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Jericho Quinn refers to a heroic intelligent central character found in the action series of thriller stories authored by Marc Cameron who is an American novelist. Marc spent 30 years in law enforcement, holds a second degree jujitsu black belt and is a motorcycle enthusiast but also enjoys writing. He has four book releases in which he takes readers through a series of action thrillers with Jericho Quinn. Jericho is the main character who is born in Alaska together with his brother and works his way to become a trained assassin, air force vet and a special agent. He answers to the president of the United States as well as the director of national intelligence. The series is mostly reclined to terrorism in the US and how Jericho’s intelligence.

Book series details

The Jericho Quinn series began in 2011 with the release of National Security. Quinn is introduced as an agent with the OSI (office of special investigation) which is tasked with providing counter-intelligence operations among other services. Their operations are mostly in offered in theatres including Afghanistan and Iraq. Jericho is their best agent who is also a major and a self-motivated individual with survival skills that enable him to thrive in both normal and non-humane environments. The OSI find him very valuable as his complexion and language ability makes him the most adept for working in the Middle East. He is able to mimic various dialects and speaks Arabic fluently. His copper skin complexion, which is said to be an inheritance from his grandmother enable him to fit in easily. Jericho can speak four different languages natively besides English and several others conversationally. He also keeps a beard and wears the Arabian dishdasha that gives him the edge of entering many places than his colleagues.

As the older of two brothers born in Alaska, Jericho makes the most of his opportunity at the Air Force and becomes a Fulbright scholar. His passion for learning languages, love of action and devotion to duty earns him favors with the OSI as a natural recruit. This however becomes the cause of separation from his wife and little daughter as the OSI awards his impression with a longer stay. As the first action is introduced, Jericho and his two colleagues set out to save a group of service men who have been captured by enemies and scheduled for execution. He quickly learns the site of execution and fading time and plans on how to save the lives of those servicemen but his superior orders him to stand down. The superior wants to be in on the raid but Jericho disobeys the orders and goes on with his original plan and manages to rescue the captives. He is assisted by a sergeant of the Marine gunnery named Jacques Thibodaux who is a father of six sons. Jacques has also been helping Jericho with his marriage issues. Even though they save the servicemen just minutes before execution, Jericho and his pal are brought to charges. Luckily, experience from cooler heads reins and they are relieved off all charges. Additionally, it is identified that one of the rescues is a grandson to Winfield Palmer who is the head of National Intelligence (NI) and this brings Jericho and Jacques to his attention. He realizes that the two personalities are what he has been seeking after reviewing their service records. They retain their positions on paper, but are assured extra calls from the head of NI as well as president.

Other books in the series

After national security, Cameron has three other releases in the Jericho Quinn series including Act of Terror, State of Emergency and Time of Attack respectively. Act of terror mainly involves Jericho reaching out to mend his worsening relationship with his wife. It also includes random terror acts that stun America and the president calls for unorthodox ways of handling the situation. A witch hunt has also begun and Jericho Quinn is called to help in the operations of mitigating attacks. Unfortunately, he is also marked for death by the terrorists. Sate of Emergency involves a track down of arms dealers who are behind bomb explosions in Russia and US. Jericho decides to go undercover in the Dakar rally desert competition in an expedition that is about to get more dangerous. Time of Attack includes a raid and attack on Jericho’s family which leads him to seeking the perpetrators. He finally discovers the bandits who are responsible for world killings and decides to end their services.

The Jericho Quinn series exhibits various events including bomb explosions, ferocious gun fights with cowboys and desert wars. Action thriller lovers will not be disappointed with any of these books which are available as e-books. In an interview, Cameron jokingly says all he included fictional characters that represent his daughter’s previous boyfriends who all die in terrible accidents and circumstances. He also accepted to inspiration from some cases he faced during his time in the 30 years in law enforcement. There is a great likelihood that many series and TV shows will be released based on this book as the latest release was made in 2014.


Marc Cameron does an excellent job in traversing several scenes and taking readers through many suspense, thrillers and heroic experiences. Jericho Quinn is a character who exhibits determination right from the start in school and manifests this throughout his life in the course of duty. This leads him to achieving high regards among top officials, which also means more risky responsibilities. At some point he becomes a target marked for death and an attack is done on his family. He however survives and manages to take out the killers who operate globally. There has been scarcity in the number of exceptional action thriller books and Jericho Quinn series is one that has kept readers intrigued. The level of success will now heap pressure on the author to come up with more inspirational books that will captivate modern readers. There may be an extension on Jericho Quinn’s heroics although it is most likely that a movie series based on the book would be more successful.

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  1. Srilata: 11 months ago

    A movie or TV series usually doesn’t catch the essence of the hero’s character or the storyline that captivates the mind of the reader as the author does in the books. We are left with a sense of something is left incomplete.

  2. cath: 2 years ago

    PLEASE, PLEASE write more Jericho books. The plots, the characters I love everything about thme. I miss Jericho!

  3. Janie Kramer: 2 years ago

    PLease do more stories on the Jericho Quinn series – we love those books thanks

  4. Mike Carey: 2 years ago

    I have enjoyed every novel that I have found that you authored! You have a gift and just wanted to say thanks for sharing ……. Look forward to reading more of your novels. Just finished the series ending with Active Measure Measure (Quinn) and Bone Rattle, and National Security the Cutter series, looking for more action
    have a a merry Christmas and keep on writing

  5. PeteM: 5 years ago

    Could be. OK, thanks for the reply. I thought I missed something!

  6. PeteM: 5 years ago

    Amazon has Jericho Quinn Book 9 “Active Measures” but there is no Book 8. What is Jericho Quinn Book 8?

    • Graeme: 5 years ago

      Book 8 is Active Measures. Perhaps they have got confused with the two short stories in between – Dead Drop and The Triple Frontier.


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