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Jerel Law is an American author of inspirational books popularly known for his Sons of Angels, Jonah Stone series. He’s also a communicator and has served as a pastor for more than twenty years. He’s a University of North Carolina graduate and holds a masters degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. What started as simple writing to inspire his children’s faith saw him publish more than five inspirational books.

Ever wondered if things such as angels, power of prayer, the spiritual world, and God- actually exist? And not only exist but also can be life-changing? Jerel wondered the same and pondered what could happen if some normal kids could see the spiritual world. It’s through this that Son of Angel’s series was born. The author is fascinated by stories about redemption and uses his creative writing skills to bring hope, salvation, and inspire children.

Spirit Fighter

Spirit Fighter is the first book in Son of Angels, Jonah Stone series. It is the story of Jonah who at first he seems to be a normal boy who loves to play video games and basketball, often forgets he’s got homework to do, needs to be often reminded by his parents to do chores. He has a brother named Jeremiah, a younger sister Eliza a bright student at her school, and has the best relationship with his parents. Jonah’s mother is a homemaker while his father is a pastor at Peacefield in New Jersey. When the story opens up, we find Jonah having nightmares and hard times falling asleep. He attends daily basketball tryouts, and despite all the attempts to learn to play basketball, he ends up being told by the coach not to return. But what kind of a coach tells their student that they need to find another sport after the first day of training? But it turns out that God has bigger plans for our young hero than being one of a member of his school’s basketball team. Jonah cries and calls for God to intervene and what he gets transforms his life.

The same evening Jonah’s parents Eleanor and Benjamin, reveal an ancient truth to him. Eleanor’s dad is a fallen angel, and this makes her half an angel, which makes Jeremiah, Jonah, and their sister quarter angels aka quarterings. But the truth is that Jonah has already discovered his abilities- he’s got superhuman abilities that are fast developing and before he’s got any change to enjoy his superhuman powers, his mother is abducted. In response, Eliza and Jonah are sent to New York to rescue their mother, but before leaving home, they are given three things; a small bible, a MissionFinder 3000 (an angelic navigation system) and a blessing.

Jonah encounters a demonic attack before embarking on his search to rescue his mother and comes to learn that it’s going to take more than physical strength to defeat the demons. He is the oldest of the three children, and he is the first one to discover his true identity. But regardless of how much power he possesses or what he’s capable of doing, Jonah is constantly reminded in the story of how much the Lord loves him and how important his faith is. Jonah also comes to learn about his guardian angel who helps him and his sister with all their questions on how to fight the fallen angels. In this story, God is referred to as Elohim, which is synonymous to the Strong One in Hebrew.

Jonah and his sister encounter several fallen angels on their way to Manhattan. It’s through this encounter that the reader finally discovers Eliza’s superhuman abilities that only work if her faith is intact. Jonah also makes a discovery that when they are in a tough situation, all he has to do is to cry out to Elohim and an answer presents itself. At times is a simple scripture verse that empowers him, at times it’s the guardian angel who rescues them and others times it’s a vision. The narrative vividly narrates that Elohim gives Jonah encouragement, wisdom, favor, faith, love, and strength he needs to overcome anything that comes his way.

Fire Prophet

The action in the second book in Son of Angels kicks in the right from the start. Jonah, Jeremiah, and Eliza get attacked on their first day at school. Their guardian angel Cassandra is nowhere to defend them, but then another angel shows up. Eliza joins 6th grade, Jeremiah second grade, and Jonah is in 8th grade. Rather than enjoying the traditional school life, these three young souls will have to enter angel school and go into protective custody.
Jonah and his siblings are forced to separate from parents. It’s part of God’s plan to protect the parents and the kids in different locations. But that proves to be a hard task both for the parents and the children. The author does a fantastic job of describing angel school as each of the kids master their spiritual skills. The angel school is divided into three: scriptural studies, angelic combat, and spiritual arts. The teachers are all angels. Just like in the first book in the series, the author brings the Bible into life in New York City. There are several bible references made in the story, including the story of David and Goliath, locusts from Revelation and the Canaanite army mentioned in Judges.

All the angelic characters in the first book are also featured in this sequel. Jerel Law does a fantastic job in explaining the true power of prayer, especially through Jonah’s eyes. Prayer’s value is experienced in this sequel in ways that you’ve never seen before. Jonah is struggling with both his faith and temper, but he is willing to learn and allows God (Elohim) to use him. He considers his bible and his silver watch as vital tools to fight against evil. Trusting in God is the most important theme in this book, while the heartfelt belief is the real source of Jonah’s strength. There are a couple of spiritual battles in the book, and in some cases, angels die. But there’s nothing to worry because there isn’t inappropriate or graphic content.

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