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Jessica Gadziala is a popular contemporary romance and erotica author from New Jersey in the US. Gadziala’s introduced herself to the world with her debut novel “Reign” that was published in 2015 as the first of the “Henchmen MC” series of novels. Jessica was born in New Jersey, where she still lives and writes her novels. In addition to her love for writing, she describes herself as a bibliophile, parrot enthusiast, sad song aficionado, and full time author. As a strong believer in women’s rights, she loves to writes about determined and strong willed women who nevertheless fall for the wiles of strong, handsome men. To their credit though these men would make any woman swoon with their ragged alpha male masculinity, romance, and love they offer. When she is not busy penning her romance and erotica novels, Gadziala loves to read and buy books, sing sad songs, and take long walks in the cold of New Jersey. She loves interacting with her fans and can be found interacting with many on Goodreads and on social media.

Jessica Gadziala writes exciting and steaming stories full of twists and turns and a lot of unexpected happenings. Most of her novels in the “Savages” and “Henchmen MC” series of novels can be read as standalones given that most of them tell a story about different characters that may nevertheless be connected. She writes about beautiful women characters and handsome male characters who act out their roles alongside multiple supporting cast that are just as sexy. She writes about men that do bad things for money or simply because they can do it. For these men breaking lives, jaws, and knees is no big deal though they draw a line when it comes to the women and children of their victims, who can never be harmed. However, crime always has complications and often they find themselves in situations where they have to spend time with their quandary, which makes for quite a complicated situation. The women are hard, strong willed females who have had tough lives which have given them exceptional skills. Just like the men they will do anything to survive and earn the big money while staying under the radar. The two are bound to bump into each other while executing their duties and this is just what happens in the Savages series.

The “Savages” series of novels are entertaining and fun reads that are a fantastic mix of romance and steam. The lead characters of the series are wily men such as Shooter and Breaker and beautiful women such as Amelia and Alex who steals their hearts over the course of the series. The men are contract killers, kidnappers, muggers, killers, or anything illegal, though they are nothing of what you would expect of their type. While you would expect a guy that is scary and dark, they are none of those things being carefree and fun guys, which seemingly never left the pages of the college novels. They are sweet, sexy, caring and best of all caring alpha males who would do anything for the persons they loved. On the other hand the women may be described as endearing persons that are determined, strong, a little naïve and awkward characters with big hearts. However, they quickly lose their inexperience and becomes quite the strong women over the course of the series. They are strongly attracted to the men and often try to put them in their place, which makes for some great tension as they try to fight their attraction to them.

“Monster” is the first sexy, gritty, and suspenseful title of the “Savages” series of novels by Jessica Gadziala. The novel comes with an original story line and unique characters that make for an enthralling story. Alex’s mother had been killed by Lex, a crime lord while she was sixteen, leaving her destitute and determined to revenge. After several years of training, Alex had become a proficient hacker and now uses her skills to gather evidence of the darkest secrets of her mark that she will use to destroy him. On the other hand, Breaker is a man who similarly does not have any sort of close family. He has never had family since he was very young and had acquired his skills on the streets. He earns his living doing all sorts of dirty work for anyone with the money to pay for his services. Breaker has worked with Lex before though the man is considered the lowest of the low even among the criminal underworld of the city, given that he had no principles or code. But when Lex approaches him with a job to take Alex Miller hostage, he is given no choice as Lex threatens to kill his friend if he declines. Everything becomes complicated when he finds that his mark is a woman making it impossible for him to do his job as expected. Put together with a beautiful woman, the two soon fall in love and Breaker is forced to make some hard decisions that lead to some delicious tension, suspense, and romance.

“Killer” the second novel of the series is an exciting novel that tells the enthralling story of Shooter and Amelia, two persons that could not be any more different. Shooter had grown up in a trailer park and had left home at fifteen, leaving behind a drunk father that liked to abuse him. He meets Breaker, a man who changes his life and becomes his best friend. Over the years, he makes a reputation for himself as the top contract killer in the city. But his life changes when he goes home to bury his estranged father who just passed away and meets Amelia his next door neighbor. Amelia is a counselor who deals with persons with addiction and had been helping his father try to quit his drinking. She has a big heart, is good with people, and believes that anyone can change. However, she had once been hurt by a man who left her high and dry and had built a wall around her heart, so that she would never experience that pain again. Amelia finds that Shooter is a brutally honest man with a personality who may just be the man that breaks down her walls. She knows that spending time with him can only result in him stealing her heart, and hence does all in her power to stay away. What had started as a cautious friendship soon turns into something more substantive and complicated when Amelia is the victim of a deranged man.

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2 Responses to “Jessica Gadziala”

  1. Glenda Barker: 3 years ago

    I enjoyed most of Ms. Gadziala’s books. I think her books would be more enjoyable with less swear words. The Babysitter and The Middle Man were my favourite books. Best of luck and continue with the great writing.

    • Ceeri Jay: 2 years ago

      Jessica writes books about 1%er Motobike Clubs.
      There’s going to be swearing.

      This author is pretty prolific and has a solid book plot that still manages to surprise and engage.
      Especially like the Epilogue tool – used to jump ahead several yeRs ( I’m one book some decades) to show how the relationship has developed and deepened.
      A great author in my view.

      I’d read anything from her. Shopping list, coffee run order. Well,
      With the exception of the fantasy books (just can’t get into PNR)


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