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Jescie Hall
Jescie is a mother. She creates in order to breathe, lives to laugh, often gets lost in a different dimension, and is a passionate person.

Jescie is an Amazon Bestselling author and she writes erotica and romance fiction, as well as all things smutty and emo. Writing is never something she saw herself doing. She believed she would be driving tractors, inseminating pigs, or would have become a veterinarian by this point. Butit looks as though her creative side won out.

Writing “The Canary Cowards” was a journey she was not sure she could handle. Writing a character that had autism was such a delicate process that she needed to do correctly. A lot of reading, studying, educating herself, and talking to those in the community; all of it helped her out immensely when piecing together just who exactly Colin was.

Dylan and Lake go through some real struggles. Struggles that Jescie herself was relating to as she sat and wrote the book. Siphoning in pain and sadness of her own was not something that she really ever meant to do, however the process became a therapeutic one. Who knew that characters she created could teach her a lesson as she wrote them.

“Hawke” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2022. Nicole never once imagined anybody other than Patrick (her seemingly perfect boyfriend) could grab her attention. That ended, when Cameron Hawke (an ex-convict) becomes their roommate unexpectedly, turning her whole calculated world on end.

The tension is thick enough to cut with a knife in the house, since Hawke’s lifestyle clashes with hers. Her curiosities get the best of her while she tries to learn the secrets that lay behind his mysterious past.

Temptations get overwhelming while some lines are crossed, the truth to a horrific past is unearthed, and feelings get blurred. It changes the lives of these three forever.

Hawke is an incredible hero in this sexy as hell novel. This novel has it all, tension and angst, amazing chemistry between the leads, push and pull with a forbidden aspect. Jescie’s poetic writing style is fantastic, and is descriptive and vivid in every single scene, allowing you to see what’s happening in every scene in your mind as it plays out. It’s a lust filled read, that is filled with pushing and pulling and then tension between the two is so explosive. Readers were sold right from the start and they found themselves sitting right at the edge of their sofa, impatiently waiting for that moment where you know there will be fireworks.

“KID” is the second stand alone novel and was released in 2023. Addiction is Kid’s weakness. It’s a cruel temptress that follows him wherever he goes. Slowly dragging him down until he drowns. Until she shows up. A woman named Johanna.

His life preserver in this sea of madness and drugs. She is this total enigma, just as chaotic as they come. She is a vixen that lives her life without any limits. However her demons are much greater than Kid’s, and they threaten to drown her right along with him. Kid needs Johanna just as much as she needs him.

They can either hang on and save one another, or they can each sink into oblivion, allowing their memories, their pasts, and their addictions be the anchor which weighs them both down.

Contains mature content, which includes self-inflicted pain, graphic sexual content, trauma, and heavy drug use.

Readers were deeply moved by this novel, and it is such a dark and complicated read. Fans love that Jescie was able to write such a gripping and raw story. It’s great to read the ways these two characters were able to rack one another’s brains in order to decipher how the other person feels. Kid is a hilarious character, and had some cracking up numerous times throughout the story. Jescie delivers a contemporary dark romance that features a hot ass, blonde haired guy that readers just could not get enough of him. Kid and Johanna have off the charts chemistry and the reader is propelled down into their world of rather questionable activities.

This is a spinoff of “Hawke”, but can still be read as a stand alone novel.

“That Sik Luv” is the third stand alone novel and was released in 2023. Fornication is a sin. The way it reads, we should just flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin that a person commits is outside of the body, however the sexually immoral person sins against their own body.

They teach us that such thoughts, and these actions are immoral. That masturbation, sex, and erotic thoughts were shameful acts. However then that dark side which lives inside of all of us, which is the true nature of man, drives us to look for that need which burns inside, demanding to be let free. Deep inside our bones lies this intrinsic need, one that is desperate to escape. It’s seemingly out of our control, since it’s an innate behavior.

One which screams for sins that they tell us are condemning. Aero is the throat that Briony screams from. The dark parts of herself that she wants hidden away from this world are all that he sees as he gazes at her underneath yet another mask. He might never stop. Not until she succumbs to all of her truths, or die under the weight of the man’s unrelenting grasp. Since according to him, the life that she has been living is a hell that is much worse than death.

For readers that are into dark romance with twisted and thought provoking plot lines, insatiable lust, and revenge.

Briony’s critical thinking engaged readers because her interesting thought process powers the story. Aero is such a complex character that intrigued the reader the instant you’re introduced to him. Witnessing the growth of the lead characters was a ride that you just do not want to end. Their love is filled with red flags, toxic, and twisted, and readers just loved every page of it.

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