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Jess: The Border Collie Books In Order

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Publication Order of Jess: The Border Collie Books

“Jess: The Border Collie” series by Ben M Baglio (the books are published under the Lucy Daniels name). The series started in 1998, with the release of “The Arrival”, and ended in the year 2000. The series had nine books, and has been divided into three different trilogies (which are: “The Arrival” trilogy, “The Homecoming” trilogy, and “The Discovery” trilogy). The books in the series are around 120 pages to about 140 pages long, and are meant for readers eight to twelve years old. The series has been turned into a series in the United Kingdom, in the year 2007.

The books are for kids, and stars Jenny Miles,who is an eleven year old girl. She has a Border Collie, who is named Jess. They live on her family’s farm (which is called Windy Hill), it is a working sheep farm. The farm is located near the Scottish border. There is no room for any pets on the farm. One of the puppies that is born, has a bad leg, and Jenny has to convince her dad that Jess is worth saving. Jenny has named the dog, and quickly, the dog makes himself useful; he helps everyone: the neighbors, the farm, and Jenny.

“The Arrival” is the first novel in the “Jess: The Border Collie” series and was released in the year 1998. Jess would do anything for Jenny, they are the best of friends. Together, they can take on the whole world and are ready for whatever adventures come their way.

Jenny lives on the farm, near the Scottish Border, where money is always tight while running a sheep farm. Even the newborn pups have to do whatever they can so that they can earn their keep. Nell has a puppy that is born with a leg that is twisted. She knows there is something special about him and wants to keep him.

Fans of the novel were pulled in, right from the first line of the first page. You get to see someone fight for someone else’s life in this book, which is a positive that kids can learn from reading the books. The books help readers not to feel alone and are glad that they have picked up the books. Some could not put the books down and could not wait to read more from the series.

“The Challenge” is the second novel in the “Jess: The Border Collie” series and was released in the year 1998. It is time for lambing season at the farm. There are more orphaned lambs to look after this time than ever before. Jenny sees that Jess is gentle with the lambs and tries to figure out a way that he can help with them.

Fans of the novel loved reading about Jenny; she seems to have been in a lot of turmoil emotionally, that being said, she seems to be growing more confident and determined. Some like the books, even if they are sad at times. Some enjoy reading anything that Ben Baglio writes, as he always writes something that keeps the pages turning and the readers hooked.

“The Challenge” is the third novel in the “Jess: The Border Collie” series and was released in the year 1998. Paul McLay (who is Jenny’s friend and Fiona’s brother) has runaway. Everyone has gone out to look for him, but due to the fact that he is deaf, people cannot yell out for him. A storm is coming, but Jenny has just the plan to locate Paul.

Fans found that this was a wonderful book, and the most exciting installment of the series so far. Great for animal lovers to read and enjoy. Some liked the way that this book was hard to put down, like most of Ben’s work is. The pages keep on turning, and the enjoyment stays high throughout. Ben writes strong fiction that any reader, even those that do not like reading will keep coming back for more of these books.

“The Betrayal” is the fourth novel in the “Jess: The Border Collie” series and was released in the year 1998. There is a fire on Windy Hill farm. It started on bonfire night and in Jenny’s room. Everyone thinks that Jenny is the one that started it on accident, making the insurance company not want to cough up the money for it. She needs to prove that it was not her, and she has her dog Jess to help her out and solve the crime.

Fans found that this was another winner in this great series, written by quite the talented author. This is a great way to spend reading time, say some, as the pages fly by and the fun never ends.

“The Sacrifice” is the fifth novel in the “Jess: The Border Collie” series and was released in the year 1999. Fiona (Jenny’s rival) is ill, and all that is cheering her up, is Jess’ presence. Is Jenny going to be able to give up the company of Jess to her rival? It is so near Christmas, and after recent events, that will be a tough decision. The family must live in a different cottage, as their home is being rebuilt after the fire that ruined it.

Fans enjoyed reading the book, as the stories never get old and never seem to be long enough. Some readers have been through each and every book multiple times, and they still cannot get enough, nor do the books get old to them.

“The Homecoming” is the sixth novel in the “Jess: The Border Collie” series and was released in the year 1999. The usual housekeeper at Windy Hill, Mrs. Grace, is away on vacation; she has gone to Canada to see her family. Marion Stewart, who used to work at the insurance company, offers to clean house for them. Marion does try to fit in and makes eyes at Jenny’s father (named Fraser). Jess is wary of Marion and she begins to fall ill.

Fans found this to be a tad dark, but it had an interesting plot to it. Yet again, the books draw readers in, and they cannot stop until they have read the whole entire thing. Some cannot come up for air enough to get other things that they have to do done. These books are that good.

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