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They Wish They Were Us (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
They'll Never Catch Us (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Counselors (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Legacies (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jessica Goodman is a former opinion editor who worked for the prestigious Cosmopolitan magazine.

She has also held a range of editorial positions for the likes of HuffPost and Entertainment Weekly. Her work has been featured in the likes of Marie Claire, Glamour, Bustle, Conde Nast Traveler, Elle, and The Cut.
Earlier on in her life, she went to a Cardiff state school and then to Worcester College in Oxford where she studied Italian and French.

After her master’s degree in European Enlightenment, she worked under the supervision of Alain Viala for her doctoral degree. She would then proceed to the Cambridge-based Clare College for a Junior Research Fellowship.
Jessica Goodman went back to Oxford and then became a tutorial fellow and associate professor at St Catherine’s College in 2015.

She has since become a specialist in eighteenth-century thought and literature who is most interested in how authors create a public image of themselves after their death and in their lifetime.

Goodman’s first job was when she worked for HuffPost while she was still a student. Studying at the Graduate School of Journalism of Columbia University, she remembers how much emphasis was placed on the career fair.
It was when he attended one of these that she met a HuffPost recruiter who was looking for candidates for the summer fellowship. She kept in touch with the recruiter following the fair and after an interview, she was given the internship.
She was supposed to do a three to six months fellowship but after three months, her boss offered her a position on the entertainment team as a full-time associate editor.

She spent at least two years working as an associate editor before she was promoted to a full editor where she also spent several years. But Jessica Goodman’s biggest role has to be working as an opinion editor in the lifestyle section of Cosmopolitan.
Working there, she covered a range of topics from home decor, career, food, entertainment, personal finance, home decor, and travel.

She also worked on newsy and political items for the prestigious outlet before moving on to work at Entertainment Weekly as a Digital News Editor.

Jessica Goodman got the inspiration for her debut novel “They Wish They Were Us” while she was still working as an editor for Cosmopolitan.

Having spent much of her childhood, teenage, and early adulthood years in Long Island New York, she had always been interested in the socioeconomic issues that plagued the city.
Moreover, she had always had an obsession with murder mysteries and prep school stories and hence it was only natural that she would seek to combine them into a story.
She was surprised when the novel when on to become very popular and has never looked back since.

“They Wish They Were Us” by Jessica Goodman is set in the suburb of Gold Coast on Long Island with its manicured beaches and expensive downtown shops and the well-pressed uniforms of the lead and her friends.

Jill Newman discovered a few years ago that even when things do seem perfect nothing is often as it seems. The dazzling and brilliant Sheila Arnold had been her best friend ever since she was in freshman year before she had been killed by her boyfriend.
Following the events of that dark night on the beach, her boyfriend had confessed bringing the case to a close, even as Jill struggled to move on. Jill is now in her senior year and is determined to make the best of it.

After all, she is a player and a senior in addition to being a member of the exclusive Gold Coast Prep society. Senior Players are known to have the highest grades, the best parties, and the admiration of the whole school.
She is sure that it is going to be her best year yet. But then she starts getting texts asserting that Graham has been innocent all along and her dreams of a perfect senior year are significantly threatened.

If Graham was not responsible for the murder of her friend, just who is? She will need to dig deep into the mystery bit this puts her future and her friendships in jeopardy.

Jessica Goodman’s novel “They’ll Never Catch Us” is the story of Ellie Steckler and Stella who are only a year apart in age. However, they could not have had any more different personalities which make for a very complicated relationship.
Stella is a driven and single-minded woman who keeps to herself and lives for cross-country running. Ellie is also a talented runner but she loves her fun too, attends parties, has many friends, and has an all-around great life.
The sisters have one thing in common as both their lives are upended when Mila Keene comes into town.

Back home, Mila had been the top runner in her team and initially, Stella and Ellie view her as a threat. Soon enough, Ellie cannot help but be attracted to her charming and warm personality.

When her first boyfriend betrayed her and her best friend moved away, Ellie has been on the hunt for a new friend. In a moment of weakness, she had shared her darkest secrets with Mila.

On the other hand, Stella finds herself noticing that she is very similar to Mila who is strong and smart. She believes she is someone she can connect with but as they grow closer, she becomes distracted which is just the thing she had vowed never to be.

“The Counsellors” by Jessica Goodman follows a woman named Goldie and Imogen and Ava her two best friends.

The three had met at Camp Alpine Lkae a prestigious retreat after which they had become fast friends. They are now young adults that have become counselors at the camp.

Goldie has mixed feelings about the camp and even though Imogen and Ava are her best friends there are a lot of things she never tells them about her life.

It turns out that she had once been involved in an incident while a senior in high school and this had made her last days at school hell on earth.

While she had tried her best to keep her secret from them she wonders if she should tell them now that her friends are coming back to town.
When the incident happened it had made the local news and she does not want them to hear about it from the grapevine.

Things take a darker turn when a boy who had been involved in making her senior year her worst turns up dead in the lake at the camp.

Digging into the mysterious death she discovers truths no one could ever have imagined.

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