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Jessica Brody is a young adult fiction American writer. At the age of seven, Jessica Brody began her writing career. Att this age, Broody knew that she wanted to be a writer. She “self-published” her books by binding the pages together with cardboard, electrical tape and wallpaper samples at such a tender age. This was where her writing career began. Jessica Brody is a graduate of Economics with French and Japanese as a minor course from the Smith College in the year 2001. After completing her college education, she joined the MGM studios where she worked as a Manager of Acquisitions and Business development. However, Jessica Brody later quit her job in May 2005 to follow her writing ambitions.

After venturing fully into writing, Jessica Brody has authored and sold more than fifteen novels. As indicated, her books target teens and adult audience. This includes standalone novels, series, and anthologies. Just to mention, Jessica Brody series include The Unremembered Trilogy with four installments and Jennifer Hunter with two installments. Standalone books authored by Jessica Brody include The Karma Club, My Life Undecided and 52 Reasons to Hate My Father. Besides this, Jessica Brody writes books for a hit Disney Channel Original Movie, Schools of Secrets. Jessica Brody’s books have been translated into more than twenty foreign languages.


Unremembered is Jessica Brody’s first installment in the series The Unremembered, which was published and released in March 2013. It is a young adult science fiction that brings forward a real imagination of whole new world to the character. The book features a young lady, Seraphina, who has no clue about reality. According to Jessica Brody, the author, it is better forgetting the past than remembering it. The story begins with a plane crash. The Freedom Airlines Flight 121 crashes over the Pacific Ocean. Like any other plane crashes, you would expect zero survivors or serious casualties.

However, rescues discover Seraphina, a 16-year old girl, astonishingly floating among the wreckage. To their surprise, she is alive with no injuries at all. This news makes headlines around the globe. What is more interesting is that she does not recollect boarding the plane. Seraphina has no memories of what happened before the crash and her life at all. Other amazing discoveries reveal that she was not on the usual passenger manifest on the plane and her DNA and fingerprints cannot be traced back to any database in the world.

Seraphina struggles to piece together her past. She sought out to discover who she was before. However, with every discovery she makes, more questions arise. Haunted by the reality that she cannot remember her past, crippled by her rather new world and plagued by various abilities she cannot understand, her life gets tough. On her discovery path, she comes across a boy who claims to know her before the crash. This could be her only hope if realizing herself. The boy claims that they were in love before. However, she is skeptical about this. To add on this, she does not think the boy can protect her from the people she claims are after making her forget her past.

The unremembered installment is a good read. Besides the awesome story line concept, Jessica Brody delivers a sheer mix of intrigue and mystery giving more than what was expected from the book. Though the book begins with a shock of cold water with a slew of questions, reading further gives a breathing space catapulting you to read as you try to find out what happens after that.

52 Reasons to Hate My Father

This is the other contemporary young adult fiction write-up by Jessica Brody released in July 2012. It is a good read for individuals expecting more than an ordinary quick summer read, light hearted, little romantic and funny read. Jessica Brody’s book 52 reasons to hate my father features one Lexington Larabee. Lexi, to shorten her name, is a party animal, cracking it till dawn expecting no consequences at all. Lexi is the daughter and heir to be of Richard Larabee, a rich business mogul, and the head of the Larabee media.

Lexi, due to her habits, gets pretty drunk on her 18th birthday and crashes her Mercedes convertible into a convenience store just at the brink of gaining access to her $25-million-dollar trust fund check. This paints a bad image for her father, especially now that he was in the middle of a big business deal. Obviously, the bag imagery will affect the deal, putting the transaction at stake. Because she was to be Richards heirless, Lexi was not allowed to work. However, after the crash, her father decided to find her a low-wage job as a lesson. Besides, she postpones giving her the trust fund she was supposed to receive. To ensure Lexi works, Richard hires Luke, a stubborn intern to keep tabs on her.

This experience was definitely what Lexi thought she would never encounter. Besides, her father has never been around all her birthday parties. He only decided to attend her 18 birthday, when all these happened. Every week, Lexi takes up different low-wage tasks. She takes a total of 52 jobs. Among them include being a maid, employee at a first food restaurant, cleaning horse stalls among others. The change in Lexi’s lifestyle is daunting. The jobs she undertakes disgusts her. However, to her, there is nothing worse than dealing with the arrogant Luke.

The ending is quite interesting. With Lexi’s 52 reasons to hate her father, she has to find one reason to love him. Jessica Brody depicts the touching and real story of the many tattered father/daughter relationships present. Reading the book will relay a rather touching and inspiring message. It highlights all about family, forgiveness, good intentions and second chances that should be given in life.

With that said, Jessica Brody strikes the balance of creating both entertaining and inspiring stories. All the characters that she creates are well developed and also realistic at the same time. Other books in the series The Unremembered includes the Unforgotten and the Unchanged consecutively. To add on this, other releases by Jessica Brody include Boys of Summer and A week of Mondays.

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