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This Dance / If You Dance with Me (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Shadow / If You Light My Way (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Redeemer / If You Rescue Me (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Jerusha Agen is a Christian, suspense, and romance fiction novelist who is best known for the “Sisters Redeemed” and “Guardians Unleashed” series of novels.
As a person who knows God but imagines danger around every corner, she likes to pen romantic suspense fiction works with an infusion of hope in Jesus Christ.

When Agen was just a child, she used to spend most of her days with her nose in a book and sometimes telling all manner of stories to her fellow kids.

It was when she was twelve that she knew she wanted to become an author when her mother showed her an advertisement for a contest for young writers. Agen spent the night writing a story as she found the words just kept flowing that she could not stop.
While she had penned stories before, there was nothing she had ever found to be more realistic and emotional as she told the story of a girl who was dealing with the loss of her mother.

When her mother read her story the following day, she was moved to tears and Jerusha realized the power of story.

By writing stories, she could touch people at the deepest level and she knew right then that she wanted to grow up and become an author. As such, storytelling is something that has been in her blood for decades.
Her fascination with storytelling meant that most people believed that her destiny was a life for telling stories.

But when she went to college, she decided to take a bachelor’s degree in English majoring in in creative writing so that she could pursue her passion upon graduation.

However, God had other plans for her and there was an unexpected twist and she found an opportunity to work in the film industry.

Working in film, Jerusha Agen worked in different roles from producer, personal assistant, camera operator, and script supervisor. However, some of her favorite roles in the industry were screenwriting and directing.

Over time, God brought her out of the film industry and back to her dream of writing novels. Jerusha was blessed to get an early start in publishing as she joined industry membership groups and attended conferences while was still in her teenage years.
After she came back to writing, she had the privilege of being among the founding members of the American Christian Fiction Writers which at that time was known as the American Christian Romance Writers.

Her early exposure to experienced publishing and writing professionals and the relationships she made would prove invaluable to her career. However, despite her early start, she found publishing to be not as easy as she thought it would be.
It would take her longer than she expected to finally get an agent and even longer to get published.

Her first big break came when Write Integrity offered her a three-book contract. Jerusha published If You Dance With Me her debut novel in 2013.

In between reading and writing romantic fiction, Jerusha Agen loves to curl up with her three big dogs and two little cats and watch movies. Most of her favorite books and movies tend to have plenty of romance and suspense.
If you can manage to pry her away from her books and movies, she can be found skiing in the beautiful winters of the Midwest, eating and baking decadent desserts, painting, and drawing.

“Hidden Danger” by Jerusha Agen is an interesting work of fiction and a great introduction to the “Guardians Unleashed” series of novels.

The lead is Cora Isaksson, a woman whose life has been plagued by guilt ever since her brother got ensnared by drugs and went missing.

When Bradley suddenly makes a comeback, Cora finds herself and her narcotics detection K-9 units in the middle of a battle against a drug organization determined to get him back.
Kent Thomson the special DEA agent has his reasons for wanting to bring down the cartel and thinks Cora and her K-9 will only get in his way.

What he does not know is that maybe they could be assets that will make it possible for him to right the wrongs of the past.

When Cora is targeted by the cartel, she joins forces with her colleagues at the Phoenix K-9 Detection and Security Agency to take down the cartel before it becomes her end.
They are ready for any kind of threat but when more lives are at stake, can they trust God to rescue them when they cannot do it for themselves?

Jerusha Agen’s novel “Covert Danger” is set in the Twin Cities where an assassin is on the loose. He is working hard to locate and kill FBI witnesses that the Phoenix K-9 Detection and Security Agency has been hired to protect.
Amalia Perez is a rogue CIA agent and her K-9 which she mostly uses for protection needs to be better than the opponent if they are to survive the vicious attacks of an assassin.

Michael Barrett is an investigative journalist who is shocked when the woman he has spent decades looking for suddenly comes back into his life.

However, he starts to fear that the woman he has known is gone beneath the dark secrets Amalia likes to wear like a protective shield.

With the assassin closing in, Amalia will do everything in her power to ensure the safety of Michael except believe in the God he professes to trust.
When deception becomes too dangerous, can Michael and Amalia unearth the truth in time to stop the killer in his tracks?

“Unseen Danger” by Jerusha Agen is a fascinating work that follows the life and times of Nevaeh Williams.
Following a brutal attack, it had taken half a dozen years to rebuild her life.

But she has worked hard and risen through the ranks to become a security specialist at the Phoenix K-9 Detection Security Agency where she comes face to face with danger almost every single day.
But when an old friend comes under attack, her stability which has always been fragile starts to crumble.

For Branson Aaberg the celebrity bodyguard he needs to protect his client from a dangerous and mysterious threat or else lose everything.

It is not long before he is concerned more with taking care of and protecting the vulnerable but tough woman who recently joined his team.

Nevaeh is in the security team to protect her friend but it could be that she also needs protection. Maybe the feeling of being watched is real and she is in grave danger.
Her only hope is that God is powerful enough to take out her worst enemy who she cannot see before it is too late.

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