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Publication Order of A Change of Fortune Mystery Books

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Jessica Estevao is widely known for the Change of Fortune mysteries book series. Whispers Beyond the Veil is the first installment in the Change of Fortune Mystery series. Like many mystery writers, Estavao loves mysterious happenings, beaches and good-naturedly paranormal. For the most of the year, Jessica Estevao lives in Hampshire with her mysterious and dark husband and their exuberant children. During the summers, Estevao loves to spend her time at the coast of Maine, where she is normally on the lookout for monsters and mermaids. Jessica Estevao has published the Sugar Cove mystery series using her pen name, Jessica Crotchet.

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Whispers Beyond the Veil

Whispers Beyond the Veil is the first installment in a superb historical mystery series. Author Jessica Estevao has managed to create a highly likable and flawed protagonist, one Ruby Proulx as well as her place in an equally enjoyable setting, Old Orchard, an amiable seaside resort town. The year is 1898, and one Ruby Proulx is traveling with her father to Canada. Ruby’s father is a charlatan, who has decided to enlist his daughter in some of his fraudulent schemes. After one of his father’s supposed cure causes death, Ruby decides to escape to Old Orchard. Ruby looks forward to joining her estranged aunt, Honoria. In the process, she avoids being arrested for murder. Aunt Honoria is the proprietor of Hotel Belden, a hotel that caters for spiritualists, which was a popular interest during the 1800’s.

When the medium that Aunt Honoria had hired failed to show up, Ruby decides to step up and act as a medium. As this happens, the resort town of Old Orchard was building an exceedingly large pier, with the main aim of attracting more visitors. The increase in population, in turn, meant a rise in crime. As the narrative unfolds, more are more people are killed, and Ruby decides to conduct her investigations. With that said, the historical aspect of Whispers Beyond the Veil is wonderful, and the cast of characters are well developed. Jessica Esteavo’s attention to detail is eccentric. The readers will feel as if they are present, as the events in the story unfold. The narrative will hold the interest of the readers from the first page to the last, and the resolution on the other hand was artistic. Despite the fact that all the characters in Whispers Beyond the Veil are fictitious, the place, as well as the setting, has been well portrayed.

This was a period when those who were in a position of authority took advantage of their position and fortune and lorded it over other people. This was undeniably a time for a change especially in the resort town of Old Orchard, which eventually transformed into the New England destination, which is fêted to date.

Whispers of Warning

If you loved the first installment, Whispers Beyond the Veil, then you are going to fall in love with the second installment, Whispers of Warning. Author Jessica Esteavo has managed to create a wonderful book series with the protagonist, Ruby Proulx, a highly likable main character who is hiding a dubious past, a delightful coastal town, Maine as well as an interesting time, the beginning of the twelfth century. The dominant issue in Whispers of Warning is the suffrage movement. Sophronia Folster Eldridge, a prominent suffrage decides to visit the resort town of Old Orchard, Maine. As the main character, Ruby begins to question Sophronia’s motives, apart from supporting the suffrage movement, she is found floating in a local bathhouse pool. Ruby, thus decides to step in and launches an investigation to find out what exactly happened to Sophronia. She also works exceedingly hard to establish what were Sophronia’s motives hidden agenda and secrets as well.

With that said, Ruby Proulx is an exceedingly compelling narrator, one who is rife with feelings and nuance as well. She is more than eager to put behind her questionable past and make a life for herself as well as forge new relationships and alliances. However, she is still plagued by the choices that she made in the past. This, in turn, makes Ruby Proulx an exceedingly sympathetic character, one that the readers cannot help but root for. The supporting cast is also brilliantly developed including Yance and Lucy, his sister. The antagonists such as Robert and Chief Hurley are also quite compelling. The setting of Whispers of Warning is also a delight and an excellent choice. Author Jessica Estavao is also descriptive when she writes about Old Orchard. This type of immersive writing is so rare.

Murder in an English Village

Murder in an English village is a narrative about two women, who not only solve a murder mystery but also can rekindle their friendship. Using Jessica Ellicott, which is one of her pen names, author Jessica Estevao delivers yet another highly entertaining novel. Estavao introduces the readers to a famed American Adventuress, one Beryl Helliwell, who is now looking for a much quieter life. In the process, Beryl meets with one of her closest friends from high school, one Edwina Davenport who is more than determined to make a friend Beryl steps into the scene and immediately rekindles their friendship. Apart from making new friends, Edwina Davenport is also in need of cash because World War I left her broke. Thus, she decides to place advertisements for a lodger, which she hopes will bring in some cash. Once she placed the advertisement, Beryl begins to make fun of her saying that she had printed out a coded message to the secret service.

However, it does not take long before this rumor spreads like wildfire. One day as she is tending to her garden, someone sneaked behind her and almost took her life. The only motive that Beryl and Edwina can come up with for the attack is that it had something to do with the Women’s Land Army. With that said, Murder in an English mystery is a fast-paced novel that is full of twists and turns, which will keep the readers guessing to the very end. If you are a fan of cozy mystery series, especially those novels that have been set in the 1920’s, then you are going to fall in love with Murder in an English Village.

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