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Coming from America, the novelist and writer of both fiction and nonfiction Jess Arndt has been making waves within the literary industry, turning the heads of many an important figure. This has largely been due to her straightforward and honest style that shows no fear in baring her soul to the world, proving her to be one of the most important figures currently working at this time. With an underscore of emotional vulnerability coupled with confidence, she creates visions that are uncompromising in their outlook. Building entire worlds, she manages to populate them with characters that seem real and down-to-earth, resonating with the audience on a fundamental level, regardless of where they come from. Whilst she hasn’t created any series as such, she does have a body of work that is succinct and to the point, displaying a clear sense of brevity and wit quite unlike any other currently working within her field. A master of polemic too, she is not afraid to really say what she’s thinking either, putting her viewpoints in a manner that is both persuasive and arresting in equal measure. With far more to come it doesn’t appear that she’s stopping in the near future either, as her writing career goes from strength-to-strength.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with books such as ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ inspiring her from early on, Jess Arndt would nurture a strong love for the written word over the years. Immersing herself in any and all literature, she would read and write voraciously, something which she would continue throughout higher education as well. Taking an extra liking to writers such as Jack London, she would come to love adventure stories, along with animals and their sense of identity in relation to that of humans. This would go on to become a recurring theme throughout much of her life, as she would continue to return to this time and time again. Currently living in Los Angeles she continues to write and work to this day, with plenty more titles planned for release.

Writing Career

Starting out in a variety of different publications, Jess Arndt would later go on and get her debut collection of short stories published in 2017. Prior to this she would also become a co-founder of ‘New Herring Press’, which she would dedicate to writing polemics and essays. Along with this she has also gained an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College, leading to her currently being one of the most distinctive voices currently working.

Large Animals

First brought out on May the 9th in 2017, this would originally be released through the ‘Catapult’ publishing outlet to much acclaim. Setting up rich and varied worlds, Jess Arndt would take the reader through a wide range of different landscapes, showing them new ideas and characters quite unlike any other. With this being her first book, it captures a true sense of what she has to offer in the years to come, definitely marking her as a figure to watch, as her audience gradually begins to grow worldwide, with both critics and the public alike singing her many praises.

Working as a collection of short fiction and various flights of fancy, this takes readers into the mindset of Jess Arndt and what she has to offer creatively. Featuring a lot of themes surrounding growth, biology and the natural world, it focuses on herself and her perspective looking from the outside in, seeing the world in third person almost. This provides an extremely interesting analysis of the human condition, giving her readers some clear food for thought, as the stories and characters will stay with them long after they put the book down.

Based on many of her own personal experiences, Arndt tackles some fairly weighty themes and ideas, all in with good humor and understanding. Never one to get bogged down in earnestness, she manages to keep it accessible and fun, whilst also dealing with serious issues such as identity with a deftness and easy going laid back style. With the world building ensuring that the surroundings almost become characters in of themselves at certain points, her stories also provide a sense of emotional honesty and self-assurance, as she finds herself, figuratively speaking, dealing with a variety of large animals.

Various Writing

Prior to writing her first debut novel she would have a great deal of her work published in numerous different prestigious publications, making a name for herself and ostensibly extending her brand as a whole. This would include such outlets as Night Papers, Bomb, Fence, Aufgabe and Parkett, all of which would create a cult around her personality and work, elevating her above and beyond in her line of work. Over time this would grow as she would gain recognition for her various efforts, with many critics regarding her as one of the foremost writers currently working within her field.

This writing would also include various essays and polemics, as she would come to share her many opinions in a direct no-holds barred manner. Giving her a clear voice and sense of perspective, this would enable readers to find out what she had to say, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of what it was that she had to offer. Not only that, but it would also establish a niche audience of like-minded individuals, as her viewpoints were unrivaled, being all entirely her own. This would be combined with prose as well, as she would write her essays in a creative and arresting manner, engaging her readers on a variety of different levels.

Whether it’s short stories from a far reaching fantastical perspective, or something that’s simply much closer to home, she’s always certain to grab her readers attention. Setting up New Herring Press is only just the beginning of her journey as she has definitely marked herself out as a figure to watch in the following years to come. With her highly singular voice and immersive writing style, she will continue to grab readers attention regardless of the format, as she will create a legacy that will stand the test of time for a long time yet.

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