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Publication Order of Jennifer Scales Books

Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Silver Moon Elm (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seraph of Sorrow (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Poison Moon (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Evangelina (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jennifer Scales is a fictional character that was created by MaryJanice Davidson in the series “Jennifer Scales”. To say the least, she is different from all other fourteen year olds. Although she knew that puberty comes with changes, her nature of changes is the least that she expected. Whereas her friends have to deal with the normal teenage problems such as boys, she has to deal with blue scale, claws and a snout as her nature is morphing into a dragon. This is an absolute contrast to what she expected since her parents had never told her that she is from a bloodline of weredragons. The dragon lineage is genetic; she got it from her father’s side of the family.

Jennifer’s story starts interestingly. She doesn’t notice anything wrong until she realizes that not every kid of her age can flip, jump and kick the ball to get the winning score. She quickly learns that she might be different when other kids accuse of her of being under the influence of drugs. Obviously, her dragon nature had developed at a younger age than most others. She tries to adjust and fit within her predetermined life that does not even allow her to blow birthday candles without setting the whole town on fire but there is just so much to deal with; ranging from her fear of turning out to be a freak because she cant tell her friends about her weird nature to more real confrontations like fierce battles.

But her greatest challenges are yet to come. Her family has had enemies who wish to see them destroyed and she is the only hope for defence. There is also the group that is determined to destroy all dragons and phase them out of the planet. It is her responsibility to ensure that this does not happen and that the few remaining dragons survive. Her only hope is her grandfather who can teach her how to get by as a weredragon. He plays a very fundamental role in shaping her dragon character; especially when her relationship with her high school friends comes to an abrupt halt when her school days end.

Davidson manages to use Jennifer to create an ideal situation for a teenage fantasy. She is full of supernatural abilities but still manages to create a good relationship with her parents. By the end of the second book of the series, she portrays the normal abilities of any teenager – falling in love. Young teenagers and adults can easily appreciate the events of the series as they relate to the normal lives and fantasies of a person growing up. She reflects normal family challenges. For example, she gets to learn that her father was married to a woman by the name Diana way before his relationship with her mother. During the course of the marriage, they had a baby called Evangelos. Contrary to what Jennifer’s father thought, Evangelos was not dead.

Family feuds are not remote to the series and Jennifer seems to be at the center of them. She finds out that she has to defend her father against Evangelos who has come to seek revenge for his actions of the past. As if that is not enough, she has to deal with the rising deaths of other dragons. The dragons have obviously been murdered. What is scarier to Jennifer is the fact that they are all close to her father. This puts Jennifer in a position where she has to either protect her father or turn her back against him in bitterness over his marriage to another woman and getting her pregnant.

As Jennifer continues to grow, her role as a peace ambassador is magnified even further. By book 4, she is not only the 15 year old who is trying to foster peace within her family and society but also among other supernatural beings. She encounters arachnids and beaststalkers. Basically, Davidson uses Jennifer to give the reader the perspective of other supernatural creatures. Their lives are highlighted starting from way before the first book.

Jennifer’s profile is not short of social happenings and events. She meets Xavier Longtail at Crescent Valley. Their meeting is characterized by conflict of opinions with regards to her ambassadorial post. He does not believe that weredragons and beaststalkers can coexist in peace. Within a short period of time, his charm gets to Jennifer and she starts to be influenced by his beliefs. When an epic battle erupts, the weredragons are defeated by werarchnids. Jennifer is only saved by a necklace that Skip, her ex, gave her. She is left with only Xavier as all her friends and families are gone.

The first book of the series “Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace” was first published in 2005 by Ace. It mainly introduces the main concept; that of the supernatural nature of Jennifer Scales. With Jennifer as the main character, the story revolves around her as she tries to harness the supernatural powers that she possesses in order to try and save her family as well as other dragons from their vicious enemies who want them dead and extinct. It took her a while to know that she had the power and when she actually turns into a dragon, it takes her to a whole new world where she has to learn how to behave like one. By the end of the first book, the reader gets to know more about the life of being a superhero from the stories of Jennifer’s mum and her grandfather who was a bigot. In the second book, “Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light”, the story of Jennifer continues as she finds herself amidst tension between beaststalkers, weredragons and werachnids. Published in 2006, the book depicts a number of epic battles that are shaped by conflicts among the supernatural beings. Jennifer also has to focus on protecting her family from enemies who are constantly stalking them for unknown reasons other than interfamily conflicts. However, the author still manages to focus on other realistic social and communal issues such as love and relationships. In general, the series is very interesting as it highlights the essence of relationships and family ties. It also has a great sense of humor and uplifting fiction that is consumable by both young and mature adults.

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