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About Jesse Watters

American commentator and author Jesse Watters is known for speaking on Fox News, as well as publishing a book. Establishing a profile with the network, he’s spent a number of years in broadcasting, most of them being at Fox itself. Speaking in front of the camera, he opines on numerous different topics, being a regular fixture with the company. This has seen him feature on a weekly basis, being a co-host presenting alongside several other recognizable personalities.

Known for being a journalist too, he’s done segments for Fox News in the past, working on a variety of different shows there. This has seen him become a personality synonymous with the network, speaking regularly and becoming a familiar face for many. Working his way up, he’s well known for his views, many of which are primarily conservative, this being party he’s registered to vote for. This has also been something that he’s become well known for, putting forwards his own perspective in his distinct manner.

A lot of this has seeped into his output working for the Fox network, informing not just his commentaries, but his writing as well. Making his point on a number of different issues, he has a long history of working in broadcast media, presenting to a wide audience. One show that he’s particularly well known for is ‘The Five,’ which also features on Fox, as he presents with four other co-hosts. Voicing their opinions on current news stories and contemporary issues, he takes a look at what’s happening, as they discuss national and international events on a weekly basis.

Moving into the world of publishing now as well, he had his first book published, reaching a wider audience in the process. This would see him speaking about his time spent working in the news industry, working essentially as a memoir. Fast becoming a non-fiction bestseller, it would reach the top of the New York Times list, debuting in the number one position there. More would be expected to follow in the future too, as he would continue to feature on television, speaking regularly.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in Germantown followed by East Falls, Jesse Watters was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Born on the 9th of July in 1978, he would attend William Penn Charter School for the duration of junior year, before moving to Long Island in New York. Graduating from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, in 2001, he would receive a BA in history from there. Following this he would go on to work as a production assistant for Fox News, which he did straight after his graduation.

Going on to work for ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ in 2003 he would start out as production staff there, before moving on to appear in segments of the show in 2004. Working as a journalist for some time too, he would appear regularly, doing reporting or segments, and building his profile. A member of the Conservative Party of New York State, he’s registered to vote through them, and was previously married to Noelle Inguagiato Watters, with whom he had twin daughters. He would later marry Emma DiGivovine in 2019, and they would then both have a son who was born in 2021.

Writing Career

Prior to publishing his first book, Jesse Watters’ career was mainly centered around TV news broadcasting and commentary. This would later form the basis for his debut non-fiction title, as he would publish a memoir about his time spent working in television. Bringing out ‘How I Saved the World’ in 2021, Watters would publish a book that would go on to become a bestseller on it release.

Previously working as a network correspondent too, he’s presented before a large live audience all across America. This would all again be at Fox News, as it was here he made a name for himself, something which would come to inform his writing as well. He also had his own show, which soon would see him become a recognizable TV personality in his own right.

How I Saved the World

This would be the debut title from Jesse Watters, initially released in 2021 on the 9th of June, published to an international audience. A stand-alone non-fiction book, it would be a memoir of his own life up until that point, looking back on his entire working career. Written from his own perspective, it provides a complete account of how he thinks and feels on politics.

Up to this point Jesse Watters had not published anything else book wise, so it would be his first step into the world of publishing. Giving an account of everything in his life, he looks at his own conservative beliefs and values, putting them into context with the world around him. Reaching the top of the bestseller list upon its release, it would become a New York Times bestselling memoir for Watters.

Talking about his time working for Fox News, this charts the history of Jesse Watters’ work for the network. Working his way up, it takes a look at how he became a journalist and correspondent, and how it has effected him and his outlook on life. Analyzing his own politics as well, he provides his perspective on his journey and everything surrounding it. Leading to his current position as a television co-host, it offers lots of his views, as well as a look at life working for the network.

Broadcasting Career

As mentioned, Jesse Watters begun with Fox News as a production assistant, before moving on to ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ in 2003, and then appearing on-screen in 2004. In 2014 he would feature in the Fox News show ‘Outnumbered,’ where he would appear as the guest co-host for the show. The following year in 2015 he would star in his own show titled ‘Watters’ World,’ which would become a monthly Fox News program. This would all lead up to ‘The Five’ in 2017, which was another topical news show, which he would provide commentary for as a co-host, and continues to do so for.

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