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Publication Order of Jerry Mitchell Books

Larry Bond is an author of fiction known for his novels primarily set in the military thriller genre. He is not only a bestselling author but a former naval officer. His time spent doing on shore duty in the D.C. area and working four years on a destroyer before that have factored into fine details in his writing that comes from personal experience in the field. Bond has also worked as an antisubmarine tech expert and warfare analyst, perhaps somewhat fitting considering his last name.

Bond know not only writes novels at his home in Virginia but designs computer games as well. Bond wrote such military thrillers as Cold Choices, Crash Drive, Red Phoenix, and the First Team series and Red Dragon Rising series. He is the author of the Jerry Mitchell series along with fellow author Chris Carlson. Bond composed the first book while Carlson joined him on the second book and then a few more after that.

The Jerry Mitchell series introduces readers to the main character of Jerry Mitchell with its debut novel, Dangerous Ground. This military thriller was released in 2005. Jerry used to be a naval pilot, but his career ended around the same time as the accident happened, where a blown tire and a crashed plane meant that it was time for a job transfer. Since then he’s been hired as a weapons officer in Nashville and gets transferred onto a submarine for service.

Dangerous Ground is the first book in the Jerry Mitchell series. Fans cannot get enough of this series, and you might just get into this page-turning series as well. When the United States submarine Memphis is given one last mission, it’s designated top secret. The submarine should have been put out to pasture months ago, but she’s being given a final assignment. It’s an important one, and if it fails the consequences could be more deadly than anyone suspects.

The name of the U.S. sub is Memphis, and she is sent on her way to complete her mission to find Russian nuclear fuel containers on the bottom of the ocean. Somewhere out there in the Arctic Ocean at the bottom of the sea, there are containers, and they are leaking. The radioactivity there is increasing by the day and not only is it a threat to the environment but the nuclear capacity of all of the Russian containers is enough to pack in most of the cities in the United States.

The crew of the Memphis is led by Commander Lowell Hardy. Right from the moment that they set out, it seems like the crew is beset with a number of challenges that seem to be sent to them to test them. Or maybe it’s just that the cards are stacked against them. The crew must deal with machinery going wrong, thinly worn tempers, the moods of the raging Arctic Sea, and more.

Jerry Mitchell was assigned to the Memphis as the weapons’ officer. But while he takes the job seriously, everyone on board knows that he is a novice. Now he and the crew are painfully aware that Jerry may be the weakest link on the crew and his newbie skills may mean that he may be the biggest liability on the sub. To top it off, he’s there because of politics!

When the President of the United States appoints two scientists to lead the Memphis’s top-secret mission, things go from bad to worse. At the orders of the president, Doctors Joanna Patterson, and Emily Davis are allowed to join the mission and take over with the full wingspan of power given to them by the President of the United States. But Hardy is determined to be the true leader of the sub and mission, no matter how officially appointed the young women are.

This mission is laced with deadly potential for a cold and watery death. Failure is almost certainly an option, and to top it all off, this mission might be anything other than what it seems. And beneath the cold waters of the Arctic, in those black and radioactive currents, there might be more lurking down there than leaking containers. Just what this secret is, no one knows. But it’s clear that the Russians will do anything to destroy any sub who comes near it in order to protect it. What will happen in the end? Pick up Dangerous Ground to find out!

Cold Choices is the second book in the Jerry Mitchell series written by Chris Carlson and Larry Bond. Jerry Mitchell is back in this exciting novel from authors Bond and Carlson, and a lot has changed. Where he used to be a pilot for the Navy and then was a weapons officer, a submarine officer, and navigator. He is now relied upon as the navigator on the U.S.S. Seawolf.

The Seawolf is on a stealth reconnaissance mission that is taking it deep into the Barents Sea. Jerry and his crew start to watch the Russian Navy, which is training for battle. It should be a peaceful exercise as the sub is outside the waters of Russia’s territory. However, things don’t always go according to plan.

The Seawolf is attacked by the latest attack sub in the Russian fleet. It is called Severodvinsk, and its captain is the equally aggressive Aleksey Petrov. Petrov wastes no time in making fast passes close to the American sub. But then the subs collide, and it is the Russian sub that sinks. It is perilously damaged, and Seawolf knows where the sub is. However, the authorities in Russia are not willing to hear the Americans out about it.

Jerry and the crew must keep their vessel floating. They also have to get the ears of the Russians and let them know that the sub members are still alive. Somehow they must also do what they can to help keep the trapped men alive until they can be rescued. But is it even possible– and will it be too late by the time anyone comes to help?

With time running out, the crew of the Memphis faces a risky scenario that may not pan out. Can the damaged sub be salvaged in time? You’ve got to pick up this thrilling second novel from the Jerry Mitchell series to find out!

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