between them? Can Indiana’s game stay on point despite a potential new romance?

All of these athletes have dreams of making it big– in tennis and in love. Can they keep playing the game to win, or will their hearts shatter just like their court dreams? Find out by picking up a copy of the first book in this series by Jennifer Iacopelli!

Losing at Love is the sequel to the first book and the second installment in the Outer Banks Tennis Academy series. Tennis is once again the main focus and all of the great characters from the original story are back.

The girls that attend the academy have just spent two weeks in Paris, and now they are taking their tennis gear to the grass courts of Wimbledon, the greatest tennis competition in the world. They’re all focused on winning and the journey to London has got their heads racing.

For Indiana, she just won the junior tournament and is even getting interest from sponsors. Even though this is great, she really just wants to kindle a spark with Jack Harrison. Meanwhile, Penny is dealing with an ankle that is going through some serious pain. It’s disrupting all of her ideas about what she thought Wimbledon would be, and with it coming up quickly, she may just play no matter what. Even if it is against the advice of her coach or Alex Russell, her soulmate.

Jasmine’s rank has fallen after a defeat in the French Open’s juniors first round. With her support waning, will she be tough enough to stick it out and make it through? How will the players do at Wimbledon? Read this sports sequel to find out!

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