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Publication Order of Jersey Boys Books

The Real Mr. Right (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than She Expected (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Santa's Playbook (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Meant-to-Be Mom / Meant-to-Be Mum (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Karen Templeton has been in the writing business for a couple of years. She specializes in romance genre books where she has various series under her name. About twenty years ago, as a starry-eyed mother of five, she submitted a pair of synopses and queries to Silhouette for her first two but short contemporary romances. She never knew what to expect and never knew whether she was on the right track. Both books had been written completely by the seat of her pants. She never had the idea of where she was headed to or what she was doing. She still didn’t know whether her stories would see the light of the day. She was determined and fortunately for her, she got a return mail requesting her for the complete manuscript for both stories. And as we all say, the rest is history and a sweet one for her and her readers who continue to enjoy her books. Ever since then, the editor who asked for those copies has so far had nearly forty books from this author. She has won various awards including 2011 Rita Award, 2014 RT Reviewers Choice Award and 2012 RT Book Reviews among others. Some of her series include Babies Inc, Guys, and Daughters, How to Marry a Monarch and Jersey Boys among others. In total, she has about nine series of books, and they all talk about romance.

Under the Jersey Boys series, she has four books namely The Real Mr. Right, More Than She Expected, Santa’s Playbook and Meant-To-Be Mom.

The Real Mr. Right

In her first book under the Jersey Boys Series, we try to find out whether an old crush that the single mother in the story has been searching for and if it’s going to result into something new. When Kelly McNeil went to find some refuge in a house that belonged to her ex-husband friend, she never knew or thought that it would result in something new. Things take a different turn as she takes refuge in this house when Matt Noble answers the knock on the house door and opens it. Kelly always had a crush on Matt when he was a teenager. It was a huge and unrequited crush then and now here he was in front of her. However, things have already changed since then and now as adults, Matt had never given Kelly a second look.

It has been long since they set eyes on each other after Kelly got married. She had left the town where they used to live, and they had not met until now when she had come to seek refuge in this house that now housed Matt as fate would have it. So, was this going to be the beginning of what they would have been from the start? Was Matt supposed to be Kelly’s Real Mr. Right?

Ever since their teenage years back then, Matt has never gathered enough courage so as to ask Kelly out. Now fate has brought them together, and the opportunity had knocked on the door. He must be a lucky man to have an opportunity knocking twice on his door. On the other hand, Kelly also has her fears as well. She is not ready to risk her independence that she had just found after leaving her husband. She also has to worry about her children and she is not ready to be hurt again as a woman. Matt, therefore, has to prove that he is a man worth taking that risk. He also has to show Kelly that he is truly the Mr. Right she has been looking for, and she can fully depend on her.

The book is one full of romance and takes the readers through a well-plotted storyline. It has a story that will make you love and sometimes cry as you connect with Kelly who is looking for a safe place to call home and also find love. Both Kelly and Matt know the risk they are taking since they got hurt from past relationships. Matt offers Kelly what she needed most, and the friendship is slowly growing. Matt is recovering from a divorce and Kelly has separated from her husband. It is a book that you will enjoy reading as a reader.

More Than She Expected

In the second book of this series is the book called More Than She Expected. It all started by just being a friend. Laurel Kent has a female neighbor by the name Tyler Noble. She is not just a neighbor but a sexy one who lives only with her grandmother. Kent has always played as Mr. Fix-It at Tyler’s house, and though she failed to admit it, she needed the help more. However, things are moving pretty fast, and something is developing between the two and Tyler can’t bear the butterflies and sparks she has in her tummy when Kent is around.

Ironically, Kent is repairing the only fence that separates their yards when it’s very clear he would love to be in her life. Although Tyler is pregnant, and suggestively her grandmother insists that she should look for a husband, Tyler has kept insisting that she doesn’t need a husband. However, deep inside her heart, she has something to her neighbor. On the other hand, Kent knows that if he got the chance, he would go on and prove to Noble that he is the part missing in her life and that he would come in and complete her incoming new family.

After being neighbors for some months, Kent discovers that his dog has been visiting Tyler almost on daily basis courtesy to a hole under the fence. He embarks on repairing the wall, and as he replaces a new stone, he has to make constant steps in both compounds, and slowly the friendship begins. After this, Kent looks for more reasons so as to be stopping over at Tyler’s house. Noble has learned to be independent and hence not looking for something permanent is her life for a relationship. To make it more complicated, Tyler is younger than her, and she is also pregnant. They also have secrets and old hurts that prevent them from getting into new relationships. Laurel also wants to be the best single mother to her child. Once the baby is born, she pushes Kent far away from her life as she wants to have some independence. With the help of her grandmother, Laurel sees that she can’t be all alone in her life. She needs someone else in her life. It is a book that will take you through a journey of romance, and you will enjoy reading it.

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