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Author Jenny Milchman is critically acclaimed and an award winner, she was born in New York City.

Milchman’s eighth novel was the first one she sold, and it was released in the year 2013. It was called “Cover of Snow”, and was even the eighth she had had an agent for.

Her kindergarten teacher bound her very first story in blue flocked wallpaper, and she knew that she wanted to write books. When Jenny was about two, she would tell her mother bedtime stories that her mother would write down for her.

Milchman went the practical route, career wise and set aside her aspirations to be an author for a time. This happened when her parents asked her how she would be able to make a living at it. It made her decide to double major in psych.

She began writing her first novel while working as a psychotherapist in an outpatient clinic. She had a tough case at the time, and she made a sudden switch from writing poetry or Victorian type plotless stories. This novel was 180,000 words and totally unsaleable, but it was interesting enough to agents that they would give her advice.

She is the founder of Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day, which went viral, and enlisted bookstores all over the world and in all fifty states of America.

“Cover of Snow” won a Mary Higgins Clark Award for best suspense novel in the year 2013 and was a Target and Indie Next pick. “As Night Falls” was another Indie Next Pick, and won the Silver Falchion award for the Best Novel.

“Cover of Snow” is the first stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2013. Nora Hamilton knows right when she wakes up, one wintry morning in her old farmhouse (located in the Adirondack Mountains in New York), that something is wrong. Her fog of sleep clears and she finds that her world has been shattered, suddenly yet irretrievably. This is due to her husband (who was named Brendan) committing suicide.

The first few hours after finding this devastating discovery pass quickly for her in disbelief and numbness. Then, she realizes something disturbing: he left no not and did not give any indication he was contemplating such an act. Why would a solid cop with rock steady affection for his job, wife, and idyllic hometown suddenly decide to kill himself? Nora has to face some hard truths, after spending her entire life avoiding them.

She pieces together her husband’s last days, and hunts for some explanation. Instead, she finds some odd resistance from fellow cops, best friend and partner, as well as Brendan’s brittle mom. It soon becomes obvious that she is asking questions that nobody wants to answer for her. Under the soft snow there is a powerful conspiracy. It is one that is going to stop at nothing to keep people in the dark and all its worst secrets hidden.

“Ruin Falls” is the second stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2014. Liz Daniels has got every reason to be happy right now, as she is about to go on a rare family vacation. It will give her a chance to leave behind her remote home in the Adirondack Mountains for a bit. She is uneasy, though. Her kids Reid (eight years old) and Ally (six years old) have met their dad’s parents only a couple of times. Despite a strained relationship with her husband (who is named Paul) and his parents had, he wants them to visit the farm where he grew up in western New York.

On their way, they stop at a hotel to spend the night. In the morning, the kids are nowhere to be found when Liz goes and checks on them. It brings her anxiety roaring back to her. What starts as blind panic turns into ice-cold terror while the hours go on by and no one finds a trace of Ally and Reid. An Amber Alert is sent out, detectives are called in, and Paul and Liz get interviewed by the cops.

Helplessness and worry begin threatening to take over her mind, but she instantly realizes that there was no stranger who took her kids. It was someone she trusted and betrayed her. She knows for sure that Reid and Ally are safe, and she is determined to find out where they are and get them back. She follows the threads of an awful secret to find out about a hidden world that is made from dreams and haunted by nightmares.

“As Night Falls” is the third stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2015. Sandy Tremont has done her best to give her family everything. The sky darkens over the Adirondacks and a big snowstorm is on the way. There is an escaped killer that has enough power to take all that she holds dear that is coming to her.

In her remote home in the woods, she is making dinner after fighting with Ivy, her daughter. The fifteen year old (brave, smart, and has every reason to be mad) is upstairs and keeping her distance from her mom. Ben (Sandy’s husband and is a wilderness guide) comes home late to find the home simmering with some unease.

Close by, there are two desperate guys on the run that are making their way through the dying light. They are stained with blood, and they aren’t going to leave loose ends or any witnesses. After close to twenty years in prison together, they are a deadly team. Harlan is the muscle and Nick is both the will and the mind. While they come upon the secluded home and see inside the home, Nick realizes that it is here that he is going to find just what he is searching for before he vanishes without a trace forever.

When he opens the door to the Tremont’s home, Nick brings a secret to go with all of the terror. It is a secret that might just drag Sandy right along with him into the darkness.

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