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About Jenny Pickard

Writing on what she’s passionate about, Jenny Pickard is an author who’s definitely inspired when it comes to her and her work. Whilst she still may be in the earlier stages of her career, she has shown a lot of potential in a relatively short amount of time. Impressing readers with her witty and humorous observations, she’s an incisive writer who really does have a lot to say. Getting to the heart of her subject matter in a way that’s real and true, she clearly understands her subject matter both inside and out. This is evident in the manner with which she puts everything across, speaking in a clear and direct manner that’s immediately engaging.

Largely focusing on modern romance, her work is relatable to a contemporary audience, with it being more relevant now than it ever was. Giving her stories an extremely real and grounded approach, she really knows what it is that her audience want too. Simultaneously she also remains true to herself, giving her material a very real feeling of her own personality, who she is, and what she’s about. This is something that’s been taken to on a global scale, with readers from all over the world coming to appreciate her work. Mainly the material itself is American centric, but it’s universal in its nature, as it’s accessible to to everyone regardless of where they’re from.

It’s her many themes and ideas that really resonate, as they speak to some age old truths that have never truly changed. Due to this she’s appreciated by both reviewers and the general public alike, with many from all over singing her praises. Her characters are strong and resourceful, as she draws from her own life to help inspire her, along with the work of fellow writers. Never forgetting to keep her writing entertaining as well, she has a light-hearted style that instantly draws the reader in. There’s plenty of room for her to carry on, as it doesn’t seem that she’ll be stopping any time soon, with her writing career continuing onwards.

Early and Personal Life:

From an early age Jenny Pickard was always interested in literature, a passion that would stay with her throughout much of her life. Developing her love of both reading and writing, she would gradually begin to hone her own voice as an author with something to say. This would continue on into her adult life, as she would carry on seeking inspiration from the world around her, constantly putting it back into her work. Articulating herself as a writer, she would then build upon her profile, allowing her to find her own niche within the publishing industry.

Gaining an extensive education in the subject, she provide a strong background for her and her writing, forming the foundations needed. This would allow her to pursue her career as a writer with more freedom, as she would continually come back to it as her main craft. In time this would see her progress as a novelist, finding her own unique voice with an already vast publishing industry. With a lot more to follow on the horizon, her writing grows from strength-to-strength, as more an more discover her work everyday.

Writing Career:

Bringing out her first novel on the 10th of August, Jenny Pickard would make her debut with the title ‘According to a Source’ in 2019. Publishing this herself with it being made available on the Kindle platform, she use some of her own life and past to help inspire her. Writing a romance, it would be filled with comic touches, although it wouldn’t be a part of any overall series as such. Knowing about the world of celebrity reporting, she’d bring a lot of herself into her work, making it highly personal in the process.

Not opting to write any series as such, Pickard prefers self-contained stories, as they provide a straightforward and easy to follow narrative. This has proven to be hugely successful for her over the years, as she has managed to establish her own niche within the industry. Gaining a lot of praise for her first novel, readers and critics would come to appreciate her down-to-earth style that was easy to relate to. Not going away anytime soon either, she’s definitely a writer to watch in the years to follow, as she clearly has something to offer.

According to a Source

Originally brought out in 2019 on the 10th of August, this would be the debut release from Jenny Pickard as a first time author. Working entirely as a stand-alone title, it would feature a completely self-contained romance story, infusing it with plenty of comedy along the way. This would then be released on the Kindle platform by Jenny Pickard herself, as it would quickly go on to become a success in its own right. Set in the modern day, it’s a contemporary romance, and one that’s easy for a current audience to invest themselves in.

The book itself is a light-hearted read, with a background in celebrity gossip publications, with the writer coming from that field herself. This makes for an extremely authentic read, as it definitely knows and understands the arena, allowing it to really convey what it’s like. For general readers this is especially appealing, as they get to really understand the world, feeling as if they’ve really seen behind the scenes. It also has a heart-warming romance at the center of it, which is highly engaging and entertaining, along with its compelling characters.

Following her graduation from college in Mississippi, Emma Conrad is heading off to New York City for the big lights. All set to work there interning on the website, she has big ambitions of becoming an entertainment news reporter. It all seems to be going well with all the glitz and the glamour, which all changes after meeting Matt Tucker, who plays for the New York Giants. He’s just divorced the famous socialite Lauren Littleton, and now Emma is getting close to him, but soon things start to turn romantic between the two of them? Can she give up her dream job and pursue true love? Will they have a chance at happiness together? What really happened according to a source?

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