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Jenny Hambly
Jenny Hambly cannot remember a time that she did not read. Any well written book which would transport her to some other world has always been her escape and, at times, salvation.

She especially loves the Regency period and history. She grew up on a diet of Emily and Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, and Georgette Heyer. Heyer, especially, made a lasting impression on Jenny, and she has read each of her novels to shreds.

Jenny has always enjoyed communicating with others and qualified as a teacher before she had a family, and gained her first class degree in literature and then became a tennis coach.

She feels very blessed to write full time. She writes traditional Regency romance novels. Jenny has tried to stay true to the time and genre in order to produce entertaining and compelling stories which will leave her readers feeling satisfied. She likes to think that her characters, despite being flawed, are still likable, true to the period, and strong.

Jenny deals with writers’ block by doing something else for a while, like exercise. Or just jumping to some other scene/portion of the novel that is more clear at that moment in time.

Jenny’s favorite part of being an author is having that feeling that you are doing what you were meant to do. Seeing your imagination taking shape right before you.

She gets inspired to write by having a very visual imagination. She’ll imagine the scene, atmosphere, character, and then just go with it.

Jenny likes wine, sailing, reading, getting up very early to watch the sunrise in the summer, and quiet and long evenings by the wood burner in their cabin on the cliffs in Cornwall during the winter.

“Rosalind” is the first novel in the “Bachelor Brides” series and was released in 2018. He’s determined to avoid, and she is determined to despise men.

1818. Lady Rosalind Marlowe (disillusioned, desperate, and destitute) sets the tongues of Regency London to wagging when she becomes the Mayfair Thief. Targeting just those people that she knows won huge sums of money from her dad, bleeding him dry, and causing him to kill himself, she decides to teach each one of them a lesson. She takes something very valuable off them, leaving her calling card with a bible quote behind. On her final outing, she gets caught red-handed.

Restless, bored, and guilt ridden over his own dad’s death, and with accusations of him being a selfish whelp still ringing in his ears, Lord Atherton heads off some bow street runner that’s pursuing Rosalind. And in an altruistic act he engages her into being a companion to his mom. Unaware that he’s become the target of enmity from this desperate gambler from whom he’s won a huge sum of money, they’re tossed into a series of increasingly dangerous situations.

Can love blossom amid the pitfalls and perils of Regency England?

“Sophie” is the second novel in the “Bachelor Brides” series and was released in 2019. She is not interested in, or in any need of, a husband. While he’s reluctant to take a wife.

Sophie, Lady Lewisham, is an independent woman of means, who’s recently emerged out of her year of mourning. Determined to further her studies in the classical world, she accepts this invite from her dead husband’s cousin Lady Renfrew to pay London a visit and acquire the letters of introduction and permissions she requires for travel. Her brief experience of the gossip-mongers and fortune hunters which litter the ton, just make her that much more certain of her plans.

Sir Philip Bray is a confirmed bachelor with demons of his own. When he gets an unexpected letter from his long lost friend, Harry, Viscount Treleven, who’s ill in Pisa, he’s determined to bring him back home.

Neither one of them have the inclination or time for romance. But their paths wind up crossing in France, Italy, and England. Could he truly be the hero that she thinks she doesn’t want or need?

“Marianne” is the first novel in the “Miss Wolfraston’s Ladies” series and was released in 2020. He is a hardened player, while she is an innocent.

Marianne’s short time at Miss Wolfraston’s Seminary for Young Ladies is about to end, which is a relief for the both of them. She’s got disconcertingly open manners and this liveliness which Miss Wolfraston deplores. Her aunt invites her to join her in Cheltenham for a summer, these traits lead her inevitably into this series of scrapes.

Lord Cranbourne, after being disappointed in love seven years ago, has just acquired the reputation of being selfish, dangerous, and heartless. Annoyed at his sister’s efforts to play matchmaker on his behalf, he accompanies Sir Horace Bamber (his friend) to Cheltenham. He expects to just be heartily bored. And then he meets Marianne.

They each have lessons they have to learn; not least of which is that nobody is quite what they appear.

“Allerdale” is the first novel in the “Confirmed Bachelors” series and was released in 2021. Miles Gilham, Earl of Allerdale, is charismatic and handsome, and he has a reputation for being just a little wild. After he spent months running his dad’s estate in Yorkshire to make amends for disgracing his family the previous year, he reluctantly has returned to Town. He’s promised to his mom that he will find a wife this season, however his heart just is not in it. The only eligible lady that amuses him isn’t looking for a husband and is the type of headstrong girl which would make for an uncomfortable wife.

After her diplomat dad dies, Eleanor Edgcott has returned to England heartbroken. Once her mourning period has ended, Lord Haverham (her cousin) brings her to Town to spend the season. Eleanor finds herself being interested in everybody and everything around her. Between trying to help a lovelorn couple, planning her future, and keeping Diana (Lady Haverham) out of a rake’s clutches, she’s got so little time for reflection.

She is drawn to Lord Allerdale however quickly realizes that he’s the very last person to meet the list of requirements that she’s drawn up for a husband. Circumstances draw the two of them together, though, and right when they find that they share this special connection, this event happens which threatens to ruin any shot of happiness that they might have.

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