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Publication Order of Strangers Books

Never Smile at Strangers (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ugly Young Thing (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Say a Word (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stranger Inside (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Boggy Creek: The Legend Is True (With: Eric S. Brown) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Disturbed (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Malice (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Picture Books

I Care About Me (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jennifer Jaynes is an author of fiction novels. She is the proud mother of two twins and has always wanted to be a novelist. Her living the dream started when her first thriller novel was published and it has done very well, earning top spots on multiple best seller’s lists.

She studied health sciences and received her Bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University. She also received a certificate when she graduated an institute studying nutrition. She wasn’t always a writer, believe it or not. Before this Jennifer held many occupations before she got to be the writer and mother that she is today.

When she had to pay her bills with something other than writing, she worked as a shot girl, a waitress, attendant filling up people’s cars at a gas station, a bartender, an executive assistant as well as medical assistant, an EMT, a content manager and webmaster, an editor and copywriter, a webmaster, weight loss coach, and more.

Jennifer Jaynes is the author of the acclaimed and always suspenseful thriller series Stranger. This series kicked off with the release of the debut novel in 2011, which is called Never Smile at Strangers. The sequel came out shortly after, and the third installment of the series came out in 2016 and is titled Don’t Say a Word. The fourth book was released in 2017 and is titled The Stranger Inside.

Never Smile at Strangers is the fast-paced and interesting first novel of the Stranger series by thriller writer Jennifer Jaynes! If you love novels that are going to keep you turning the pages, then you’ve got to check out the first book in this unique series.

Everyone in Grand Trespass is shocked when local girl Tiffany goes missing. At just 19 years of age, the teenager has gone missing and there is nothing to signify where she would have gone. She’s simply vanished. The Louisianian natives start on a huge search to try and track her down, but it seems that they cannot find any hide nor hair of the girl.

As they keep searching, the citizens are looking for any clues as to where she’s gone. But it isn’t too much more time that has passed before another person goes missing, a woman around the same age. Again, she has vanished without a trace. It’s a pattern that has been set and isn’t stopping. The locals are starting to wonder who is doing this, and whether it’s not an outsider but one of their own.

The people here want to find out what’s going on, but with no leads, they’re starting to look at each other. The residents are wondering which one of them may have done it, and new doubts and insecurities start to come to light. Everyone is pointing the finger, but who is truly to blame for the disappearances of these young girls with their whole lives ahead of them?

With suspicion running rampant, the citizens have good reason to have their hackles up. There is a killer on the loose out there, and they might not just be driving around town in for the day. It could very well be one of them and someone that they’ve grown up with. You just never know.

Little do they know that the killer has been affected by his own traumatic past. His mother was murdered and the act put him in care of his sister, who had her own problems. Scared of his sister and women as a result of his past, the killer is both drawn to and afraid of women. Can the killer be caught, or will this mysterious individual continue to strike fear into the hearts of the people who live in this town? Read this exciting debut novel from author Jennifer Jaynes to find out!

Ugly Young Thing is the second book in Jaynes’ Strange series of novels. Meet Allie, who is sixteen years old. She’s just a teen, but she’s been through a lot in her lifetime. The horrors that she’s had to go through have been immense. Now having lost her brother and her mother both to mental and emotional illness, she has no one to rely upon but herself.

Allie decides to go back to her home, the place that she grew up. But before she can settle in with a new start in the Louisiana town, she gets put into the system and is put into foster care. It’s not really where she wants to be, but she ends up being placed in a good home with a nice older woman.

The woman is slightly eccentric but kind to her. Things could be worse for Allie, and the woman takes her under her wing, showing her a new future and a brighter direction. She’s trying to make the most of a fresh start and this teen is determined to move on from the past and force her life to take a new direction. She deserves it after all that she’s been through.

Things seem to be going well and her new life is off to a great start. But then everything seems to go south when women in the area start appearing and they’re showing up out of nowhere totally dead. It seems to be a trend that young girls are being targeted, and Allie begins to get really scared by the entire situation. She thought that her new beginning might be difficult, but she didn’t know that the place was actually not even safe to live in.

Allie really starts to get worried when she starts to get glimpses of figures in the shadows. There are things that she cannot see out in the darkness and she is wondering whether she is going to be the next target of what appears to be a murderer that cannot stop.

Even stranger, her caretaker is starting to pull away. Is there a reason for the distance? And who is killing all of these people? Allie needs to find out whether she’s safe from death or whether it’s been tracking her all of this time. What will happen? Read this book to find out!

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