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Having gained a variety of different achievements before becoming a successful writer, the American author Jennifer Lynn Barnes has created a number of fantasy novels for young adults. Hailing from Tulsa in Oklahoma, she’s gained a loyal following for her many novels and fantasy series. Gaining an audience worldwide, she’s been writing since an early age, finishing her first full novel when just nineteen, as she continues to write to this very day.

Early and Personal Life

Also going by the name of just Jen, Jennifer Lynn Barnes has always had a passion for reading, writing and the written word in general. Born in Tulsa of Oklahoma, she had an extremely active life growing up, giving her a number of unique experiences that helped provide her with the insight and inspiration for becoming the writer that she is today. At one time she was a competitive cheerleader, another a primate cognition researcher, dancer, debutante and teen model. Living an active life as she has has given her insight unlike any other writers within her field to date, thus meaning that she has flourished here giving her readers a level of depth that they would not have otherwise. Graduating from high-school in 2002, she went onto Yale University expanding her knowledge even further than before, as she gained a degree in cognitive science in 2006. Studying at Cambridge as well, she did her post-graduate work after being awarded a Fulbright to help assist her during her time spent there at their institute.

Now working on her PHD after returning back to the United States, she continues to work full-time with her novels and writing, whilst her career grows and grows. Keeping her studies in-line with her writing, she simultaneously juggles them both to great success, managing to work them off each other, as she balances both science and literature. This is something she manages to do full-time and is something she will continue doing on a regular basis, as she goes on with her studies and her writing.

Writing Career

Jennifer Lynn Barnes always had a passion and love for writing ever since an early age and she completed her first book when she was just in high-school, which she now considers to be her ‘practice novel’. Not showing this to anyone, she went onto university and, when she was only nineteen, she managed to get her first book completed and published, thus establishing her as a figure upon the literary scene. Although she did write a few more practice books before getting to this stage, she brought out Golden when she was nineteen and was a success fairly early on.

Gaining the respect of her peers within the Young Adult and fantasy fiction industry, she is seen as a master of her field, which is reflected well within her many inspirations. Citing a whole range of influences both in television and writing, she produces a unique take on the genre that is all her own, something to which her many fans gravitate towards. This is something that is set to continue on into the foreseeable future as her career grows from strength to strength along with the output of her work.


Originally published in 2013 on the 22nd of January, this was to be a standalone book from Jennifer Lynn Barnes that managed to capture the essence of what she’d done before, further establishing her style and her craft. Knowing its genre well, she manages to put forth the themes and ideas contained within well, building a world that is highly immersive and self-contained for the reader. Resonating with its young audience well, it depicts characters who, whilst existing within high-concept scenarios, are also highly relatable for the reader as well.

Featuring seventeen year-old Nix as its central protagonist, it follows him on his quest as an assassin as he’s one of the ‘nobodies’ that remain undetected from society’s ever watchful gaze. Following him throughout, he’s an ever resourceful and resilient individual who goes about his duties without question from the powers that be. Given his invisible status he is largely ignored by those around him, as with many of the other ‘nobodies’ as they’re able to get by unseen by those around them. Given a job to do by his organization he must complete it without question, but it appears that this assignment just isn’t what it seems on first glance. Provided with the contract to take out sixteen year-old Claire, she is completely unaware of what she has done to provoke their ire and why anybody would want to kill her. Getting himself immersed in a web of lies, deceit and corruption, Nix must now for the first time question what it is that is being asked of him and why someone would be out to get this particular girl. Will he be able to find out what is going on behind the conspiracy? Can he go against the wishes of the organisation and what exactly is at stake? What will become of Nix and Claire as they discover what it takes to truly become a nobody?

The Fixer

This is currently another standalone novel from Jenifer Lynn Barnes, although there maybe plans to expand it into a series in its own right later on. First published in 2015 on the 7th of July, this would work to progress the career of Barnes as an author, further establishing her as a writer within the world of young adult fiction. Featuring teenagers and young adults once again as its main protagonists, it resonates well with her young audience, something for which she has now become famous for.

Tess Kendrick is a sixteen year-old who has lived an unassuming life up until now, as she’s sent to live with her older sister Ivy in Washington D.C. Ivy Kendrick, it quickly transpires, is what is known as a ‘fixer’; someone who ‘fixes’ the scandals faced by politicians behind the scenes for a high price. Soon Tess finds herself in much the same situation as she attends high-school and unwittingly becomes a fixer herself for the elite teens that go there. Who is pulling the strings at Hardwicke Academy and why? Just what exactly is being asked of Tess and can she achieve it? What will happen as she becomes the fixer?

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