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Publication Order of Anna Blanc Mystery Books

The Secret Life of Anna Blanc (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Woman in the Camphor Trunk (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Body in Griffith Park (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jennifer Kincheloe is an American author that writes historical mysteries. Jennifer was a research scientist before she got into the publishing game.


Jennifer Kincheloe comes from Southern California. That was where she grew up, though her life was such that she got to travel to exotic locations like Ethiopia and Nicaragua.

By the time the author went into the writing business, she had lived a rather eclectic life that saw her work as a block layer and a nurse’s aide. That isn’t even including the time she spent working as a fragrance model.

Though, the author’s life has been primarily defined by her work as a research scientist. Few other mystery and romance authors can claim to have an MPH and a Ph.D. from Loma Linda University and UCLA respectively.

Jennifer has been a nerd for as long as she can remember. She doesn’t know where her love for statistical models came from. But she eventually spent over a decade carrying out research in the field of health.

A wife and mother with two children and a couple of cats and dogs, Jennifer’s foray into the publishing business was not planned. In fact, the author was a pretty successful research scientist.

Things took a turn for her when she was struck with chronic fatigue. The development was unexpected and it kept the author in bed for several weeks. The experience was difficult.

For someone who’s working life had been so busy and active, the fact that Jennifer Kincheloe could not put her hands and her mind to good use left her devastated. She had to spend most of her time sleeping.

But when she was awake, the only way to keep her sanity was to read. So that is what she did. All the energy that the author would have deployed in her work as a research scientist she poured into books.

The author read everything from fiction to nonfiction and even dipped her toes into biographies. She read the classics and the contemporaries, newspapers, and magazines; Jennifer read every form of literature she could find, and the result was mindblowing.

Suddenly the author’s creative juices began to flow. She could not stop inventing stories in her head. And by the time she left her bed, her health having recovered, writing was the only thing Jennifer had on her mind.

So she tried doing just that. Unfortunately, she had no idea how to proceed, a fact that struck her the moment she tried putting pen to paper. It occurred to her that writing wasn’t something people were born with but, rather, a skill that had to be molded and nurtured.

Jennifer wasn’t completely clueless. She had written scientific articles before. But writing fiction was a whole other ball game. The author did not abandon her science work. She eventually went back to conducting research but she never stopped trying to write.

Jennifer started looking for and consuming writing books. She read every writing guide she could find, choosing to approach writing as any other course in college that she needed to research thoroughly to graduate.

It took her several years but she finally cracked the writing code and produced ‘The Secret Life of Anna Blanc’. The novel takes readers to Los Angeles in the 1900s. There a respectable girl goes against societal norms, creates an alias and joins the LAPD where she initiates an investigation into a string of brothel murders.

Anna Blanc knows that she is walking a very dangerous road. If anyone learns the truth about her actions, not only will she lose her job but her father will disown her and her fiancé will probably end their engagement.

Jennifer Kincheloe entered her debut novel into a contest. She pulled out because she did not find the publishing contract on offer particularly appealing. However, by then, her submission had earned the attention of some notable publishing professionals who got her a book deal.

Jennifer’s debut novel was a hit, receiving award nominations and earning the author numerous positive reviews from critics. Jennifer expressed surprise when she realized just how many male readers she had as fans, especially for her debut novel.

‘The Secret Life of Anna Blanc’ is a historical mystery novel with strong elements of romance. Most such books tend to attract a strong female audience. However, Jennifer’s first novel attracted a strong male following despite the fact that Anna Blanc is technically a feminist hero.

Jennifer has never been able to explain the attraction that her novels have for both male and female readers. She has spoken about movie producers who, when talking to her about the prospect of turning her books into movies, suggested that male audiences wouldn’t respond positively to films with a female protagonist.

Jennifer believes that her books are playing a role in the fight to change perceptions that female authors that write female protagonists cannot elicit interest in men and boys.

+The Secret Life of Anna Blanc
Anna Blanc is a socialite with more intelligence than she knows what to do with. Los Angeles in 1907 frowns upon the idea of women chasing down criminals and killers. Most women would simply fall in line and play their role.

However, Anna isn’t like most women and she refuses to toe the line that society has drawn. Unbeknownst to everyone in her life, Anna has created an alias and used it to join the LAPD as a police matron.

And Anna already has a case on her hands. She believes she can connect the police to a string of brothel murders. However, resolving the investigation won’t be easy. No one can know about Anna’s actions.

She risks losing everything; not just her father, who will disown her, but also her fiancé, a man that is likely to cancel their wedding and put a stop to all the money he’s been funneling into Anna’s father’s business.

+The woman in the Camphor Trunk
It is 1908 in Los Angeles. Anna Blanc, a police Matron with the LAPD, and Detective Joe Singer have stumbled upon the remains of a missionary in her Chinese Lover’s apartment.

He has already fled. Anna and Joe need to solve the murder quickly before the news gets out and generates a backlash against the Chinese in Los Angeles.

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